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global tenders online
global tenders online
global tenders online

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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 7558409 Construction of Khadarapada Sub Minor IL, Khadarapada Sub Minor 2L & NIlakhanthapada 2R of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 49,90,000.00 02/05/2015
2 Tenders: 7558408 Construction of retaining wall and breach closing of Left main canal, Improvement to village road of Tainsar Minor and approach road and lining of Khadarapada Minor of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 47,88,000.00 02/05/2015
3 Tenders: 7558407 Construction of bank protection wall from RD 3755m to 3840m of left main canal of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 49,86,000.00 02/05/2015
4 Tenders: 7558406 Handling And Transport Of Foodgrain.
ORISSA Refer Detail 13/05/2015
5 Tenders: 7558405 Supply Of Movable Police Aid Posts With Light And Fan Facilities (12’ X 10’ X 8’6”).
ORISSA Refer Detail 02/05/2015
6 Tenders: 7558404 Construction of additional structures of Tainsar Minor, Khadarpada Minor and Belpunji Branch canal of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 33,77,000.00 02/05/2015
7 Tenders: 7558403 Construction of additional structures of Tainsar Minor, Madhapur Sub Minor and Manpur Sub Minor of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 49,42,000.00 02/05/2015
8 Tenders: 7558402 Construction of inspection road of Manarbeda Distributary from RD 00m to 1700m of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 41,81,000.00 02/05/2015
9 Tenders: 7558401 Balance work “Kundanali Minor from RD 2610m to 4300m, Tenthipali Sub Minor from RD 00m to 810m, Madhyapur Distributary and Bandhupali Sub Minor I & II along with structures of left main canal of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 47,95,000.00 02/05/2015
10 Tenders: 7558400 Improvement to left main canal from RD 6350m to 10774m along with flood damage work of Manjore Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 39,80,000.00 02/05/2015
11 Tenders: 7558399 Overhauling To Under Ground Conversion Of 22 Kv Line From Jeevanraje Water Supplier To Huntgsman Co. At Shindewadi, Chakan Midc Phase Ii.
MAHARASHTRA 83,36,730.00 01/06/2015
12 Tenders: 7558398 Supply Of Medicine And Instruments Prednisolone Eye Drop (0.5%) 5Ml,, Prednisolone With Antibiotic Eye Drop, Cyclopentolate Eye Drop 3Ml, Cyclopentolate Eye Drop 5Ml, Tropicamide Plus Phenyl Lephrine 3 Ml, Tropicamide Plus Phenyllephrine 5Ml, Proparacain Eye Drop 5Ml, Dettol Lotion, Rectified Spirit, Dispovan Syringe, Dispo Needle, Dispo Gloves, B.T. Set, Dispo Crescent Blade (Sics), Dispo Entry Keratome, Dispo Extension Keratome, B.P. Blade, Suture 10 0 (Single Arm Polyamide), Betadine Solution (5%) 100Ml, Betadine Scrub, Eye Drape (Minor Drape Plain D 600), Disposable Sterile Cap, Disposable Sterile Trolley Towel, (Plain Sheet Large D 300), Sterilization Indicator Tap, Flourescent Strip, Dettol Soap (Original).
ORISSA Refer Detail 11/05/2015
13 Tenders: 7558397 Selection Of Computer Firm For The Revision Of Eletoral Rolls And Preparation Of Elector’S Photo Identity Cards By Deo And Collector.
ORISSA Refer Detail 12/05/2015
14 Tenders: 7558396 Supply Of Spectacles (Glass With Frame) For Refractive Error Correction 1 No (Rate Max , Presbyopic Spectacle Above Age 40Yrs
ORISSA Refer Detail 11/05/2015
15 Tenders: 7558395 Provision of Photostat work.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 30/04/2015
16 Tenders: 7558394 Request For Proposal (Rfp) For Call Center Services For Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking And General Banking Operations
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 06/05/2015
17 Tenders: 7558393 Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract For Package A/C Units Installed In 11 Mtr Antenna Building, And Telemetry Hall Building At Istrac, G/S Port Blair.
ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR 4,17,000.00 07/05/2015
18 Tenders: 7558392 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract For Precession Package A.C Units Installed At 32 Mtr Antenna Building, Idsn Byalalu, Istrac, Bangalore.
KARNATAKA 4,54,000.00 07/05/2015
19 Tenders: 7558391 Up Gradation Of 3 Phase 3 Wire 33 Kv Line 100 Mm2 To 232 Mm2 Aaac 31 Km Along With Intermediate 9 Mtr Long Psc Pole From Sonepur To Binka.
ORISSA 2,41,52,000.00 06/05/2015
20 Tenders: 7558390 Providing and fixing of Loader hydraulic pump on 02 unit Eicher tractor.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 11/05/2015
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