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global tenders online
global tenders online
global tenders online

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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 7711335 Balance Work for Connecting External Sewerage and Waster Water Line to the Main Line for Common Instrumentation Facility Building and Related Site Development Works.
KERALA 32,20,000.00 17/06/2015
2 Tenders: 7711334 Providing Wooden Window and Shutters and Wooden Handrail for SB1 and SB2 Hostel Balance Work.
KERALA 7,30,000.00 17/06/2015
3 Tenders: 7711333 Supply, Installation & Commssioning Of Video Conferencing Equipment Between Mysore, Salboni And Bangalore Brbnmpl Offices Using Existing Networks.
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 24/06/2015
4 Tenders: 7711332 Improvement Of Roads.
ORISSA Refer Detail 08/06/2015
5 Tenders: 7711331 Restoration To Salia River Left Embankment Near Bandhamundi Village.
ORISSA 2,94,000.00 05/06/2015
6 Tenders: 7711330 Restoration To Sapua River Right And Left Embankment In Front Of Bhimpur High School.
ORISSA 2,97,000.00 05/06/2015
7 Tenders: 7711329 Restoration To Sapua River Left Embankment Near Chiank Sahi Vrb At Banpur.
ORISSA 2,98,000.00 05/06/2015
8 Tenders: 7711328 Repair And Restoration With C.C.Guard Wall Of Kumarang Minor Of Vallery Distributary From Rd 1600M To 1750M Of Salia Irrigation Project.
ORISSA 4,96,000.00 05/06/2015
9 Tenders: 7711327 Improvement To Salia Dam Sub Division Office At Banpur
ORISSA 6,85,000.00 05/06/2015
10 Tenders: 7711326 Repair Of Piping Of Daya Right Embankment,& Makara Right Embankment (Working From Rd 2934M To 3102M On Makara Right Embankment).
ORISSA 9,41,000.00 05/06/2015
11 Tenders: 7711325 Repair And Restoration To Paikamara Gherry ( Working From Rd 2130M To 3130M)
ORISSA 8,94,000.00 05/06/2015
12 Tenders: 7711324 Repair & Restoration To Makara Right Embankment From Bhatapada To Adal.(Working From Rd 2862M To 2934M)).
ORISSA 8,69,000.00 05/06/2015
13 Tenders: 7711323 Repair & Restoration To Makara Right Embankment From Bhatapada To Adal.(Working From Rd 2790M To 2862M).
ORISSA 8,69,000.00 05/06/2015
14 Tenders: 7711322 Hiring of One vehicle close body Car.
RAJASTHAN 1,50,000.00 29/05/2015
15 Tenders: 7711321 Repair & Restoration To Makara Right Embankment From Bhatapada To Adal.(Working From Rd 2718M To 2790M).
ORISSA 8,69,000.00 05/06/2015
16 Tenders: 7711320 Repair And Restoration To Daya Right Embankment From Ghoradiagada To Tigiria (Working From Rd 3485M To 4485M).
ORISSA 6,55,000.00 05/06/2015
17 Tenders: 7711319 Raising And Strengthening To Mahanadi Right Embankment From Gop To Anuary (Working From Rd 6.900Km To 7.00 Km).
ORISSA 7,98,000.00 05/06/2015
18 Tenders: 7711318 Purchase Of High Speed Diesel.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 10/06/2015
19 Tenders: 7711317 Repair And Restoration To Mahanadi Right Embankment At Anuary ( Working From Rd 6.00Km To 9.00 Km ).
ORISSA 4,99,000.00 05/06/2015
20 Tenders: 7711316 Raising And Strengthening To Mahanadi Right Embankment From Golaganda To Rajib (Working From Rd 5700M To 5770M).
ORISSA 4,69,000.00 05/06/2015
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