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Target your potential business customers online and reach highly qualified decision makers in the Industry

Stand out from your Competition…!!! is an Online Trade Information Vertical designed to give the business community online information for government, Corporate and global trade enquiries and facilitate them in many ways to close their trade.

Achieve Maximum ROI by advertising on and target your potential customers and offer them what you have.

Brand Awareness and Promotion :
The Internet has become the main source of information of highly placed Industrial decision makers. Millions of such decision makers shall visit year after year. is updated daily and these decision makers shall receive their choice of trade leads daily in their email/web search/On Demand on the basis of their preference.

TradeReader offers various innovative options for internet advertisement and brand promotion to help you position your company or Brand as a leader
  1. Display Ads
  2. Button Ads
  3. Panel Ads
  • is a Business-focused global website for serious business visitors. That is why TradeReader assures advertisers high quality reach and value for money.
  • By advertising in, companies will be able to address a specifically-targeted Indian and international business community with an actual or potential interest.
  • As per our profile, we expect millions of hits on a year mostly business owners or senior managers. These are decision-making groups and therefore the prime targets for business advertising. is therefore an ideal platform not only for business advertising, BUT ALSO for promotion of products and services.
Advertising options :
Advertisements in can be in the form of Display Ads, buttons or PANELS, animated or still. We follow the same display options as prescribed by the Internet Advertising Bureau. A popular Display Ad is of e.g size 435 pixels wide x 50 pixels high.

A popular panel Ad is of e.g size 170 pixels wide x 300 pixels high.

A popular Button Ad is of e.g size 100 pixels wide x 80 pixels high.

Display Ads Rates :
Display (435 x 50 pixels) ADVERTISEMENTS

Position of Display Ad Price per banner per month
Visitor’s Home Page - Top of the page Categorized Pages Rs. 10,000 or US$300
Mailers Rs. 15,000 or US$400
Personnalized Home - Top of the page Rs. 5,000 or US$125
Panel (170 x 300 pixels) Advertisements :
Note: all panels will appear in the right column of the specified pages
Page on which Panel Appears Price per banner per month
Tender detail page Rs. 10,000 or US$300
Other pages Free
Panel (100 x 80 pixels) Advertisements :
Note: all panels will appear in the right column of the specified pages

Page on which Panel Appears Price per banner per month
Home Page bottom Rs. 8,000 or US$200
Supply of Material :
  • Simple display Ads, Buttons and panels will be designed by us free of cost.
  • More complicated displays will either have to be sent to us electronically or paid for separately at the rate of Rs. 2,000 per day for the number of days required to prepare the banner from conceptualisation to approval by the client.

Free Web Page for Advertiser if needed :
(advertisers who already have their own website or home page may ignore this section)

  • All banners or panels will be linked to the client's website or home page if so desired by the client regardless of web hosting service you are using.
  • If the client does not have a home page, or website, we can make and host ONE page FREE OF COST. In such cases, the client's home page's URL will be where X=client's name. This page will be hosted on the website for as long as the advertisement is displayed.
  • If MORE THAN ONE PAGE is required by the advertiser, a charge of Rs. 1,200 per additional page will be applicable. No discounts are applicable for this service.

Clarifications :

If you have read all of the above and still need any clarification, please e-mail your queries to us at