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1 Tenders: 24323665 Special Repair / Replacement For Certain Transformer, Vcb At Sevoke Mil Stn Under Ge Sevoke Road Civil Works.
Due Date : 11/02/2021
2 Tenders: 24323441 Shifting Of Lt/Ht Line At Transformer Substation At Different Places Under Distt. Alirajpur. Electrical Works.
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Due Date : 04/02/2021
3 Tenders: 24323333 Tender For Set Of 2 Types Of Gaskets For Mph (Converter And Transformer Oil Pump) To Clw Pl No.29258078.
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Due Date : 15/02/2021
4 Tenders: 24323045 Controlling Seepage Through Injection Pressure Grouting In Transformerarea And Other Locations At Awrph Of Ntpc Solapur Serv Others.
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Due Date : 23/01/2021
5 Tenders: 24323006 M03138 Procurement Of Wti Oti For Power Transformers At Ntpc Jhanor Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 01/02/2021
6 Tenders: 24322962 Tender For 9 Kva Transformer For Non Ac Lhb Type Coaches As Per Rdso Specification No. Rdso/Pe/Spec/0158 2010 (Rev.0) Or Latest. This Item Is Reserved For Icf/Rcf Approved Sources Only.
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Due Date : 08/02/2021
7 Tenders: 24322472 Procurement Of 400Kva 11/0.4Kv Copper Wound Distribution Transformers For 11 Kv Substation In Colony Area Of Htps Electrical Work/ Equipment.
Due Date : 18/02/2021
8 Tenders: 24322225 Tender For Single Phase Battery Charger The Charger Will Consists Of Main Transformer D.W. Copper Winding Single Phase Rectifier To Give D.C. Output Voltage 110V To 150V/60 Amps. Input 230V Single Phase 50Hz. The Voltage And Current Will Be Controlled By Fine And Coarse Control Rotay Switch 40Amp. 1Pole Make (Balson/Switchon/Kaycee). The Charger Will Nave D.C. Output Arnmeter /Voltmeter, Input Mcb, Ac Fuse, Pilot Lamp To Indicate Mains On Fan Will Be Provided For Cooling. One Year Guarantee Forany Difect Instelleted. The Charger Will Be Hoysed In M.S. Angle /Sheet Powder Siemens Gray Cabinet With Wheels. Hsn Code: 8504 Make : Equipment Control, Invo Control Or Equal.
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Due Date : 03/02/2021
9 Tenders: 24322214 Provision Of High Tension Supply With 1 No. 500 KVA Transformer, HT Yard And Control Panel Arrangements To The Govt Hospital At Thiruppathur In Thiruppathur District.
Due Date : 05/02/2021
10 Tenders: 24321899 Enquiry For Procurement Of R Core Control Transformers For Electronic Controllers Of Esp 210Mw. Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 09/02/2021
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