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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19452722 Supplying Installation And Commissioning Different Utensils For Running A Demo Lab At Nstiam Hooghly. .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
2 Tenders: 19452716 Procurement Of Conical Strainer/Screen Installed On Primary Water Tank At 2X600 Mw Units, Sstpp, Mppgcl, Dongalia. Miscellaneous Goods.
Due Date : 09/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19452641 Supply Of Pb Strip. .
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Due Date : 17/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19452621 Supply And Fixing Cable Route Markers For Underground Cable Of Roundtype As Per Enclosed Drawing; Inscribed "Lt Cable" ; "Ht Cable";"Joints" Etc. As The Case May Be.Providing Ms Angle Support Of 40 Mm X40mm X6mm And Cement Concret E 1:2:4 For Fundation Laid; Cured Etc;Complete And The Markers Should Project 300M Above Gound Level. Thesemarkers Shall Be Provided Every 30 Mts And At Points Of Turning Andintersection. The Route Marker Along With Angle Shall Be Hot Dipgalvanised.
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Due Date : 19/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19452573 Lowering Down Of Steel Girders Erected Without The Support Of Bearings Over Pier Caps And Not Cast With Deck Slab At Vivekananda Road Flyover And Stacking At The Nearby Mayo Hospital.. .
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Due Date : 30/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19452538 Supply of Magnus Steel Strapping .
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Due Date : 03/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19452504 We At Chennai Afs Are Presently Having Seven Refuellers (R66, R76, R94, R96, R110, R111, R116) Fitted With Rubber Bellows (Expansion Joints) Of Various Sizes. Rubber Expansion Joints Compensate For Lateral, Torsional And Angular Movements Preventing Damage In Pipelines Connecting The Tractor And Trailer. Hence 5 No's( 4 No's 6 Inch And 1 No's 4Inch ) Needs To Be Purchased For Spare And Replacement. .
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Due Date : 24/07/2019
8 Tenders: 19452503 Construction Of Entry Gate At Different Palces At Shankar Shah Nagar Ward Under Zone 03. Construction Works.
Due Date : 18/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19452442 Construction Of Cow Catcher At Mandi Yard Nanakhedi Distt. Guna Civil Works Buildings.
Due Date : 31/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19452429 Construction Of Parapet Wall And Roof Finishing Work In Sant Ravidas Sanskar Hall At Ambedkar Nagar In Ward No. 45 Under Zone No. 09 Civil Works Roads.
Due Date : 25/07/2019
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Iron and Steel Tenders

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