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View Tender Information through Key Word Search

Searching Tenders on is very easy and fast. User has to provide a Basic key word of Product & services in a Main search box for which he/she is seeking Tender Information. also provides facility for Broad Match through Word Search & Exact Match through Exact Phrase Search facility. TradeReader also helps user by providing better idea of his/her search results through Related Search functionality.

Appropriate search Message with Searched Tender Count is available for the user’s reference.

The user also has the facility to view the search results by All Tenders, Live Tenders and Closed Tenders.

TradeReader also provide facility to it’s users to Refine the search results through Word Search or Exact phase, Our Tender Reference No i.e TR NO, Ownership, State, Due Date of Tenders and Tender Value.

TradeReader Provides brief Tender Notice, State, Tenders Value & Due date of Tenders in Tender listing section. It also provides facility to sort Tenders in any of the above criteria.

Now search your choice of tenders on – India’s Largest Tender information database

A Main Search In the Search Box User has to type his choice of keyword for which he wants tenders as an Input. Here search can be fine tuned through Word Search & Exact Phase
  • Word Search : shows Tenders of similar phrases and appropriate variations
  • Exact Phase : Displays only those Tenders that match the exact phrase
B Related Searches Displays list of Product(s) which are available in Our Product Catalogue with it’s Tender count which are related with the Product or Keyword searched
C Search Message Provides you appropriate search message with Tender Count
D All Tenders All Tenders, Live and closed related to your search criteria
E Live Tenders Live Tenders are the tenders which you can participate i.e. whose due date is greater than the present date
F Closed Tenders Closed tenders or Archive tenders are the List of Tenders related to your search criteria whose due date of submission has lapsed. This section helps you to get an idea about frequency & Volume of Tenders, Business size. Tradereader provides detailed Information of these Tenders for your reference
G Within Search User can refine their search results further by providing following search criteria.
  • Word Search
  • Exact Phase
  • TradeReader Tender Reference No (TR No)
  • Ownership
  • State
  • Due Date : Last date of Bid Submission
  • Value : Estimated Tender Cost
H Tender Listing TradeReader provides Name of Work as Tender Brief, Project State, Last date of Bid submission as Due Date & Estimated Tender Cost as Tender Value in Tender Listing section. Searched key word is highlighted (marked Red).
I Sort Tenders On. User has the facility to sort these Tender information in Ascending or Descending Order by Tender ID, State, Due Date, Tender Value.