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This discussion forum is for Government Contractor, Bidders & Procurement officers. This forum is dedicated for Government Tenders, Public Procurement Rule & Guideline in India, RTI

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Our company interested to get government contracts near minimum value of 1crore amount.
9 0 17/07/2014

tender info.
75 0 14/12/2013

What is Trade as per CPWD what is the exact meaning of Trade as per CPWD and who it will works in item rate tenders.
61 0 14/11/2013

No profit service in Govt
What is the rule to award Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to a contractor without profit in Govt. organisation? the contract is involving with labour.
156 0 13/03/2012

S Biswas
procurement of tender
I want to fill the govt company tender, how do analyse my quoteble figures....what do i do?
197 2 05/02/2011

SOHAN INDUSTRIES is a domestic Tender information portal where Tenders, Auctions, RFPs, RFQs, EOIs, Contracts, bid information and notifications, procurement notices published by various State government, Central government bodies, PSUs, NGOs, corporate and private companies. These tenders and procurement notices are compiled from hundreds of newspapers and thousands of Websites on daily basis. The information is further classified in to 18000 plus product categories.
120 0 30/11/2010

How do i know latest tenders published from CPWD
CPWD publishes 100+ tenders across india daily. All tenders published by CPWD are also available in national newspapers as well as CPWD website. To get this info, i need to visit CPWD website daily to get tenders related to my works. is there any way i can get this information directly from CPWD on the same day it is published?
1994 1 29/06/2010

s. anand