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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 12949754 Tender For Handling At Chanderiya Rakepoint And Warehouse And Transportation To Various Destinations Of Chittorgarh District And Other Destinations Of Rajasthan State For The Period Of 15 (Fifteen) Months.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 30/10/2017
2 Tender: 12949402 Request For Proposal For Design, Development And Maintenance Of An Integrated Learning Management Solution (Ilms).
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 26/10/2017
3 Tender: 12949259 Supply Of Micro Controller Based Electronic Speed Indicating And Recording System Without Speed Indicator For Demu Confirming Tordso Spec No Mp-0-3700-07 Rev 06 Of Oct 2015 For Demu Accepted Offer Microcontroller Based Electronic Speedindicating And Recording System Type Mrt918 Paperless Type Confirming To Rdso Spec No Mp-0-3700-07 Rev 06 Of Oct15. Each Set Consisting Following Items- 1 Recording Cum Indicating 01 Nos 2 Speed Sensor 01 No 3 Junction Box 01 No 4Connecting Table 01 Set 5 Mounting Accessories. Make Medha, Model Mrt918 Speed Range Scale-0-120 Km/H Nominalvoltage For Operating For Demu Is 110 V Dc Required Voltage Range -70-125 Volt Dc, Mounting- Wall Mounted Or Simila .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 10/11/2017
4 Tender: 12949123 Rate Contract For Establishment Of It Infrastructure For Enabling Digital Payments .Corrigendum
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 25/10/2017
5 Tender: 12949095 Development &Implementation Of 3D City Solution For Jaipur .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 09/11/2017
6 Tender: 12948812 Supply Of Adementionine 400Mg. Tablet/Capsule .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 10/11/2017
7 Tender: 12948594 Binding Of Rare Books.
RAJASTHAN 2,00,000.00 26/10/2017
8 Tender: 12948580 Preservation And Conservation Of Rare Books.
RAJASTHAN 4,20,000.00 28/10/2017
9 Tender: 12948564 Digitization Pf Rate Books And Make Pdf Formate Book Also.
RAJASTHAN 2,80,000.00 26/10/2017
10 Tender: 12948367 Jp- Augmentation/Alteration/Modification In Air Cooling System Installed At Nwr-Hq Building, Gtjt.
RAJASTHAN 22,24,298.00 21/11/2017
11 Tender: 12948364 Jp Div.- Hiring Of Utility Vehicle For Maintenance, Transportation And Handling Of Material For Outstations Under Jurisdiction Ofsse/Power/Jaipur For One Year.
RAJASTHAN 3,27,984.00 21/11/2017
12 Tender: 12948200 Aden-Awr Sub Divn.-Alwar-Electrical Work In C/W Providing New Aden Office In Lieu Of Old Office At Alwar.
RAJASTHAN 2,47,122.00 23/11/2017
13 Tender: 12948167 Jp Div.-Electrical Work In C/W Construction Of Lhs At Km 245/5-6 Near Ganesh Temple Khatipura Rob-Jaipur On Jaipur-Phulera Section On Deposit Scheme On Request Of Jda.
RAJASTHAN 5,40,029.00 23/11/2017
14 Tender: 12947645 Supply Of Raw Materials For Animal Food Production (De-Oiled Rice Bran, Rice Bran, Maize, Jwar, Bazra, Barley, Wheat Sound, Wheat Bran, Deoiled Mustered Cake, Molasses, Other-Gwar Korma, Gwar Churi, Rice Kanni Etc).
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 25/10/2017
15 Tender: 12947312 Outsourcing The Work Of Business Post Centre (Bpc), Jaipur Gpo And Parcel Booking Centre (Pbc), Baria House (Manpower Supply Services).
RAJASTHAN 61,50,000.00 08/11/2017
16 Tender: 12945900 Tender For Optical Fiber Cable Construction Work
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 31/10/2017
17 Tender: 12945899 Supply Of Rf Signal Generator, 32 Feet Mast, Hf/Vhf/Uhf Sets, Radio Test Sets, Desktop Computer, Secondary Battery Etc
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 06/11/2017
18 Tender: 12945898 Supply Of Measuring Instruments, Antenna, Battery, Battery Charger, Smps, Cable/Guys, Spare Parts Etc
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 24/10/2017
19 Tender: 12945897 Sale Of Unserviceable/Scrap Material – Hf/Vhf/Hand Held Sets, Measuring System/Plant, Battery Eliminator, Battery Charger, Voltage Regulator, Power Supply, Pp And Pg, Nicked Batteries, Various System/Plants, Computer Cpu, Printer, Signal Generator, Type W
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 06/11/2017
20 Tender: 12945894 Supply Of Hospital Equipment Items
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 16/11/2017
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