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1 Tenders: 16391695 Supply Of Election Materials (Pencil, Stamp Ink, Sealing Wax, Alpin Packet, Ball Point Pen, Candles Stuck, Sutili, Blade, Gum Paste, Match Box, Empty Tin For Holding Indelible Ink Bottle, Blank Paper, Needle, Nail, Piece Of Cloth, Carbon Paper, Twin Twine Thread, Rubber Band, Packing Paper Sheets, Cello Tape, Trunk, Lantern, K Oil Container (Jarkins), Stamp Pad, Lock And Key, Metal Rule, Metal Seal, Rubber Stamp Bearing Distinguishing Mark Of Ps, Spike, Drawing Pins).
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Due Date : 27/08/2018
2 Tenders: 16390884 Auction Sale Of Used\Cond.Frp Bonnets,Chairs,Mudguards And Frp Items , Cylinder Head Gasket,Rubber Beds Oilseal,"O"Ring,Etc , Engine Oil Filters,Diesel Filters Air Filters,Etc , Bottle Jack 17,Screw Jack 3,Bench Wise 2,Etc , Used\Cond.Plastic And Nylon Items. ,Used\Cond. Debries (Mettupalayam Scrap Yard). , Ply Wood Pieces,Laminated Sheet Reepers,Tv Boxes,Etc , Ups 9605205 1Kva Micro,Ups 1Kva Power Light,Ups,Etc , Cond.Submersible Pump Set 6.0 Hp, 8 Stage(Aqua Gem) , Used\Cond. Debries (R C Unit, Pollachi) , Used\Cond. Debries (R C Unit, Pollachi) , 4 Ltr Paint Tin,5 Ltr Solution Tin(Total 5000 Nos). , Used\Cond. Brake Linings Clutch Linings. , Used\Cond. 4 Ltr Paint Tin,5 Ltr Solution Tin. , Cylinder Headgasket,Rubber Beds Oilseal,"O"Ring,Etc , Airsuspension Baloon With&Without Top Plates,Pistion , Etc.
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Due Date : 23/08/2018
3 Tenders: 16390668 Auction Sale Of Steel / M S Turning & Boring,U/S Files Of Various Sizes ,N F Scrap C 5.3 ,Stainless Steel Scrap,Dot Matrix Printer ,Desk Jet Printer ,Thinkpad Lap Top ,Scanner ,Ups ,Line Driver ,Switch ,Floppy Drive ,Tin Turn Plate Scrap ,Brass Scrap 65 / 35 .
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Due Date : 31/08/2018
4 Tenders: 16386919 Supply Of Filecase Cover Thick Double; Details Specification As Per Attached Annexure A & B. (1). 02 Nos. Of 4 Mm Thick Straw Card Board Size 260 Mm X 360 Mm, 100 Gsm Pink Paper Printed Pasted On Top Cover (Outer Side) (As Per Annexure B), 80Gsm White Paper Pasted On Both Inner Side And 100 Gsm Pink Paper Pasted On Back Of Cover. (2).Both Flap Of The File Hinge With Double Thick (1.7Mm) Tripple Rexine Cloth Thick Quality At The Distance Of 70 Mm With 25 Mm Pasted On Each Side Of Flap. (3). All The Four Corner Of The File Pasted With Tripple Rexine Cloth Thick Quality (1.7Mm) In Right Triangular Shape 65 Mm X 65 Mm. (4) 2 Set Of Eyelet Of Size 4 Mm On Left Side Of Of Each Flap. (5). 02 Nos. Of Thick White Safety Paper Of 320 Gsm Of Size 250Mm X 350Mm With Eyelets Of 4Mm Size Attached On Inside One Each Flap. (6). 02 Nos. Of File Paper Guard Of Size 290Mm X 25Mm X 3.5Mm Duly Pasted Binding Tripple Rexine Cloth Thick Quality With 02 Eyelets Of 4Mm On Each Paper Guard. (7). 02 Nos. 4Mm Thick (Dia) White Fine Cotton Tag Of 600 Mm Long With 25Mm Long Tin Crimping At Both End Is To Be Attached. (8). 01 No. White Woven Cotton Tape 08 Mm Width & 1200 Mm Length Attached To Bottom Flap Of File Cover With Tow Simple Rectangular Cut For Inserting Cotton Tap, Red Cotton Cloth Size ( Thick 1.7Mm X 230Mm Length X 120Mm Width ) Pasted On Backside In Centre And Folded Up To Inside.
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Due Date : 30/08/2018
5 Tenders: 16380840 Supply Of Hss H And G Tin Coated Thread, Extra Long Machine Tap Size 1/2 Inch 14 Npt, Thread Length 1.3/8 Inch, Oal 8 Inch Other Dimensions As Per Specification Bs: 949 1951.
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Due Date : 29/08/2018
6 Tenders: 16377687 Construction Of Tin Shade At Nehru Park Sardarshahar (S.No. 6) .
Due Date : 04/09/2018
7 Tenders: 16375159 Auction Of Used Gunny Bags, Empty Tin, Plastic Bags, Jute Bags
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Due Date : 30/08/2018
8 Tenders: 16364545 Supply Of (A) D1 3770 001068 Cover Horse Mk 3 Large (B) D1 3770 001023 Cover Horse Mk 3 Small (C) D1 8330 000028 Leather Cow Curried Sides (D) D1 3770 000072 Rope Heel 3.2 Mtr (E) D1 3770 000198 Breeching Pgs Mk 4 No 1 (F) D1 3770 000069 Rope Baggage Mk I (G) D1 3770 000789 Shackle No 1 Mk 3 Leather (H) D1 3770 000211 Brushes Horse Mk 2 (J) D1 3770 000241 Clipper Hair Mule With Tin Plate (K) D1 3770 000242 Clipper Hair Mule Plate Bottom (L) D1 3770 000243 Clipper Hair Mule Plate Top (M) D1 3770 000285 Comb Curry (N) D1 3770 000307 Cover Pad Pgs Canvas For Having On The Hooks Of Saddle Of Water (O) D1 3770 000506 Lining Felt Brown Long No 2 (P) D1 3770 000591 Nail Horse Shoe No 3 Capwell/Mustard Bands (Q) D1 3770 000819 Mule Shoe Mk 3 No 3 Hind (R) D1 3770 000846 Strap Girth Pgs No 1 (S) D1 3770 000627 Picker Hoof Without Turn Screw (T) D1 3770 000625 Peg Picketing Mk Ii (U) D1 3770 000558 Plate Bottom For Machine Horse (V) D1 3770 000387 Girth Pgs Ip No 0 (W) D1 3770 000077 Ropes Line Mule (X) D1 3770 000199 Breeching Pgs Mk 4 No 2 (Y) D1 3770 000844 Strip Girth P.A Mk 2 (Z) D1 3770 000843 Starp Crupper Pa
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Due Date : 21/08/2018
9 Tenders: 16358100 Auction Sale Of Metal Scrap Including Pipeline 80 Mm To 300 Mm Dia, Valves, Scrap Structural Steel, Pipe Pieces, Steel Plates Cut Pieces, Gi Sheets, Tin Sheets, Electrical Panel Box, Metallic Barrels, Fire Extinguishers, Loading Pipes Etc.
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Due Date : 23/08/2018
10 Tenders: 16357953 Auction Sale Of Scrap Of Ht/Lt Aluminum Coil, Copper Coil Scrap Burnt T/Fs Allu. Scrap Scrap Of Burnt Allu. Strip Pvc 2 Core Aluminium Scrap Upto 10 Mm 0.506 Etc Tin Tapper Scrap Ms Iron Scrap Off Sorts 9.739 Etc Transformer Body Scrap 0.424 Etc Ms Iron Scrap Off Sorts.
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Due Date : 24/08/2018
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