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1 Tenders: 23704039 Supply Of Nylon Ring, Nylon Packing, Nylon Rod.
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Due Date : 04/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23701969 Supply Of Rod Avalanche.
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Due Date : 20/11/2020
3 Tenders: 23700463 1) Steel Rod 75 Mm 2) Steel Rod 28 Mm.
Due Date : 11/11/2020
4 Tenders: 23698096 Supply Of Ss 304L Raw Material Of Size (Rod).
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Due Date : 13/11/2020
5 Tenders: 23697438 Tender For Tensioning Rod (M33 X 780 X 3.5P) Item No. 03 For Tensioning Device Assembly Of 4.5 Kw Transom Mounted Alternator As Per Rdso Drawing No. Rdso. Elec. Dte. Skel 3940 .
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Due Date : 19/11/2020
6 Tenders: 23696596 Development Of Dual Pods Fixtures. 1.1 Fabrication Of Lh Pod 1.2 Fabrication Of Rh Pod 1.3 Fabrication Of Composite Radome 1.4 Fabrication Of Vibration Test Fixture 1.5 Fabrication Of Static Strength Test Fixture 1.6 Fabrication Of Packing Boxes 1.7 Fabrication Of Dummy Lrus
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Due Date : 10/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23695258 Providing Operational Assistance / Enabling Services In Roll Building Shop & Old Guide Shop Of Wire Rod Mill..
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Due Date : 12/11/2020
8 Tenders: 23694154 Tender For External Fixator Tubelor Rod 15,30 Cm Each 20, Manufactured By Fda Approved Or Manufacturing Drug License Holding Company.Iso/Ce Certified Company.
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Due Date : 05/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23691943 Procurement Of Miscelleneous Spares Of Aph. 1 Aph Model: 31.5Vimt2000 Aluminumseal Ring For Gb 2 Spring For Guide Bearingassembly Of 31.5 Vitm Aph 3 Water Shield Assembly For31.5 Vimt 2000 Aph Supportbearing 4 Axial Seal Plate Tosector Plate Sealassy Arrangement I,Carbon Steel Is 2062Gr A For 31.5 Vimt 2000Aph. 5 Hm 3092 Lock Nut (Foraph Guide Bearing ) 6 Aph Model: 31.5 Vimt2000,Sealing Tube, Guidebearing Assembly Spares 7 Spring Holder Rod D36x315,Material Astm A105 For31.5 Vimt 2000 Aph Guidebearing 8 Support Bearing Cover Assembly For 31.5 Vimt 2000 Aph Support Bearing
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Due Date : 16/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23691915 For Supply Of Physics, Chemistry And Biology Material Equipment (Pcb Kits) For Meritorious School, Talwara, Distt. Hoshiarpur In The State Of Punjab Vernier Calliper 0 125 Mm Approx. Stainless Steel With 0.01 Mm ) Screw Gauge 25 Mm , With Rechet Stop, Stainless Steel Rod And Brass Body ( With Lc Of .001Mm ) Spring Balance 250 G Cap. Round Transparent Acrylic Tube Type ( With Lc Of 10 G ) Spherometre Brass Single Disk, Head 60 Mm Diameter Stainless Steel Screw, Head Divided In 100 Divisions Reading Upto .005 Mm, Vertical Scale 10 0 10 Physical Balance ( Varanasi Make ) With Brass Beam,7 Agates Capacity 250 G,Sensitivity.1 Mg, In Teak Wood Well Polished Case Having Glass On 5 Sides With Front Double Divided Door Stop Watch Mechanical( 1/10 Second In Metal Case) Parallogram Law Of Forces Apparatus ( Grave Sand Apparatus ) Comprising Of Black Ply Wood Board , Three Sets Ms Chrome Plated Slotted Weighs Of 250 G Each ( 50 G X5 ) With Hooks, 2 Metallic Pullies , Plumb Lime Projectile Apparatus Comprising Of 1 Ply Wood D ( Angled From 0 To 180 Degree Fitted On Superior Board Of Size 24 " X 4" Fitted With Meter Rule Having Water Jet Fitted With It Young Modulus Apparatus Vernialtype ,Made On Searles Pattern Having Self Centering Chucks, Graduated Micro Meter Screw To Read Up To .1Mm, Made Of Stainless Steel Hooks Law Apparatus , Minimum Length 15 Cm Adjustable Mirror Scale Mounted On A Study Support Minimum 50 Cm High, Supplies With An Adjustable Hook And Weight Hanger Of 250 G ( 50 G X5 ) Travelling Micro Scope With Travel Length Minimum Of 165 Cm Horizontal And Min Of 14 Cm Vertically , Provided With Stainless Steel Scale/Brass Scale. Vernier Reading .01 Mm, Objective Achromatic 2 " To 3" Focal Length , Eye Piece 10 X, 25X, Ramsaden Eye Pieces With Cross Here, Attached With Reading Lens, Packed With An Appropriate Surface Tension Apparatus, Capillary Tube With Different Bores, Capillary Stand Provided With The Tipped Needle Of Adjustable Height, A Glass Dish With Adjustable Table Neutons Law Cooling Operators, Double Walled , Single Calorimeter Made Of Cooper In Wooden Case Inclined Plane Minimum Size (L X B) 600 X 100 Mm Friction Less Top ( Glass Top ), Hinged To The Base At One End And Provided With A Pulley For The Forced Cord At The Other End , Provided With A Roller Of Length 100Mm, Stainless Steel Pan And Wooden Block A Polished Minimum Size ( Lx B) 125 Mm X 100 Mm. Viscosity Apparatus Cylinder 100 Cm Long Made Of Glass And Diameter 80Mm Including 6 Led Balls Of Different Diameterand Glycerin Bottle Of 5Oo Ml. Cylinder Is Fitted On Cast Iron Base. The Whole Unit To Be Fitted With Wooden Scale Of Size 100 Cm Resonance Apparatus ( A Metallic Resonance Tube And Reservoir, Fitted With 100 Cm Long Wooden Scale Printed With Mm On Both Side . The Reservoir Having Sliding Arrangement On Stainless Steel Rod With Good Quality Rubber Tube Double Inclined Track With Sun Mica Top And 2 Wooden Blocks Of 2"X2" Size And One Steel Ball Of Min 18Mm ± 2Mm Bimetallic Strips Brass, Iron Of Length 20 Cm X 20Mm X .8Mm And With Wooden Handle Mass Box In 1 2 2 5 Series Upto 200G .Ms Chrome Plated Major / Minor Weight Of Aluminum. Packed In Wooden Case Metallic Bob With Hook 18Mm ± 2Mm Brass Metallic Rectangular Block ( Which Can Be Dipped In 250 Ml Measuring Cylinder ) Metallic Spherical Body 1Cm Diameter Plastic Beaker 250 Ml Sonometer Size 100 X 15 Cm. With 2 Wedges And Cast Iron Weight Set Of 2.5 Kg( Including Of Knife Edges , Hanger, Slotted Weight .5Kg ) And Electromagnets Tuning Fork (Made Of Steel) Set Of 8, 256 512 Hz In Thermocol Case ( Including Rubber Pad ) Thermometer ( Half Degree Centigrade ) Filled With Mercury 0 10 Glass Slab 75 Mm ±5Mm X 50Mm ± 5Mmx 18Mm± 2Mm ( Crown Glass / Flint Glass ) Meter Rod 100 Cm ± 2Mm Wooden And Metallic Magnifying Glass With Steel Handle Finger Clamp Made Of Brass , Prongs Cross One Another , Fingers Clamp Holds Up To 60 Mm Dia, Stand Made Of Cast Iron Base Of Size 8" X5", Rod Length And Dia 24"X .5 " Splitted Wooden Cork Boyles Law Operators, With Min Length 1.06 M And Graduated Scale Of 0 To 100 Cm With Mm Divisions On Teak Wood Board Fitted On Metal Base With Leveling Screws. Without Mercury But Complete With Pressure Rubber Tubing And Glass Tubes Fortin's Barometer Glass Beaker ( 250 Ml Isi Marked ) Tripod Stand Wire Gauge Round Bottle Glass Flask Fitted With Rubber Cork With One Central Hole Water Bath Glass Prism 2" X 2" Fine Quality , ( Crown / Flint Glass ) Magnetic Compass 50 Mm ±5Mm Both Side Glass Transparent Bar Magnet 50 Mm ±5Mm ( Alnico ) Drawing Boards Soft Wood 300X 450 ± 10Mm X 18 Mm ± 2Mm Lab Apparatus Required For Physics Lab For Class 10 + 2 Rechargeable Cell With Charger Resistance Box Plug Type 1 Two 5000 Ohms Fitted With Brass Plugs Of Plastic Heads , Constantan Coil, 9Mm Thick Brass Block, The Whole Assemble Fitted On A Appropriate Polish Wooden Box Resistance Box Plug Type 1 Two 1000 Ohms Fitted With Brass Plugs Of Plastic Heads , Contact Blocks Made Of Brass Which Are Fitted On Bakelite Base, The Whole Assemble Fitted On A Appropriate Polish Wooden Box Double Rod, Optical Bench 1.5 M Long With Supporting Rod ( Both Brass Rods ), 4 Up Rights ( Two Having Slot Transfer Motion), Two Lens Holder, Two Thick Optical Pins And Two Cast Iron Heavy Metallic Feet With Leveling Screws Common Emitter Type ( Pnp And Npn )Transistors Characteristics Apparatus , Ip =230 ± 10%, Ac 50Hz, Op = 0 9 Volts At 50Ma,Mounted On , Abs Plastic Box Fitted With Terminals And Four Meters. Zener Diode Characteristic Apparatus Mounted On Abs Plastic Box Fitted With Terminals And 2 Meters, Dc Regulated Supply 0 To 15 Volt , 1 Series And 3 Zener Diodes Of 5.1,8.2 And 12 Volts At 4Mm Sockets, Current Range 0 To 15 Ma And 0 To 1.5 Ma Pn Junction Diode Characteristic Apparatus 0 To 90 Volt At 250 Micro Empire And 0 To 3 Volt At 10 Ma Provided With Two Round Meter Of Dual Range Constantan Wire 28 Swg On A Plastic Reel 100 G Digital Multi Meter Analogue Millimeter Mirror Strip With Holder 100X 25 Mm ±2Mm Resistance Coils (2,5,10,20 Ohms ) With Brass Terminal Volt Meter 0 To 5 V, Square Type Grade A Galvanometre30 0 30 Plastic Body With Terminals, Grade A Square Type Dc Ammeter Of Plastic Body With Brass Terminals, Square Type With Range Of 10Ma Dc Milliam Meter 0 To 500 Ma Dc Ammeter 0 To 1.5 A Battery Eliminator Two Amp, 0 To 12 V With Copper Winding In Plastic Body With Indicator Potentiometer 24 Swg, Constantan 4 Wired Brass Connection With One Meter Rule Pencil Jockey And 4Mm Socket, Brass Terminal Fitted On A Both Side Laminated Base With Bakelite Feet Slide Wire Bridge On Wooden Board With 4Mm Socket, Brass Terminal And Brass Strips With One Meter Constantan Wire On Wooden Scale Copper Connecting Wire Double Cloth Covered 500G One Way Key With Brass Lock On Bakelite Base With Brass Terminals Two Way Key With Brass Lock On Bakelite Base With Brass Terminals Rheostat Standard Grooved Patterns 5.6" Diameter And 10 " Length Convex Lens Dia 2" Focal Length 15 Cm Convex Lens Dia 2" Focal Length 20 Cm Concave Lens Dia 2" Focal Length 15 Cm Concave Lens Dia 2" Focal Length 20 Cm Convex Mirror Dia 2" Focal Length 15 Cm Convex Mirror Dia 2" Focal Length 20 Cm Concave Mirror Dia 2" Focal Length 15 Cm Concave Mirror Dia 2" Focal Length 20 Cm Step Down Transformer ( 220 V To 6 V ) With Electromagnet Pair Of Polaroid (Including White Plastic Sheet ) Wooden Optical Bench Including Wooden Up Rights To Hold Measuring Cylinder 250 Ml Borosilicate Glass Holder For Two Convex Lens ( Lens In Contact ) Cell Holder For 4 D Type Cells Box Outer Size 135 X 75X 35 Mm With Cover Manganin /Eureka Wire Roll 250 G Wooden Wedge Acetic Acid Glacial 500Ml Chemistry Lab Requirement For Class Xi And Xii Acetone 500Ml Acetamide 250Gm Ammonia Solution 500Ml Acetaldehyde 500 Ml Aluminum Potassium Sulphate 500Gm Aluminum Chloride 250Gm Aluminum Nitrate 500 Gm Aluminum Sulphate 500Gm Aluminum Phosphate 250Gm Ammonium Sulphide 500Ml Ammonium Acetate 500Gm Ammonium Chloride 500Gm Ammonium Carbonate 500Gm Ammonium Bicarbonate 500Gm Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate 500Gm Ammonium Molybdate 50Gm Ammonium Sulphate 500Gm Ammonium Oxalate 500Gm Ammonium Phosphate 500Gm Ammonium Thiosulphate 500Gm Aniline 500 Ml Barium Chloride 500 Gm Barium Sulphate 500 Gm Benzene 500 Ml Benzamide 250Gm Benzaldehyde 500 Ml Benzoic Acid 250 Gm Benedict Solution 250 Ml Bleaching Powder 500 G Bromine Water 500 Ml Bromo Phenol Blue 100 Ml Cadmium Nitrate 100G Cadmium Carbonate 100 G Calcium Carbide 250G Calcium Chloride Fused 500 G Calcium Carbonate 500G Calcium Hydroxide ( Lime Water ) 500 Ml Carbon Disulphide 250 Ml Castor Oil 250 Ml Cotton Seed Oil 250 Ml Cerric Ammonium Nitrate 100 G Chlorine Water 500 Ml Chloroform 500 Ml Cinnamic Acid 250 Gm Cobalt Acetate 100 Gm Cobalt Chloride 100 Gm Cobalt Nitrate 50 Gm Copper Chloride 500 Gm Copper Sulphate 500 Gm Copper Metal Turning 250 Gm Charcoal Activated 250 Gm Di Nitro Phenyl Hydrazine 25Gm Dextrose 500 Gm Distilled Water 5 Lit Di Methyl Glyoxime 25Gm Di Phenyl Amine 100 Gm Petrolium Ether 500 Ml Ferric Ammonium Alum Crystal 250Gm Fehling Solution A 500 Ml Fehling Solution B 500 Ml Ferric Chloride 250Gm Ferrous Sulphate 500Gm Ferrous Sulphide Sticks 500Gm Glycerin 500Ml Gelatin 250 Gm Gum Acacia 250 Gm Ground Nut Oil 250Ml Hydrogen Peroxide 6% ( 20 Volume ) 500Ml P.H. Paper 1 14Pk Of 200 Lvs Iodine 25Gm Lead Peroxide 250 Gm Lead Acetate 250 Gm Lead Chloride 250 Gm Lead Sulphate 250 Gm Litmus Solution Blue 500 Ml Litmus Solution Red 500Ml Litmus Paper Red Packet 200 Lvs Litmus Paper Blue Packet 200 Lvs Magnesium Sulphate 500 Gm Magnesium Chloride 500 Gm Magnesium Ribbon 25 Gm Manganese Dioxide 500Gm Manganese Sulphate250 Gm Manganese Chloride 500 Gm Millons Reagent 125 Ml Methyl Orange 50Gm Methyl Yellow 50Gm Mercuric Iodine 100Gm Mercuric Chloride 100Gm Alpha Napthol 250Gm Beta Napthol 250Gm Ninhydrine 10 Gm Nesslers Reagent 100 Ml Nickel Chloride 100 Gm Nickel Nitrate100 Gm Oxalic Acid 500Gm Parafin Liquid Heavy 500Ml Phenolphthaleim Powder 50 Gm Phenol 500Gm Potassium Sulphate 500 Gm Potassium Oxalate 500Gm Potassium Nitrate 500 Gm Potassium Nitrite 250 Gm Potassium Chloride 250 Gm Potassium Chromate 250 Gm Potassium Dichromate 250 Gm Potassium Iodide 50 Gm Potassium Hydroxide Pellets 250 Gm Potassium Permagnate 250 Gm Potassium Ferricyanide 250 Gm Potassium Ferrocyanide 250 Gm Potassium Thiocyanate 250 Gm Resorcinol 50 Gm Silver Nitrate 10 Gm Schiffs Reagent 250Ml Sodium Acetate 500 Gm Sodium Oxalate 500 Gm Sodium Thiosulphate 500 Gm Sodium Chloride 500 Gm Sodium Bicarbonate 500 Gm Sodium Carbonate 500 Gm Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 250 Gm Sodium Bisulphite 500 Gm Sodium Metal 100 Gm In Liquid Parafin Sodium Nitroprusside 50 Gm Sodium Nitrate 500 Gm Starch Soluble 500 Gm Potassium Bromide 250 Gm Urea 500 Gm Universal Indicator Solution 500 Ml (Ph Range (1 14 ) Zinc Dust 100 Gm Zinc Chloride 250 Gm Zinc Sulphate 500 Gm Ethanol 1000 Ml Hydrochloric Acid (Conc. )1000Ml Sulphuric Acid (Conc. )1000Ml Nitric Acid (Conc. )1000Ml Petroleum Ether 250 Ml Buchner Funnel 4" Porcelain Bunsen Burner ( 150 Mm ) Without Stop Cock Of Thick Brass Tube With Screw Type Air Regulator, Chrome Plated With Painted Base Blow Pipe 8" Chrome Plated Heavy Bottle Brush (Medium ) Beaker Graduated 20 80 With Spout 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Isi Mark Beaker Graduated 50 200 With Spout 250 Ml Borosilicate Glass Isi Mark Beaker Graduated 100 400 With Spout 500 Ml Borosilicate Glass Isi Mark Burette 50 Ml , Sub Division 0.10 Ml ,Tolerance .10Ml Borosilicate Isi / Equivalent To Isi With Ptfe Key Stop Cock Conical Flask 250 Ml Borosilicate Capillary Tubes Round Both End Open Pack Of 100 Piece Centrifugal Machine Of Regular Quality Hand Driven With Four Poly Tubes Chromatographic Glass Jar With Cover Having Hook For Paper Chromatography's Ingle Paper Hanging With 100 Chromatographic Paper Sheets Of Size 20 X10 Cm Chemical Analytical Balance Cork Borer Brass Heavy Type , Chrome Plated Set Of Three Charcoal Block 4"X 1" Packet Of 12 Pieces China Dish 4" Porcelain Copper Plate 175X37.5 Mm±5Mm With Terminal Chart Periodic Table (150X 100 Cm ±5Cm ) Laminated Both Side With Plastic Roller Desiccators With Cover 6" Dropper 8" Neutral Glass With Rubber Teat Dropping / Reagent Bottle With Inter Changeable Dropper And Rubber Teat Neutral Glass 125 Ml Dropping / Reagent Bottle With Inter Changeable Dropper And Rubber Teat Neutral Glass 25 0Ml Dropping / Reagent Bottle With Inter Changeable Dropper And Rubber Teat Neutral Glass 500 Ml Funnel 50 Ml Borosilicate Glass Funnel 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Fusion Tubes Ordinary Glass Packet Of 200 Tubes Filter Paper No 1, Dia 12.5 Cm , 100 Circles Ordinary Flask Round Bottom Of 250 Ml Capacity, Socket Size 24/29 Finger Clamp 65Mm To Hold Liebig Condenser Filtering Flask , Heavy Wall , Bolt Neck With Tabulation ( To Be Used With Buchner Funnel) Borosilicate Glass Glass Tube 7Mm 1 Kg Pack (Borosilicate Glass) Glass Rod 8" Graduated Pipette 10Ml With Sub Division 0.10 Ml Hard Boiling Glass Tube 25 Ml Kipp'sappartatus Plastic 500 Ml Capacity With Stop Cock And Jet Liebig Condenser Socket And Cone 24/29 300Mm Effective Length With Adaptor Measuring Cylinder 10 Ml Borosilicate Isi Mark Measuring Cylinder 50 Ml Borosilicate Isi Mark Measuring Cylinder 100 Ml Borosilicate Isi Mark Measuring Cylinder 500 Ml Borosilicate Isi Mark Pestle And Mortar 5" Platinum Wire 35X 0.2Mm Fused In Glass Rod And Fitted In Test Pipette Single Mark Borosilicate Mark 10 Ml Isi Mark Pipette Single Mark Borosilicate Mark 20 Ml Isi Mark Porous Pot (Porcelain) Round Bottom Flask 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Rubber Cork Single Hole And Two Hole Assorted Sulphosalicylic Acid 200Ml Smith Reagent 250Ml Boric Acid 250 Gm P.H. Paper 2 10.5 Pk Of 200Lvs Potassium Chloride 250Gm
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Due Date : 12/11/2020
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