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1 Tenders: 16254781 Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Delivery Including Freight And Insurance Of Mentioned Numerical Relays To Stores And Subsequent Retrofitting Job Of Supplied Numerical Relays Along With Testing, Installation & Commissioning In Respective Relay & Control Panels Of 6 Nos. 132/33Kv Transformers (01 No 50Mva, 01 No 31.5Mva, 03 Nos 20Mva & 01 No 12.5 Mva) Installed At Different Power Station Under Tcfhp.
Due Date : 04/09/2018
2 Tenders: 16254335 Signalling Arrangements (Outdoor) In Connection With Replacement Of Route Relay Interlocking (Rri) At Jolarpettai "Main", "A", "B" & "C" Cabins Of Chennai Division Bidding Type Normal Tender Template Normal .
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Due Date : 05/09/2018
3 Tenders: 15295528 Design, Installation, Testing, And Commissioning With The Yard Remodeling For The Provision Of Additional Long Loop Line At Hathbandh & Hathbandh East Outer With Alteration In Existing Central Panel Interlocking & East End Panel Interlocking And Yard Remodeling Of The Existing Route Relay Interlocking (Siemens Rri) Using Metal To Metal Contact Relays In Connection With (I) New Exchange Yard And Yard Remodeling At Marauda And (Ii) Provision Of Signal Interlocking Arrangement For New Peripheral Yard And Yard Remodeling At Marauda To Serve M/S Bhilai Jp Grinder Plant At Marauda In Raipur Division Of S. E. C. Railway .
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Due Date : 21/05/2018
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Relay Interlocking Tenders

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