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1 Tenders: 23945759 Quotation For Lowdensity Black Polythene Rolls
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Due Date : 22/12/2020
2 Tenders: 23717393 Quotation In Manual Mode For Supply Of Tubing Polythene At Beml Limited Palakkad Complex
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Due Date : 09/11/2020
3 Tenders: 22777352 Empanelment Of Vendors/Vendor Renewal : 1 Amc For Computer, Computer Peripherals And Xerox Machines, E.G. Lipi Data Printer, Xerox Machines, Computers, Printers, Etc. 2 Amc Of Water Purifier And Water Coolers. 3 Amc Of Boiler Annual Inspecting Cleaning. 4 Amc Of Ups Three Phase/Single Phase. 5 Amc For Pressure Vessel Testing. 6 Amc For Lifting Tools And Tackles. 7 Amc Of Gps System 8 Amc Of Epbax 9 Amc Cctv System 10 Amc Of Chiller Plant 11 Amc Of Diesel Lifter 12 Amc Of Screw Compressor With Drier 13 Amc Of Plc System Of Boiler 14 Amc Of Heat Pump 15 Amc Of Chillers And Atb ( Auto Tube Brushing) System 16 Amc Of Vrf (Variable Refrigerant Flow) System 17 Amc Of Domestic Units ( Window Ac, Split Ac, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Air Coolers, Air Curtains, Deep Freezers Etc...) 18 Amc Of Ahu( Air Handling Units) 19 Amc Of Cooling Towers 20 Amc Of Bms (Building Management System) For Hvac System. 21 Amc Of Compressor, Amc Of Bps Machine, Hiring Of Vehicle Service With Driver And Fuel And Without Driver And Fuel 22 Rate Contract For Newspaper Publication. 23 Rate Contract For Refilling Of Cartridges. 24 Rate Contract For Refilling Of Nitrogen Gas,Oxygen, Da( Dissolved Acytelene) 25 Rate Contract For Supply Of Unskilled Persons 26 Rate Contract For Supply Of Skilled Persons ( Welder, Fitter, Plumber, Sewer Man) 27 Rate Contract For Hiring Of Lmv. 28 Rate Contract For Labour Supply. 29 Rate Contract For Lpg Cylinder. 30 Rate Contract For Painting Jobs. 31 Rate Contract For Petrol And Diesel. 32 Rate Contract For Refilling Of Fire Extinguishers. Packing Material And Consumables 1 Paper Core Pipe 2 Self Adhesive Double Sided Tape 3 Labels A5 Size, Blank Paper Label Roll Different Colours. 4 Printer Cartridge For Toshiba Printer 5 Micro Perforated Plastic Film 6 Ldpe Stretchable Plastic Film 7 Plywood Box 8 Strapping Tool 9 Strapping Tape Dispenser 10 Polyester Strapping Tape 11 Paper Board Edge Protector 12 Printing Paper Of Different Colours I.E. Light Green, Yellow, Pink, White Etc. 13 Self Adhesive Bopp Tape. 14 Gummed Tape Of Different Colours I.E. Light Blue, Light Orange , Light Pink, Light Red, Light White, Light Yellow Etc. 15 Wooden Plug 16 Wax Ribbon (Black) 17 Polythene Bags 18 Bolt Cutter 19 Plastic Pallet 20 Thermocol Sheet / Card Board Sheet 21 Cold Rolled Steel Strip,Kilts 22 Strapping Machine 23 Plastic Tape Poly Propylene 24 Bakelite Sheet, Teflon Sheet, Teflon Rolls Etc. 25 Corrugated Boxes, Rubber Bands 26 Shirk Wrapping Film, Wooden Packing Boxes / Plastic Packing Box 27 Cotton Tape, Cotton Yarn. 28 Polyester Strapping Tape 29 Metallic / Gl Seals 30 Hoop Seals 31 Stenciling Ink, Stenciling Brush, Rota Fount Solution. 32 Adhesive Paste Gum 33 Rubber Strip For Notching Machine, Cutting Sticks For Guillotine Machine. 34 Hoop Seal Plier, Heat Sealer. 35 Notching Bit, Tungsten Tips. 36 Crayon Forpaper Cutting Marking 37 Different Types Of Paper Cutting Knives 38 High Pressure And Low Shower Nozzles 39 Hydro Jet Nozzles 40 Distilled And Ionized Water 41 Coolant Ethylene Glycol 42 Canvas Bags For Collecting The Trimming 43 Xylene Chemical 44 Paper Carrier Rope's 45 Wooden Wedges 46 Slitter And Cutter Knife With Holder 47 Mould Gasket 48 Bobbins Plastic Pulley And Bobbin Spindles 49 Different Kind Of Brushes For Cleaning Purpose: Wire And Plastic Brushes Etc. 50 Block Board Box 51 Pet Stapping Rolls 52 Hdpe Packing Bags, Hdpe Adhesive Tape Roll 53 Ldpe Film Roll, Ldpe Semi Tube, Ldpe Film, Ldpe Shrink Film Roll 54 P.V.C. Band Blue Colour Legend Ptd. 55 L.D./P.V.C. Band Pink Colour Legend Ptd. 56 P.V.C. Band Blue Colour 57 Plastic L.D. Band Pink Color 58 Self Adhesive Instant Lable 59 Hawai Chappals,Under Wear, Rubber Band 205 60 Cotton Tape 61 P.E. Coated Band Roll 62 Shrink Film Polythene Roll 63 Self Laminated Adhesive Label 64 Shredder Bag 65 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Label 66 Packet Band Roll 67 Upper Cutting Knife, Lower Cutting Knife, Guilliotine Knife, Cutting Sticks, Kraft Paper, Fevicol. 68 Self Adhesive Tape Roll 69 Hosiery Cloth Bleached Big 70 Glassine Butter Paper 71 Marlotherm/Hytherm Hp600 If117 72 Ldpe Sheet 73 Pre Grind Scraper1350x40x0.6Mm Anglel8° 74 Pre Grind Scraper 850X40x0.6Mm Anglel8° 75 Injection Moulded Plastic Pallet C. Raw Material 1 Cotton Comber 2 Bleached Cotton Linter 3 Bleached Cotton Comber Pulp 4 Nuts, Bolts, Washers High Tension Steel Nuts And Bolts,M. S. Nuts And Bolts, Ss Nuts And Bolts, Washers, Allen Bolts, Rivet,Screw 5 Aluminium Hydrate Ce1000 6 Aluminium Silicate (Zeolax 325) Ce1100 7 Calcium Carbonate (Ppt) Ce1200 8 Block Board Boxes 9 Polyethylene Wax Ca150 10 Micronized Wax (S 379H) Ca154 11 Petroleum Jelly Ca250 12 Wetting Agent (Wdi) Ca355 13 Lanoline Sheep Wool Wax Ca450 14 Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (Anti Drier) Ca650 15 Anti Skinning Agent (Tbhq) Ca655 16 Cobalt Octoate Cd700 17 Manganese Octoate Cd800 18 Zirconium Octoate Cd900 19 Ar Linseed Oil Cf100 20 Tung Oil Cf110 21 Alkyd Resin 72% Oil Length Cr100 22 Alkyd Resin 81% Oil Length Cr200 23 Dco Penta Alkyd Resin 70%0Il Len Cr250 24 Soyabean Alkyd Resin 50% Oil Lengthcr300 25 Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin Cr400 26 Complex Modi High % Phenolic Resin Cr500 27 High Structure Resin 5007 Cr550 28 Carbon Tetrachloride 29 Aromatic Free Hc Solvent 210 230 Cs210 30 Hydrocarbon Paraffinic Solvent Cs260 31 Stearamide 32 Fynol Additive 33 Alkyl Phenolic Resin 34 Micronized Calcium Carbonate (Uncoated) 35 Dco Monomeric Oil 36 Nvisible Fluorescent Pigment Red Rc616 37 Nvisible Fluorescent Pigment Blue Ba700 38 5Igment Titanium Dioxide Cp02 , 39 Pigment Disazo Yellow 13 Cp10 40 Pigment Fluores Greenish Yellow Cp110 41 Pigment Disazo Yellow 12 Cp12 42 Pigment Lemon Chrome Yellow Cp17 43 Pigment Fluorescent Lemon Yellow Cp18 44 Pigment Disazo Orange 34 Cp20 45 Pigment Scarlet Chrome 104 Cp24 46 Fluo.Flame Orange Lithotec Orange 4 47 Pigment Cerise Tonner (Violet 1) Cp31 48 Pigment Monoazo Red 8 Cp32 49 Pigment Rubine Toner 57 Cp33 50 Pigment Permanent Red 170 Cp34 51 Pigment Red 122 Cp35 52 Pigment Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue Cp40 53 Pigment Blue Toner Cp41 54 Pigment Phthalocyanine Beta Blue Cp42 55 Pigment Dioxazine Violet 23 Cp46 56 Pigment Alkali Reflex Blue Cp48 57 Lithotack Fluo. Blue Pantone 801 C 58 Pigment Phthalocyanine Green 7 Cp50 59 Carbon Black Cp72 60 Ink Blue Crystal Fd40 61 . Nigro. Wp Black Water Sol. Crystal Fd70 62 Pigment Invisible Fluo. Yellow Cp112 63 Pigment Invisible Fluo. Green Cp150 64 Inv Fluo Red Pig (Seclum Red 1101) Cp130 65 Invisible Bi Fluo Blue/Red Pigment Cp134 66 Precursor Abb Blue Cp142 67 Pigment Violet Toner (Violet 3) Cp 43 68 Fluo. Cone. Yellow (Imported) Cp19 69 Fluorescent Invisible Blue Olc 70 Ci140 70 Pigment Permanent Carmine Fbb 146 Cp36 71 Fluo. Orange (Ind.) Cp25 72 Strong Magenta Olc19 Cp37 73 Benzidine Orange Cp26 74 Pigment Green Bcp52 .,D. Miscellaneous Items 1 Office Stationery,Paints, Paint Brushes, Thinner Etc. 2 Utensils. 3 General Purpose Medicine. 4 Canteen Material I.E. Rice, Oils, Mineral Flour, Spices, Etc. 5 Oil And Lubricant 6 Plumbing Related Items: Gi Nipple,Gl Union,Gl Elbow,Gl Tee,Gibend,Gi Socket,Dead Plug,Gi Reducer Tee,Gi Reducer Socket, Gl Reducer Elbow, Hold Tite, Pvc Fittings, Pvc Pipes 7 Gl Pipes, Ms Pipe 8 Ms Fitting: Nipple,Socket, Elbow, Tee. 9 Ms Channel / Angles: U Channel, Angle, Strip 10 Gl Sheets 11 Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Globe Valve ,E. Electrical = 1 Lugs, Cu And Al, Substation Clamps And Connectors, Cable Glands Etc. 2 Mcb, Switch, Mccb, Plug, Socket, Junction Boxes, Regulators, Contactors, Distribution Boards Industrial Type, Pin Top, Switch. 3 Soft Starters, Star Delta Starter, Dol Starter. 4 Htand Lt Electrical Panels 5 Electro Mechanical Relays/ Bi Metallic Relay/ Auxiliaries Relays / Numerical Relays / Digital And Its Accessories. 6 Ht And Lt Cable Type: Armoured /Un Armoured/Flexible, And Wires,Aluminium Cable And Earthing Wire 7 Semiconductor Fuses, Hrc Fuses: Type Hf And Hn,Din Type Fuses, Cylindrical Type Fuses, Blade Type Fuses Etc. 8 Copper Winding Wire 9 Ac,Dc Drives And Its Spares 10 Tube Light And Fittings, Choke, Metal Halide Lamp And Their Fittings, Uv Lamp, Cfl, Flame Proof Fittings And 11 Electronic And Instrumentation ,Furniture And Storage Items 1 General Safety Equipment's / Items I) Hand Gloves Cotton, Leather, Kevlar, Pvc, Rubber, Electrical High Voltage Etc. Ii) Ear Plugs/Ear Muff. Iii) Nose Masks / Cotton Fine Dust Mask / Respirators. Iv) Fid Aid Box. V) Safety Glasses/Goggles. Vi) Protective Clothing Apron Pvc For Chemical Handling, Kevlar For Lead Handling. Vii) Safety Belts, Safety Nets Viii) Safety Showers, Drenching Shower. Ix) Safety Sign Boards Etc. X) Safety Helmet Xi) Safety Clothes. Xii) Boiler Suit, Fire Suit, Laser Radiation Protection Suit, Chemical Suits Etc. 2 Fire Safety Equipment's And Items 3 Electrical Safety Lock In /Lock Out, Tag Out Etc. 4 Safety Shoes And Gum Boot 1 General Furniture 2 Office Furniture 3 Industrial Furniture 4 Storage Racks, Multitier Racks Etc. 5 Bins, Pallets Etc. For Storage Systems. .Chemicals 1 Water Treatment Chemicals 2 Effluent Treatment Chemicals 3 General Chemicals And Lab Glassware 4 Acid (Hydrochloric, Sulphuric) 5 Pickling And Polishing Compound 6 Phenol, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Dichromate, Phosphoric Acid 7 Soda Ash (Light/Heave) 8 Caustic Soda Flakes 9 Sulphuric Acid 98% 10 Defoamer 11 Yellow Pigment 12 Red , Yellow And Blue Pigment 13 Glycerin 14 Biocide 15 Wetting Agent 16 Stabilizer 17 Different Types Of Dyes For Paper Machines : Fire Red ,Organic Dye, Blue Dye, Etc. Engineering And Fabrication Services 1 Fabrication Of Different Mechanical Items. 2 Engineering And Services Of Different Type Of Mechanical Jobs. 3 Engineering And Services Of Different Type Of Electrical Jobs. 4 Hiring Of Jcb, Forklift, Stacker, Tractor Trolley, Cranes With Driver. 5 Dock Levelers 6 Fabrication Items Cutting Wheel, Gas Cutting Set, Welding Material 7 Services For Repairing Of Printing Machines And Ctop Machine Civil Works 1 Civil Works And Consultancy Related To Civil Jobs. 2 Excavation And Filling Works 3 Supply Of Cement, Mortar, Sand, Tiles Etc. • Hiring Of Manpower And Job Works 1 Job Works Related To Canteen 2 Job Works Related To Housekeeping 3 Job Works Related To Guest House 4 Job Works Related To Loading And Unloading 5 Jobs Works Related To Supply Of Manpower And Any Other Works Spares 1 Centrifugal Chillers Kirloskar Chillers Make 2 Screw Chiller Kirloskar Chillers Make 3 Screw Chiller Daikin Make 4 Screw Chiller Blue Star Make 5 Heat Pump Cristopia Make 6 Air Compressors Chicago Pneumatic Make 7 Cooling Towers Paharpur Make 8 Precision Ac Units Ultramatix Make 9 Pumps Wilo Make 10 Pumps Grundfoss Make 11 Pumps Kirloskar Pumps Make. 12 ' , Pumps Beacon Pumps Make. 13 Pumps Gec Pumps Make. 14 Thermoregulation Units Kba Make 15 Bearings,Gear,Pulleys,Various Spares With Article Nos. As Mentioned In Spare Part Catalogue Provided By Oem 16 Spares For Leibinger Enc System 17 Spares For Counting Machines , Cutlink Machines , Banding Station, Mebeg Feeder,Refrigeration Related Items 1 Sealed Compressors 2 Runnning Capacitors, Starting Capacitor, Relay, Over Load Protector, Thermostat, Capillary Tube, Fan Motor, Fan Blade, Indoor Fan Motor, Indoor Blower, Dryer/Filter, Brazing Rod,Copper Pipe, Copper Fitting,Brass Fitting, Refrigerant Tools,Insulation, Valves,Nylon Brush 3 Refrigerant Gas 4 Liquid Soap, Thermocol Sheet O. Fitter Related Items 1 Bearings, V Belts, Vibration Isolators Capital Items 1 Compressors Pressure Vacuum Pumps Various Machine Tools(I.E. Lathe,Drilling,Millimg,Grinding Machines Etc. Fire Tender Various Types Of Vehicles (I.E. Motor Cycle,Ambulance,Jcb Etc.)
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Due Date : 31/03/2021
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Polythene Roll Tenders

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