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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19802444 Supply Of Cotton Tape Newar.
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Due Date : 27/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19785885 Supply Of Varnished Cotton Tape Type I Straight Cut Jointless Size 20 Mm Width X O.25 Mm Thick X 66 Mtrs Length In Roll To Iss 3352/65 Or Latest.
Due Date : 26/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19783821 Supply Of Cotton Tape For Electrical Purpose Size :0.2Mm X 25Mm X 50 Mtrs Length Confirming To Iss: 1923/2003.
Due Date : 19/09/2019
4 Tenders: 19722413 Supply Of Cotton Selvedge Tape Of 20Mm Width, 0.18Mm Thick Of Variety No 5 Conforming To Is 1923/1973 (Or) Latest In Roll Of 50 Meters As 1 No. (50Mx20mmx0.18Mm).
Due Date : 26/08/2019
5 Tenders: 19699534 Supply Of General Hardware Items Rubber Hose Pipe 3/4" Make : Dunlop/Diamond, Copper Sheet Size ; 1.5Mm Thk. X 1Mtr. X 2 Mtr., Araldite 90Grm (Resin 50Grm.+Hardner 40 Gm) Make : Huntsman, Hss Hand Hexa Blade 12"*1/2"*0.025" (23G) Make : Miranda, Cotten Waste ( White Jute), Cotten Tape 3/4"*40 Mtr., Emery Paste Rough ( 400 Gms), M Seal Packing 100Grm. (Resin 50% And Hardener 50%) Epoxy, Teflon Tape (19Mm*12Mtr).3/4" Thread Seal Tape Make : Champion,, Tefflon Round Bar 38Mm*300Mm Make : Champion, Eagle,Diamond, Tefflon Round Rod 3"*1Feet, Blue Tube( 20Ml), M.S.Split Pin 6*55 Mm Matrial: As Per Is:549 Make ; Champion, M Seal (Contains 4*125G Resin Base And 4*125G Hardener) (Epoxy, M.S Split Pin 3*55Mm(1/8*2 1/2") Matrial: As Per Is:549 Make, Painting Brush 3" Make : Lion,Promaga,Regal, Painting Brush 4" Make : Lion,Promaga,Regal, Emery Cloth Paper (Rough) Make : Carborundum, Anabond Tube 666(100Gms.), Emery Cloth Paper (Fine) Make : Carborundum, Emery Cloth Tape Roll Rough 2" Make ; Carborundum, Emery Cloth Tape Roll Fine2" Make : Carborundum, M.S.Connector 1/2 X 1/2", M S Connector 1/4"X 3/8*, Plumber Blocksn 511 Make : Greaves, Jmc, M.S.U Clamp 3/4", M.S.U Clamp 1", H.S.S.Square Tool Bit Blank 1/2"*8"Gr.S400 Make :Miranda, H.S.S.Square Tool Bit Blank 3/4* 8" (Gr.S400) Make : Mirenda, Grinding Wheel Fine Black 10X1x1 1/4 Make : Carboundum, Grinding Wheel Green Fine 10*1*1 1/4" Make ; Carborundum, H.S.S Tapper Shank Drill 11 Mm, Electricchain Hoist,Cap.2Ton,Motor1.5Hp,Hoist Speed 2.4M/, Hydraulic Jack Cap. 40 Ton, Approx. Lift 11" Isi Mark, M.S.Round Rod 1" Material : St 42S As Per Is:2062, En 8,Round Rod 40Mm, En 8 Round Rod ,25Mm(1") Material : En 8/C 40, S.S.Round Rod 60Mm Matrial: Aisi 304, S.S. Round Rod 80Mm Matrial: Aisi:304, S.S.Round Rod 304 45Mm, Lather Ring Id 300Mm*7Mm*3.5Mm Thk.For Mill House Material, Acrylic Transparent Sheet Size(4*8*Thk.12Mm)Ft, M.S Spring 65*40*200 As Per Semple, Rubber Hose Pipe Wirebrided(Hot Water) 1"(25Mm)Make : Diamond, Brass Connector 1/4*3/8", Brass Socket 1/4" Bsp
Due Date : 12/08/2019
6 Tenders: 19694475 Supply Of Cotton Tape Newar.
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Due Date : 13/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19645265 Supply Of Leather Aprons With Sleeves(Full Of Body, Hands And Leg Harness) Specifications For Leather Aprons With Sleeves (Protection From Burning Injuries) 1.Length 40 Inches, 2.Width 24 Inches, 3. Material Split Leather,4. Stiching Cotton Tape Stiching.
Due Date : 08/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19609793 Supply Of Thick File Cardboard Blue Color Size: 25.5 X 35.5 Cms With Matter Printed Both In Hindi And English On Face Of The File Two Cardboard Are Joined By Calico Cloth Of Blue Color Of 7.5 Cms (Width). Reinforcement Of Cadrboard At Center With 4 Cms Width 8 Cms Length Calico Cloth Eyelet On Both Side Of The Inside Also On Bothside. A Cut Slit At 16 Ams Apart On Backside With Cotton Tape Provision Of 12.5 Mm (1/2) Width And 1 Meter Length To Tie File. Supply With 2 Nylon Tags Of 60Cms Length Metal Reinforcement At Ends .
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Due Date : 02/08/2019
9 Tenders: 19607518 Supply Of Cotton Tape Newar.
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Due Date : 06/08/2019
10 Tenders: 19596898 Purchase Of 1. 1.Door Mat Plastic 2”X3” 2.Wiper Rubber Size 4 Feet Handle And Rubber 2 Feet 3.Cotton Tape Country ½ Inch 4.Singer Oil Bottle 50Ml 5.Tumbler Glass 200 Ml (Water Drinking Glass)For Hospital .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
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