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1 Tenders: 17461232 Auction Sale Of Scrap Industrial Waste Items Contained In Scrap Industrial Waste Products Arising In Mechanical Workshop Gorakhpur Consisting Of Following Items: 1.Decolite Scrap Released From Floor Of Coaches.2.Broken Glass,Unserviceable Cotton Rag,Scrap Timber,Decolem,Unserviceable Gunny Bags, Canvas And Formica Released From Coaches.3Wood Sawing Mixed With And Rubbish .Burnt Materials , Broken Ceramic Items ,Thermocol Etc.4.Small Broken Pieces Of Plywood, Unserviceable Released Packing Wood Fire Wood.5.Small Broken Pieces Of Rubber Released From Roofs Of Coaches.Decayed And Unserviceable Rubber Components.6.Broken And Unserviceable Pieces Of Asbestos Cement Seats Released From Shops.7.Scrap Pieces Of Unserviceable And Broken Fire Bricks.8.Unserviceable Pieces Of Stones, Bolder, Broken Concrete Foundation And Unserviceable Pieces Of Other Bricks.9.Floor Sweeping Consisting Of Sand, Mud,Scrap Paper, Broken Mirrors Shrubs Including Dried Grass And Leaves, Broken Decolite And Released /Broken Glasses From Windows, Ashes From Other Burnt Materials, Coal/Coke Ashes And Debris, Slag/Mud Released From Tanks, Bosch Talk, Bogie Cleaning Tank.10.Corroded And Unserviceable Ferrous Pieces Corroded Ms Turning Boring Chips Mixed With Soil And Floor Sweepings Either In Pieces Or Converted To Big Lump Formswhich Are Inseparable.11.Pvc Aluminium Cables Of Different Sizes With Rubbish Released From Coaches And Fuse Without Ferrous Fitting.12.Damaged And Condemned Rubber Hose And Pvc Pipe Pieces Of Different Sixes, Damaged Torn Vaccum Hose Pipe Without Universal Coupling.13.Damage And Condemn Foam Rubber Pieces Recron.14.Decayed Plywood, Hardwood Seat And Roof Felt, Glass Wool, Roll Packing, Compregboard,Hardwood Sheet,Sand,Wooden Pieces.15.Condemned/ Unserviceable Wooden Seats Without Rexine And Ferrous Fittings.16.Unserviceable Scrap ,Released Rexine Pieces,Pvc Seats, Foam Coir Seats And Rubber Round Washer, Packing Rings.17.Broken Damaged Unserviceable Scrap Released Sunmica Pieces. 18.Unserviceable Frp Products Like Window Shutters ,Lavatory Wall Protector, Commode Chute,Fish Tails, Banjo Shutters, Mouldings, Channel Etc.Front And Rear Cover Of Axle Boxes Etc.19.Engineering Garbage Not Required By Iow And Generated Inside Workshop Like Tree Branches ,Loose Earth Etc.20.Unserviceable Primary And Secondary Filter.21.Miscellaneous Rubbish Including Condemned Greasy/Oily Waste, Oily Dirt & Amp, Mud Mixed With Rubbish Heaps Excluding Sludge Oil.22.Off ?Cuts Of New Unusable Plywood/Compreg/Hardwood Sheets Of Various Sizes.23. Off Cutshop New Unusable Pvc Sheet.24.Old/Unserviceable/Decomposed/Perished Torn Uic Rubber Vestibule, Rubber Hoses, Orings, Diaphragms,Washers,Pads,Felt Ring Etc. .25. Broken.Faded/Decayed Sunmica,Limpet Sheets &Amp. Nftc 26.Broken/Unserviceable Plastic, ,Synthetic,Nylon, Phenolic,Acetal,Hppe,Polysterresin Bushes.27.Broken/Unserviceable Glass Of All Types.28.Scrap Paper,Cord Board Cartoons,Packing Material.29.Condemned Bakellite Cover,Switches,Fuses,Boards(Including Small Metallic Pieces Integral With These Items But Metallic Portion).30.Unserviceable Ceramic Vent Plug From Tl Battery ,Float With Float Guide Of Tl Battery, Frp Tray Of Battery Box, Frp Blade Of Fan Etc.31Broken/Damaged/Unserviceable Lavatory Doors With Or Without Latch/Handle And Other Ferrous Fittings.32 .
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Due Date : 21/12/2018
2 Tenders: 17438421 Auction Sale Of 98980026 Scrap Ferrous Light Melting Components Consisting Of Rusted Empty Ms Drum Of 20 Litter Capacity Packing Material Ms Sheet Inspection Cover Of Tm Nut Bolt And Other Material Released From Ac Loco. 10 Mts. For Stock Holder Inf Ss 11 No. Nkj Trs Sc F 18 19 02 Dtd 29.09.18. Mode Of Delivery By Actual Weight. .
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Due Date : 19/12/2018
3 Tenders: 17437231 Works Contract For Cleaning Of Bogie Shop And Its Adjacent Area And Collection, Segregation And Disposal Of Scrap, Packing Material Etc And For Cleaning Wprk Of Bogie Paint Booth Area And Disposal Of Hazardous Waste, Empty Drums Etc. ( Having Floor Area Of 19311 Sqm) Bidding Type Normal Tender .
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Due Date : 11/01/2019
4 Tenders: 17435807 Auction Sale Of Scrapped Baled Bundle Waste Paper Cuts And Paper Reel Cores With Packing Material.Twine Jute Reel Covering .In Baled Formation. Location: In Old Canteen Next To Mechanical Section In Between G.Ward 07 Inside The Cabin Cage A And B And Near Spt.Machine And Next To Ward 07. .
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Due Date : 18/12/2018
5 Tenders: 17432807 Supply Of Packing Items
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Due Date : 17/12/2018
6 Tenders: 17431729 Auction Sale Of Scrap Of Used Packing Material (Paper, Card Board, Thermocol, Etc), Used Soilder Waste, Scrap Of Wood & Wodden Items, Scrap Of Broken Glass/Sanitary Items, Scrap Of Alluminium And Other Alloy.
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Due Date : 26/12/2018
7 Tenders: 17430719 Supply Of Mechanical Sealing, Packing Material, Gaskets .
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Due Date : 18/12/2018
8 Tenders: 17424575 Procurement Of Items Graphite Packing : 7/8.
Due Date : 08/01/2019
9 Tenders: 17422021 Procurement Of Colour, Essences, Ingredients And Packing Material Of Ice Cream For Its Ice Cream Plan .
Due Date : 09/01/2019
10 Tenders: 17420036 Procurement Of Different Type Of Crock Sheet For Bws Of Jayant Project .
Due Date : 29/12/2018
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