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1 Tenders: 18221298 Supply Of Nickel Plated Brass Single Compression Type Heavy Duty Cable Gland Cable Dimensions Under Armour:14Mm Over Armour:20Mm Entry Thread:3/4Inch .
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Due Date : 06/03/2019
2 Tenders: 18005236 Procurement Of Nickel Sampler Cone And Nickel Skimmer Cone .
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Due Date : 11/02/2019
3 Tenders: 17797003 Supply Of A Set Consisting Of 04 Items. (1) Heavy Duty Stud Size 5/16 X 6 Mm X 40 Mm Long Unf Thread As Per Is: 2062 Qty 01 No. (2) Nylock Nut 5/16 Unf With Nickel Plating Qty 01 No. (3) Half Round Tapper Washer Size 1 1/4 (One Into One By Four) X 1/4(One By Four) X 3/4" (Three By Four Inch) As Per Is 2062 Qty 01 Nos. (4) Round Washer Size 22 Mm Od X 13 Mm Id X 1.5 Mm Thickness With Nickel Plating As Per Is: 2062, Qty 01 Nos. Hsn Code 8604.
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Due Date : 24/01/2019
4 Tenders: 17715879 Supply Of Handle Nickle Chromium Plated Finish For Upper Class To Irs Drg No. C/Dw 4898 Alt:1.
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Due Date : 20/02/2019
5 Tenders: 17584092 Supply Of Vi, 11W System Evaluation Black Nickel Plated, Make Eec, Paras, Modasonic Or Equivalent.
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Due Date : 31/12/2018
6 Tenders: 17565783 Auction Sale Of Phe Lab Of Civil Engg, Etc , Printing Technology,Letter Assembling (Lab) , Etc, Printing Technology,Offset Pw (Lab) , Etc , Science And Humanities Deptt. (Chemistry Lab) , Etc , Science And Humanities Deptt. (Chemistry Lab) , Etc. Motar 2.50" Diamster Water Brth 6"Copper Test Tube Stand With 8 Pegs 8 Holes Filter Stand (Double Teak Wood) Analyical Balance (Kj) Burner Blow Pipe With Blower Tripod Stand 6" Sup Heavy Triangular Spirit Lamp Brass 30 Ows Capacity Scissors Small 3" Fractional Weight's Iron Stand Withring Tong 6" Nickel Plate 1 Blow Pipe Brass "Cork Borer Brass Nickled With Separate Handle " Cork Borer With Sharpener Burner No1 Porcelain Pestle Mortar 8” Buchner Funnel 6” Test Tube Holder Pestle Mortar 4 Cork Press Crocodile Shape Water Beth Copper5” Burette Stand American Melche Bottle Connector Copper Rings With Borohead 5” Rings With Borohead 6” "Funnel Hotwater With Copper Jackets And Glass Funnel 8Cm" "Spare Heating Element For Distilled Water" Spatula Nickel Polish 4” , Mollins Table Minis Offset Ptg. Machine Swift 150 Minis Offset Machine With Accessories Hmt Offset M/C Invicta 36R Model , 12 Pt. Type Metal , Conductivity Meter Digital Digital Ph Meter Digital Turbidity Meter Refrigerator 165 Liter Capacity Digital Ph Meter Digital Turbidity Meter .
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Due Date : 04/01/2019
7 Tenders: 17423593 Supply Of Nickel Alloy Plates Of Various Thicknesses To Specn. Asme Sb168/Astm B168 Or Asme Sb564 / Astm B564 Uns N06617. .
Due Date : 24/12/2018
8 Tenders: 16349234 Expression Of Interest For Machining Job Work, Special Processes Such As Chrome Plating, Cadmium Plating, Nickel Plating, Tufftriding/Liquid Nitriding, Phosphating, Heat Treatment, Hot Dip Galvanizing Etc. .
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Due Date : 31/03/2019
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