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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19502413 E Tender For Supply Of Flavored Milk Cfc/ Paneer Cfc At Jaipur Dairy. .
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Due Date : 25/07/2019
2 Tenders: 19475798 Annual Rate Contract For The Supply Of Fresh Paneer To Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
3 Tenders: 19465367 Concclusion Of Contract For Sup Of Lassi (Sweetened At Hisar For The Providing From 01 Oct 19 To 30 Sep 20.
Due Date : 27/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19456666 Purchase Of Chr Hanson Cutture .Dairy Products .
Due Date : 22/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19441638 Local Pucrhase Of Hosp Comfrt. ( (A) Horlicks Kgs 10 (B) Bournvita Kgs 05 (C) Lactogen Kgs 02 (D) Biscuits Kgs 05 (E) Semia Kgs 05 (F) Cornflakes Kgs 49 (G) Pickle Kgs 50 (H) Tomato Sauce Kgs 62 (J) Vinegar Kgs 25 (K) Custard Pdr Kgs 02 (L) Cornflour )
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Due Date : 17/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19433824 Making Of Kajju Pinni,Ladu And Milk Cake Miscellaneous Services.
Due Date : 23/07/2019
7 Tenders: 19430114 Supply Of Dietary Items Cowpea, Beet And Carrot, Tomato Ripe, Bringal, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chalkumra, Snake Gourd, Cucumber, Ladies Finger, Ginger, Garlic, Gourd, Green Chilies, Green Karala, Green Papaya, Green Plantin, Jhinga, Pumpkin Ripe, Onion, Spinach, Cataract, Potato, Puinshak, Radish, Indian Beans, Turnip, Green Mango, Olive, Bitter Melon, Sweet Potato, Lemon, Onion Flower Stalk, Green Pea, Brocoli, Oyster Mushroom, Baby Corn, Green Jack Fruit, Chakki Fresh Atta, Flour, Gram Whole, Ground Nut, White Peas, Mung Dal, Musur Dal, Rice I, Rice Ii, Soybean Chunk, Dhoka, Pigeon Pea, Apple, Banana – Singapuri, Guava, Mango, Orange, Pine Apple, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Date Khejur, Amla, Coconut, Butter, Mustard Oil, Soybean Oil, Paneer, Milk, Ghee, Rice Bran Oil, Sugarcane Jiggery, Bread, Cake, Chanachur, Chira, Choumin, Noodles, Dry Bodey, Jam, Laccha Simoi, Grist, Puffed Rice, Semolina, Tea Packet, Tea, Biscuit Backery, Biscuit Cream Cacker, Biscuit Marie, Biscuit Glucose, Sour Yogurt, Chicken, Egg, Hilsa Fish, Mutton, Ruhi Fish, Chara Pona Fish, Bata Fish, Prawn, Pea Flour / Besan, Chicken Masala, Coriander (Dhonia) Dust, Dry Chilies, Dust Chilies, Dust Turmeric, Mustard Seeds, Dust Cumin (Jira), Whole Cumin / Gota Jira, Veg Masala, Choumin Masala, Salt, Sugar, Garam Masala, Cardamom / Elaichi, Darchini, Pach Phoron, Clove / Labanga, Methi
Due Date : 22/07/2019
8 Tenders: 19426443 Tender For Supply Of Milk Products To Departmental Catering Unit Of Churchgate. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 08/08/2019
9 Tenders: 19422294 Conclusion Of Rate Contract For 2 Years For Supply Of “Milk, Paneer” To Central Hospital, Ramgarh. .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19409917 Milk And Milk Product Distribution Cum Cash Collection Route (Kadayal Morning And Thovalai Evening ) .
Due Date : 24/07/2019
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Milk Product Tenders

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