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1 Tenders: 17009065 Supply Of Gasket ( For Expressor Lube Oil Pump) To Drg No: Scr/Dsl/Gk 0008/B Alt.1. Shelf Life Is 1 Year. Shelf Life Is 1 Year.
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Due Date : 20/11/2018
2 Tenders: 17006860 Supply Of One Set Consisting Of Following 05 Items (1) Lube Oil Pump To Plate And Base Gasket Drg. No. 15B76317 1 Alt.C,Qty. 02 Nos.(2) Gasket Regulating Valve To Base Drg. No. 15D76307 Alt.F,Qty. 08 Nos.(3) Gasket Pipe To Cooler Drg. No. 15D76309 1 Alt.B Qty. 08 Nos. (4) Gasket Pipe To Valve Drg. No. 1576646 Alt.E Qty. 04 Nos. (5) Gasket Elbow To Lube Oil Cooler And Cylinder Block Drg. No. 15D76318 Alt.A Qty. 04 Nos.
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Due Date : 01/11/2018
3 Tenders: 17006133 Procurement Of Oil Lubs And Greases. .
Due Date : 29/10/2018
4 Tenders: 16997822 Auction Sale Of Scrap Released Waste Lube Oil Mixed With Short Quantity Of Sludge And Water In 230 Drums Cap.180/210 Ltrs. Note : (1) Removing Of Sludge And Water May Be Allowed. (2) Rate Of Drums Included In The Rate Of Waste Lube Oil (3) Cpcb Registration For Pollution Certificate Is Required Before Issue Of Sro/Do. The Sold Lot Shall Be Entered In The Passbook Of The Purchaser Issued By Cpcb Before Delivery. Location Lying In Front Of Effluent Treatment Plant Plant At Diesel Shed/Spj .
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Due Date : 26/10/2018
5 Tenders: 16994123 Supply Of Complete Assembly Centrifuge Lube Oil Cleaner As Per Dlw Drg.No. Ske 1429 Alt G Or Latest, Dlw Part No. 10244372 (Dlw Approved Vendors To Quote As Per Vd 2018 Rev.1 Dt 1.8.18, Sl.No. 152). Hsn Code:8607 .
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Due Date : 02/11/2018
6 Tenders: 16992140 Supply Of Resin Impregnated Pleated Filter Paper In Cured Form With 108 +/ 1 Pleats In Each Pack To Part No.9005064 Of M/S. Clark Filter/Usa, Suitable For Manufacturing Of 122 Days Long Life Lube Oil Filters Elements As Per Rdso Specification No.Mp.0.2600.15(Rev.04) January.2007. The Filter Paper Should Meet The Requirements And Test Methods As Specified In This Rdso Specification.
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Due Date : 14/11/2018
7 Tenders: 16990043 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. A Premier Oil Company Engaged In The Refining And Marketing Of Petroleum Products. The Corporation Has Its Biggest Lube Oil Blending And Filling Plant Called Wadilube Installation Located At Malet Road, Wadibunder, Mumbai – 400 009. For The Efficient Management Of The Entry And Exit Of The Authorized Staff, Contract Workmen And Visitors It Is Proposed To Install Visitor Management System And Cvtm, Turnstile (Turnstile With Cvtm ). Intent Of This Tender Is To Invite Most Competitive Offer For Design, Engineering, Supply, Install And Commissioning Of Visitor Management System And Cvtm As Per Scope Of Work, Supply And Terms & Conditions. Bidders Has To Carry Out The Job On Turnkey Basis From Design The Visitor Management System, Cvtm And Turnstile With Cvtm ,Engineer And Supply Of All Instrumentation Material, Hardware, Cables, Panels, Manpower Etc. Complete Job. .
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Due Date : 08/11/2018
8 Tenders: 16985021 Supply Of Oil Lubs And Grease. .
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Due Date : 07/11/2018
9 Tenders: 16983727 Supply Of Set Of Items For Rr 66101W Elgi Make Air Compressor. Set Consists Of 15 Items (1) Lp Suction Valve Rr66 Elgi Pt. No. 070408970= 08 Nos (2) Lp Delivery Valve Rr66 Elgi Pt. No. 070408980= 08 Nos (3) Hp Suction Valve Rr66 Elgi Pt. No. 070408990= 08 Nos (4) Hp Delivery Valve Rr66 Elgi Pt. No. 070409000= 10 Nos (5) Connector 4 Way Elgi Pt. No.070306490=10 Nos (6) Conn. L Elgi Pt. No.000448370=15 Nos (7) Connector 3 Way Elgi Pt. No.000462620 =10 Nos (8) Stud Elbow,Parallel Male 3/4 " Bsp Elgi Pt. No.000973016 =30 Nos (9) Bolt Hex 3/8" Unc X 1 Inch Elgi Pt. No.000907226 =100 Nos (10) Plug 3/8 Inch Bsp Hex Elgi Pt. No.00051074A = 10 Nos (11) Stud Water Out Flange Elgi Pt. No.070407410 = 50 Nos (12) Nut 3/8 Inch Hex Elgi Pt. No.000918516 = 50 Nos (13) Lop To Oil Pressure Indicator Elgi Pt. No.070409230 = 10 Nos (14) Gear Type Lube Oil Pump Assy Elgi Pt. No.A070555 = 03 Nos (15) Cover Delivery Elgi Pt. No.070403960 = 12 Nos .
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Due Date : 24/10/2018
10 Tenders: 16981842 Auction Sale Of 12287Ms18g, 98050011, Quantity 30.840 Mts. Scrap Condemned Unserviceable Ms Cs Mixed Scrap Of Diesel Loco Items Consisting Of Piston Heads, Head Light Lamps, Links, Steel Turbo, Supports, Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Blower Covers, Pistons, Loco Pipes, Bellow Plates, Angles, Motor Bodies Without Nf, Valves, Bases, Impellers, End Shield Covers, Traction Motor Yokes, Shafts, Distance Piece For Axle Box Housing, Spare Part Of Vehicles, M.S. Scrap Of Compressor, Suspension Tubes, Compressor Bodies Without Nf, Piston Rings, Ms Gears, Blower Casings, Intermediate Casings, Rods, Ci Generator Pads, Brake Shoe Heads, Brake Gear Items, Draw Gears, Straps, Pipe Cut Pieces, Disc Plates, Cut Pieces Of Angles, Channels, Plates, Rods, Screw Rods, Anchor Links, Slack Adjusters, Levers, Safety Strap, Shock Absorbers, Silent Blocks, Token Balls, Nuts, Bolts, Pins, Rivets, Cotters, Small Dia. Springs, Spring Setters, Knuckles, Spring End Plates, Under Frame Cut Pieces, Equalizing Stays, Fan Hubs, End Shields, Pinions, Radiators, Channels, Bin Pins, Cam Gears, Axle Covers, Split Gears, Bull Gears, Studs, Lube Oil Strainers, Harizantal Shaft With Pulley, Water Connection Pipes, Engine Head Doors, Top Covers, Exp Room Doors, Manifold Covers, Water Jumper Housing, Traction Covers, Top And Bottom Heads, Boxes, Wheels, Fabricated Items, Armatures, Labyrinth Spare Parts, Hooks, Rings And Other Diesel And Electrical Loco Scrap Materials Of Sorts And Sizes, With Or Without Attachments, Scrap Condemned Unserviceable Air Maze Housings, Pedestal For Filter, Rttm Blower Housing, Rttm Blower Safety Covers, Short Hood Front Covers, Cyclonic Filter Housing, Air Maze Oil Bath Filters, Air Maze Cut Pieces Of Sorts And Sizes, With Or Without Attachments. Location Left Side Of Er Gate Road. Hsn Code 7204. Gst 18 Perent. Note To All Bidders A. The Gst Rate Applicable On The Date Of Delivery Has To Be Invariably Paid By The Successful Bidders Before Taking Delivery Of Material. B. In Case At A Later Stage, Any Difference In Tax [Short Collection] Is Brought Out By The Appropriate Authorities, The Purchaser Is Liable To Pay The Difference In Tax When Demanded By The Railways. In Case Of Non Deposition Of Such Differences By The Purchasers, Railways Reserve The Right To Recover The Same From The Bidders From The Bsvs Of Other Lots And To Block The Bidder From Participating In Future Auctions And Revoke The Ireps Registration. C. In Case Of Any Retrospective Reduction In Gst At A Later Stage, The Benefit Shall Not Be Passed On To The Bidders Purchasers. .
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Due Date : 23/10/2018
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