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1 Tenders: 23720115 Various Emergent Works To Be Carried At Various Lis Of Sub Division Anantnag Machineries/ Mechanical Engg Items. Dismantling Of The Foot Valve Of Unit 2 By Skilled Labourers At Lis Behibagh And Its Loading And Shifting To Workshop And Back To Station After Conducting The Below Mentioned Repairs And Its Installations. Complete Repairs To The 250 Mm Dia. Foot Valve W
Due Date : 09/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23719945 Jc20est274 Civil And Mechanical Works Of Oily Sludge Removal, Tank Cleaning And Associated Works For Dismantling Of Tanks Under Lupech Enabling Job At Gujarat Refinery.
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Due Date : 17/11/2020
3 Tenders: 23719923 Biennial Service Contract For Bently Navada Tsi System Of Stage I Corrigendum. 1. Removal And Installation Of Tsi Instruments Of Turbine And Auxiliaries. 2. Verification/Calibration Of Tsi Instruments Including Their Response Curve, Measurement Of Probe Resistance, Documentation Of Part Number And Serial Number For Each Transducer. 3. Loop Checking Of All The Channels By Feeding The Input From Field And Verifying The Same At Monitoring System. 4. Installation Of Proximity Probes With Proper Gapping. 5. Checking All Shield Connections For Proper And Single Point Grounding And Ensuring Perfect Field Installation To Avoid Ground Loop/Noise Related Problems. 6. Preparation Of Detail Report Of Verification And Calibration Of Transducers. 7. Checking Of Vms Panel, Healthiness Of Cards, Different Setting Of Cards And Communication To Vms Servers. 8. Taking Of Buckup Of All Racks, Tsi Servers And Citrix Server And Client Pcs. 9. Riview Of System Event List And Alarm Event List For The Healthiness Of The System. 10. Setting/Adjusting Sampling Parameters If Any Required. 11. Checking The Healthiness Of Tsi Servers And All Softwares Running On It. 12. Auditing Of System Alarm And Event List. 13. Update Of Firmware Or Software Whenever Required. 14. All Problems Related To Vms Hardware And Software To Be Troubleshooted During The Visit And Same To Be Resolved.
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Due Date : 05/11/2020
4 Tenders: 23719876 Bidders To Quote For Ntpc Kudgi Basis Including Transportation, Unloading At Site Including Stacking.
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Due Date : 10/11/2020
5 Tenders: 23719790 Digging Of Compact Coal At Stock Yard Of Bharat Oc Patch Of Ghorawari Colliery No. 2 Under Ghorawari Sub Area.
Due Date : 04/11/2020
6 Tenders: 23719218 Removal And Relaying Of Thermal Insulation In Fbtr .
Due Date : 16/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23719203 Annual Rate Contract For The Execution Of Intermittent Jobs Of Unskilled And Skilled Nature In Chemical Control And Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers And Other Misc. Petty Jobs In F And S For 2021 22 In Tech. Services Part A And B
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Due Date : 27/11/2020
8 Tenders: 23719197 Tender For Engagement Of 04 No. Manpower On Outsourcing Tmc Foc Gang (01 No Skilled And 03 No Unskilled) For Nawagarh(Sub/Dn.) Under Ee (Oandm) Dn. Bemetara For 08 Month.
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Due Date : 06/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23719195 Tender For Engagement Of 04 No. Manpower On Outsourcing Tmc Foc Gang (01 No Skilled And 03 No Unskilled) For Bemetra(Sub/Dn.) Under Ee (Oandm) Dn. Bemetara For 08 Month.
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Due Date : 05/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23719189 E Tender For Tmc Foc Gang At Tifra Zone For Continues 24 Hrs 03 Shifts Round The Clock Shift Consisting Of 3 Persons, One Person Skilled Iti Passed And 2 Person Unskilled For Each Foc Oandm Dn. Bilaspur
Due Date : 19/11/2020
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