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1 Tenders: 23546139 Tender For Set Of Insulating Tube For Rps Of Fibre Glass Reinforced Epoxy Resin In Sizes (I) Od 18.5 Mm & Id 12.50 Mm (Ii) Od 12.50 Mm & 8.5 Mm. Each Tube In Running Length Of 1 Meter. As Per Annexure A Attached (One Set Consisting Of 2 Tubes, In Running Length Of 1 Meter Of Each Tube) (Item Is Reserved For Clw Approved Sources Only ) .
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Due Date : 20/10/2020
2 Tenders: 23503450 Tender For Set Of Insulation Tube For Rsi Diode (Each Set Consist Of 03 Items 03 Nos) As Per Drg.No. Tacia 36R2. Item (I) Insulating Tube (Ii) Washer Inner (Iii) Outer Washer Each 01 No.
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Due Date : 06/10/2020
3 Tenders: 23448251 Tender For Exp. Insulated Tube 11/22 Pa, As Per Clw Specn. No.Clw/Es/3/0154/Q.
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Due Date : 07/12/2020
4 Tenders: 22978463 Tender For Set Of Expanded Insulated Tube For Wag 7 To Clw Specification : Clw/Es/3/0154/Q. The Set Comprises Of; Item 1) Expanded Insulated Tube 11/22 Pa, Id: Hbtb416099p0001, Qty: 8 Nos., Item 2) Expanded Insulated Tube 30/52 Pa, Id: Hbtb416099p0003, Qty: 315 Nos., Item 3) Expanded Insulated Tube 22/35 P, Id: Hbtb416099p0017, Qty: 292 Nos. To Specification No. Clw/Es/3/0154/Q.
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Due Date : 07/08/2020
5 Tenders: 22868243 Tender For Set Of O/H Kit For 1500 Amps Line Contactor Consisting Of 09 Items / 28 Nos To Clw Drg No: 3Twd.112.041A. Insulating Tube To Ref 6 01 No/ Set, Ref 7 8 Nos / Set. Shim To Ref No 10 01 No /Set, Ref No.8 & 12 2 Nos / Set. Distance Piece To Ref No. 3 4 Nos / Set, Ref No. 4 6 Nos / Set, Ref No.1 & 2 02 Nos / Set.
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Due Date : 04/08/2020
6 Tenders: 22747034 Supply, Delivery And Installation Of 33Kv Straight Through Joint For 3 X 400 Sqmm Xlpe Cable Of Heat Shrinkable Type (Specification: With Heat Shrinkable Clear Insulating Tubes, Stress Control Tubing Where Necessary, Ferrule Insulating Tubing For Joints, Conductive Cable Break Outs For Terminations, Non Tracking, Erosion And Weather Resistance Tubing Both Outer/Inner, Non Tracking Erosions And Weather Resistance Outdoor Sheds In Case Of Terminations, High Permittivity Mastic Wedge, Insulating Mastic, Aluminum Crimping Lugs Of Is Specification, Tinned Copper Braids, Wrap Around/Tubular Mechanical Protection For Joints, Cleaning Solvent, Abrasive Strips, Plumbing Metal, Binding Wire Etc. Adequate In Quality And Dimensions To Meet The Service And Test Conditions.) Agency Should Quote The Price Including Necessary Arrangement Of Gas Cylinders And Other Tools And Tackles Required For Jointing
Due Date : 17/07/2020
7 Tenders: 22681988 Tender For Insulated Tube,Specification Bt Drg.No.Am 500801 P1 ,B.T. Pt. No.S1518, Aal Drg No.9910383528001,Aal Part.No.G1518.
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Due Date : 30/06/2020
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