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1 Tenders: 18635048 Supply Of Workshop Material .(Super Enameled Wire Copper, Super Enamelled Wire Alluminium, Dpc Wire Cooper, Dpc Wire Aluminium, Ht Bush Rods, Lt Bush Rods, Packing Sheet, Craft Paper, Lathorised Sheet, Film Paper, Rubberised Cork Sheet, Glass Sleeves, Press Board, Solder Soft, Backalite Tube, Rubber Washers Of Size, Transformer Oil, Wooden Wedge, Gaskets, Varnish, Grey Paint, Thinner, Wooden Gatties, Painting Brush, Ht Al Gutka, Fevicol, Cotton Tape, Bobbin Tape, Empire Tape, Cork Strip, Ht Brush Insulator, Lt Bushing, Solder Flux, Packing Gutties, Ht Washer Cork, Oil Seal, Ht Oil Seal, M Seal, Se Al Scrap, Se Copper Scrap, Dpc Al Stripe, Dpc Cu Stripe, Aluminium Strip Rool, Ht Bush Clamp.)
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Due Date : 16/04/2019
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Insulating Tenders

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