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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19808246 Tender From Manufacturers For Supply Of Hessian Fabric.
Due Date : 05/09/2019
2 Tenders: 19788288 Provision Of Operational Stores. 1.01 Concrete Block Of Size 0.30 X 0.20 X 0.15 Mtr Casted In Mix Design M15 Having Minimum Compression Strength Of 121 Kg/Cm2 Conforming To Is 2185 2005 1.02 Punched Tape Concertina Coil (Including Spike Handle) With 50 Turns And Dia 1050 Mm Having A 2.6 Mm Dia Core Wire Of High Carbon Spring Steel Of High Tensile Strength. The Punched Tape And Core Wire Are Elecyrogalvanised To Provide Protection Against Outdoor Exposure. The Punched Tape Is Machenically Crimped Over The Cover Wire And Then Formed In To A Coil At Various Parts Of The Periphery Of The Coil Steel Clips Connect The Individual Turns Of The Coil To Each Other So That It Opens Up Like An Accordion. The Width Of Barbed As 9Mm And Spacing Of Clips 23.5 Mm To 24.5 Mm C/C. The Weight Of Each Coil Will Be 15.2 +5% Kgs Without Packing Material And Coil Length 15 Mtr When Opened Up. Each Coil Wowound With Bituminised Hession Cloth For Providing Protection Coating As Per Specification No Ind/Eng/Prov/1245 Is For Raw Material And Drawing Imga 0112/B (Sheet 01 Of 02), Impd 1821/B And Impd 1822/B
Due Date : 21/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19743152 Direct Purchase Of Bs Stores Of Ge (West) Colaba. 1.01 Cane Plastic 2Mm, Make: Maharashtra 1.02 Cane Plastic 5Mm , Make: Maharashtra 1.03 Chain 5 No Size, For Tapestry Stiching 1.04 Chandrus As Pre Sample 1.05 Cleaning Cloth 1 Mtr Wide 1.06 Cloth Abrassive/Sand Paper No 60 As Per Sample 1.07 Cloth Abrassive /Sand Paper No 80 As Per Sample 1.08 Cloth Abrassive/Sand Paper No 100 As Per Sample 1.09 Cloth Abrassive/Sand Paper No 120 As Per Sample 1.1 Cloth Green Blaze 52" Width As Per Sample 1.11 Cloth Hessain 1Mtr Wide As Per Sample 1.12 Cloth Malmal 1Mtr Wide As Per Sample 1.13 Cloth Rexine Black 48 Inch Wide As Per Sample 1.14 Cloth Tapastry Superior Quality 48" As Per Sample 1.15 Cloth White (Long Cloth) As Per Sample 1.16 Drawer Lock Brass 50Mm As Per Sample 1.17 French Polish As Per Sample 1.18 Handle For Almirah Large And Medium Steel As Per Sample 1.19 Hanging Ms Clip For Mirror Gents/Hat Stand 1.2 Hasp And Stapple Aluminum 25Mm Make : Sonita / Shalimar 1.21 Hasp And Stapple Aluminum 50Mm Make : Sonita / Shalimar 1.22 Hasp And Stapple Aluminum 75Mm Make : Sonita / Shalimar 1.23 Hinges Butt Ms 50Mm Make Garg 1.24 Hinges Butt Ms 75Mm Make Garg 1.25 Hook For Almirah Shelf Fixing As Per Sample 1.26 Nails 12Mm As Per Sample 1.27 Nails 20Mm As Per Sample 1.28 Nails 25Mm As Per Sample 1.29 Nails 32Mm As Per Sample 1.3 Nails 40Mm As Per Sample 1.31 Nails 50Mm As Per Sample 1.32 Nails 65Mm As Per Sample 1.33 Nails 75Mm As Per Sample 1.34 Needle Sewing Different Size As Per Sample 1.35 Nut With Bolt For Bed/Charpoy Steel For Ply Fixing As Per Sample 1.36 Nut With Bolt For Bed/Charpoy Steel Frame Fixing As Per Sample 1.37 Nut With Bolt For Chair Steel Seat Fixing As Per Sample 1.38 Peg Aluminum As Per Sample 1.39 Piano Hinges 1/2" X3/4"X6' As Per Sample 1.4 Piano Hinges 3/4" X3/4"X6' As Per Sample 1.41 Powder Amber As Per Sample 1.42 Powder Mangani As Per Sample 1.43 Powder Rosana As Per Sample 1.44 Putty Gold/Glazing As Per Sample 1.45 Rubber Shoe For Chair Varandha As Per Sample 1.46 Rubber Solution/White Solution Make : Spb7/Pidilite 1.47 Shallack Gde I As Per Sample 1.48 Varnish Gopal Make Shalimar /Nerolac /Asian /Berger 1.49 Wax As Per Sample 1.5 Wheel Coaster (Twin Wheel) For Revolving Chair 1.51 Wood Primer : Make Asian
Due Date : 19/08/2019
4 Tenders: 19708101 Supply Of Hessian Bag And Sutli For Storing Of Seed Potato At Ptc Shamgarh Karnal Miscellaneous.
Due Date : 19/08/2019
5 Tenders: 19513864 Supply Of Hessian Cloth 40" Wide.
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Due Date : 07/08/2019
6 Tenders: 19477032 Type Ii Hessian Cloth Roll Mass Per Square Meter 229 G (Tolerance Plus 18.3G, 4.6G) Ends Per Dm 38 (Tolerance Plus 3.0Cm, 0.0Cm). As Per Per Is 2818 (Part Ii) 1971, Specification For Indian Hessian Part Ii 3 05 And 229G/Sqare Meter At.
Due Date : 08/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19348919 Supply of Hessian Cloth .
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Due Date : 07/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19311821 Hessian Cloth.
Due Date : 25/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19256582 Supply Of Tat Gunny Hessian Or Hemp Or Jute Cloth.
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Due Date : 03/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19209476 Supply Of Tat Gunny Hessian Or Hemp Or Jute Cloth.
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Due Date : 28/06/2019
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Hessain Cloth Tenders

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