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1 Tenders: 24288612 Kota Nagar Nigam Dipartment Apada Resqu Fire Instrument Supply Work 2020/21. Fireman Helmet With Neck, Fireman X, Gum Boot, Short Branch Pipe Nozzle Gun Metal, Foam Branch, Dragon Search Light
Due Date : 24/01/2021
2 Tenders: 24277662 Supply Of Consumable And Other Necessary Material For Established 44 Vocational Workshop In Government And Local Body Secondary Schools In Various Districts Of Maharashtra State. 43 1 Hdpe Pipe 2 Pvc Pipe 3 Lateral Line 4 Drip Line 5 Screw Driver Set 6 Pliers 7 Hack Saw Blade With Frame Measuring Tape Teflon Tape Sprinkler With Stand Ball Valve Spade Khurpi Axa With Blade Punching Machine Pipe Wrench Safety Shoes Solvent Cement Thread Connector Grommet Pressure Gauge Fertilizer Tank/ Ventury Drawing Sheet Chart Paper Pencil Rubber Scale Colour Marker Bandages Adhesive Bandage Antiseptic Liquid Pain Relief Ointment Respiratory Masks Helmet Khurpi Dutch Hand Hoe Rabbiting Spade Rubber Gloves Long Handle Hoes Garden Hand Tool Axes Plastics Baskets Wheelbarrow Or Garden Cart Trowel Farm Yard Manure Fertilizers (10 Varieties) Watering Can Garden / Digging Fork Garden Knife Garden Rake/Leaf Rake Hand Screens/Sieves Poly Bags (3 Different Sizes) Pruning Shears Sanitizers (2 Varieties) Seeds Of Various Agricultural Crops (15 Varieties) Shovels Soil Scoop Vermicompost Water Hose(10 Meters) Double Door Iron Cupboard Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer N 95 Air Pollution Mask Rubber Gloves Mobile Kit Bag Temperature Gun Oximeter Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter Electrical Drill Grinder Juicer Lead Solder Microwave Oven Mixer Grinder Soldering Iron Spanner Set Tds Meter Water Pressure Gauge Water Purifier Screw Driver Set Soldering Flux Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer N 95 Air Pollution Mask Rubber Gloves Temperature Gun Oximeter Ammeter Capacitors Circuit Breaker Control Panel Drill (Or Screw Gun) To Mount Panel And Osb Electrical Cabinets Electrical Cables Tool Box Electrical Connector Switch Inductors Insulation Tape Jumper Wires Large Wire Cutters Transformer Transistors Watt Hour Meter Ring Spanner Set Safety Kit Mobile Kit Bag Dinner Plate 11" Dessert Plate 9" Bandb Plate Tea Cup Tea Saucer Soup Bowl Soup Bowl 4.5" Chinese Soup Spoon Chinese Service Bowl 1 Port 6 " Service Bowl 2 Port 7 " Service Platter 1 Port 10 " Service Platter 2 Port 12 Pasta Plate 11 " Cereal Bowl Chutney Bowl Small Tea Spoon Dessert ( Ap) Spoon Dessert ( A.P) Fork Soup Spoon With Bowl Dessert Knife Table Service Spoon Table Service Fork Tea Strainer Tea Set Water Jug Salt And Pepper Set Tooth Pick Holder Straw Holder Sugar Sachet Holder Napkin Holder Finger Bowl Large With Under Liner Entree Dish Round With Lid ( 1 Portion) Entree Dish Round With Lid ( 2 Portion) Oval Platter Reserved Sign Board Round Service Tray Rectangular Service Tray Ash Tray Tom Collins Glass Hi Ball Glass Pilsner Decanter Small Decanter Large Wine Glass Table Cloths Cocktail Shaker Different Maps Register And Log Books Whiteboard Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer N 95 Air Pollution Mask Rubber Gloves Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer N 95 Air Pollution Mask Rubber Gloves Unbranded Steel Tool Box Double Door Iron Cupboard Temperature Gun Oximeter Mobile Kit Bag
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Due Date : 01/02/2021
3 Tenders: 24234198 Supply Of Welding Helmet ( Pac Only ) .
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Due Date : 21/01/2021
4 Tenders: 24232432 Procurement Of Euro Helmet Assembly For Jaguar Aircraft Aviation.
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Due Date : 09/02/2021
5 Tenders: 24224766 Supply Of Welding Helmet.
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Due Date : 19/01/2021
6 Tenders: 24218673 Supply Of Consumables For Ptpp, Parichha Oil Seal Size : 65 X 85 X 10 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 75 X 95 X 10 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 30 X 52 X 10 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 69.85 X 88.9 X 9.525 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 65 X 90 X 10 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 58 X 75 X 26 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber Oil Seal Size : 180 X 200 X 10.5 Mm Moc : Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber O Ring Id =150 Mm, Thickness = 8Mm O Ring Id =245 Mm, Thickness = 8Mm O Ring Id =40 Mm, Thickness = 2Mm Rubber Cord (4 Mm) Moc: Nuprin/Nitrile Rubber V Belt Spb 1500 Pb (Make Fenner/Pix) V Belt Spb 1600 (Make Fenner/Pix) V Belt Spc 3350 (Make Fenner/Pix) Battery For Strboscope Tkps 20 (Skf) Annobond C666 (100 Gm Per Pack) Wd 40 Rust Aerosol Spray (400 Ml ) Neopren 'O' Ring Od= 190 Mm, Id =180 Mm, Thickness = 5Mm Neopren 'O' Ring 5.0 Mm Neopren 'O' Ring 6.0 Mm Neopren 'O' Ring 8.0 Mm Araldite 180 Gm M Seal Super Nose Dustgaurd Venus V 410 V Safety Spectacles For Industrial Use, Free Size Ear Muff For Industrial Use Safety Helmet For Industrial Use, White Color, Free Size Rustoline (500 Ml Pack) Oil Seal Materials Viton, Size 50 X 68 X 10 Mm Oil Seal Materials Viton, Size 110 X 140 X 15 Mm Neopren Rubber Hose With Clamp Both Side For Oil Gun Assembly Od = 65 Mm, Id = 50Mm, Length = 1200 Mm S.S Flexible Hose For Oil Gun, Size 1/2" X 613Mm, As Per Sample Nose Mask (N95) Door Lock Pvc Make For Cands Make Module Door, As Per Sample Metal Door Hing For Cands Make Module Door, As Per Sample Wd 40 Sprey Liquid (500 G Pack) Anabond 666 (Rtv) 200 Gm Pack Wd 40 (200 Ml Pack) Rtv 106 (Sealant) Loctite 515 (50 Ml Pack) Loctite 510 (10 Ml Pack) Loctite 542 (50 Ml Pack) Loctite 243 (10 Ml Pack) Loctite 609 (50 Ml Pack) Loctite 406 (20 Gram Pack) Loctite 415 (20 Gram Pack) Loctite Degreaser Odc Free(150 Ml Spray) Degreaser Araldite (100 Gm Pack) Rustolin Spray 200 Ml Pack Lapping Paste (200 Gm Pack) Fine Prussian Blue (100 Gm Pack) Corium 4060 Sealing Compound 100Gm Pack Devcon Plastic Steel ,5 Minute Putty Sf(500 Gram Pack) Thejo Rubber Repairing Solution Tc 310 Red Oxide Metal Primer Enamel Paint (Oil Based) Colour Smoke Gray Enamel Paint (Oil Based) Colour Yellow Enamel Paint (Oil Based) Colour Black Sodim Silicate Asbestos Powder Dye Penetration Test Kit Plastic Protective Sheet For Ni Cd Battery Cells To Avoid Accumulation Of Dust And Foreign Particles On Cell Cabinets, Size: 49X12.5X4 Cm Silica Gel 10 To 12 Mm Size, Any Standard Make Silica Gel, 10 To 12 Mm Size Serrated Gasket Ring (155X 105 X3 Mm) Metallic Putty Wd 40 (200 Ml Pack) Rubber Cord 10 Mm (Viton) Rubber Cord 08 Mm (Viton) Packing (3/4 Square X5.25 Id X 6.25 Od)
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Due Date : 16/01/2021
7 Tenders: 24216137 Supply Of Welding Helmet.
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Due Date : 18/01/2021
8 Tenders: 24197434 Supply Of Helmet Airborne(Defence).
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Due Date : 20/01/2021
9 Tenders: 24194852 WELDING HELMET MRP PR.
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Due Date : 08/01/2021
10 Tenders: 24168107 Supply Of Climbing Helmet.
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Due Date : 12/01/2021
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