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1 Tenders: 18930075 Supply Of Buffer Height Gauge (Side Buffer Gauge) For Bg Range 850 To 1180Mm Accuracy 0.1Mm Direct Reading Complete In Wooden Box. Make Aoge Or Pie Or Similar.
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Due Date : 29/05/2019
2 Tenders: 18929464 Supply Of Buffer Measuring Gauge Set Consisting Of Following As Per Technical Specification Attached In Annexure A 1. Buffer Projection Gauge With Centre Marking Device 2. Buffer Height Gauge. Make Jyoti, Paragon, Ganpathy, Mitutoyo.
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Due Date : 11/06/2019
3 Tenders: 18910767 Dismantling And Refixing Of Side Rail Posts, Height Gauges And All Accessories At Pcc Level Crossings In Connection With Movement Of Odc(A/C Darcl Logistics) From G.C.Berth To Ioc Main Gate At Haldia, Haldia Dock Complex. .
Due Date : 24/05/2019
4 Tenders: 18870468 Improvement To Existing Subways Duly Providing Height Gauges At Closed Level Crossing No 56, 68, 76, 79, 86, 83, 89 And 90 Between Cgl And Vm Stations. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 21/06/2019
5 Tenders: 18861048 Supply Of Buffer Height Gauge Model Bhg 1 (O) Measuring Accuracy=+ 1.0 Mm Suitable For Side Buffers And Can Measure The Height Of One Buffer In One Setting, Make Pie, Ganpathy, Lakshmi. Warranty: One Year Against Any Manufacturing Defect Or Use Of Sub Stanard Material. Note (I) The Gauge Supplied With Calibration Certificate (Ii) The Gauge Is Supplied In Well Papped Storing Box.
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Due Date : 23/05/2019
6 Tenders: 18852901 Construction Of Staff Quarters Ty Ii 06 Nos. Ty Iii 02 Nos. Service Buildings Like Ohe/Psi Depot (01 No),Tw Shed (01 No) And Tss (01 No) At Bhawanipatna, Making Holes On Various Bridge Piers Including Providing Bolts And Fixtures Etc And Grouting Including Fabricating, Supplying And Fixing In Position Steel Structure (Out Riggers, Brackets Etc.) For Erection Of Ohe Mast, Supplying And Erection Of Height Gauges, Fabricating Supplying And Fixing In Position Protective Screen In Fobs And Robs Etc, Modification Of Pf Shelter Including Water Supply Arrangement In Connection With Re Works Of Sbp Division Of E.Co.Rly In Between Ljr Jnrd Section. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 12/06/2019
7 Tenders: 18833456 Supply Of Precision Height Gauge.
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Due Date : 20/05/2019
8 Tenders: 18813115 Supply Of Digital Vernier Height Gauge (Digimatic Height Gauge). Make: Mitutoyo, Item Code: 192 632 10, Hsn Code: 90318000.
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Due Date : 14/05/2019
9 Tenders: 18810313 Supply Of Precision Height Gauge.
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Due Date : 17/05/2019
10 Tenders: 18809680 Supply Of 1 Plumber Stove Melting Solder 2 Plumber Oil Stone 150*50*25Mm 3 Plumber Brush Steel Wire 150*50Mm 4 Plumber Scribing Gauge 5 Plumber Soil Pot With Brush 6 Plumber Pot Hook 7 Plumber Branch Gimltes 6 To 12 Mm Set. 8 Plumber Plumbers Ladle 9 Plumber Tool Cacuking Set “S” 10 Plumber Fire Buckets With Stand 11 Plumber Sight Rail And Booning Rod 12 Plumber Water Meter 15 Mm 13 Plumber Washer Cutter 14 Plumber Chisel Coldflat 20X200 Mm 15 Plumber Rule Wooden 4 Fold,600Mm 16 Plumber Spanner Monkey Up To 50Mm 17 Plumber Plumber Metals Melting Pot 10 Kg18 Plumber Drill Twist (Straight Shank) 3Mm To 6Mm 19 Plumber Marking Table 900*600*900* 20 Randac File Flat Rough Double Cut 21 Randac File, Half Round, Fine Double Cut, 22 Randac File, Round, Fine Double Cut 23 Randac File Flat, Fine Double Cut, 24 Randac File Square, Fine Double Cut, 25 Randac File Triangular Fine Double Cut 26 Randac Scriber 27 Randac Centre Punch 28 Randac Try Square 29 Randac Divider Spring Joint 30 Randac Caliper Spring Joint Side 31 Randac Caliper, Odd Leg, Spring Joint Length 150Mm 32 Randac Hammer Ball Pain 33 Randac Cold Chisel Flat And Cross Cut Length 150Mm 34 Randac Engineers Rule 35 Randac Tape Measuring 36 Randac Pliers Combination Insulated 37 Randac Pliers Long Nose 38 Randac Pliers Flat Nose 39 Randac Line Tester 40 Randac Tweezers 41 Randac Surface Plate 42 Randac Oil Can 43 Randac Surface Gauge Universal 44 Randac Bench Vice45 Randac Hack Saw Tubular Metal Frame Adjustable 46 Randac Snip Sheet Metal Straight Nose 47 Randac Snip Sheet Metal Curved Nose 48 Randac Anvil 49 Randac Stakes [ Different Types] 50 Randac Tin Smith 51 Randac Wooden Mallet /Nylon Mallet 52 Randac Round Punch 53 Randac Electrical Drill Portable Drill With Chuck And Key, 54 Randac Screw Driver,Plastis Handle, 6Mm Tip Length 55 Randac Screw Driver, Plastic Handle, 10Mm Tip Length Flat Tip 56 Randac Philips Screw Driver 57 Randac Screw Driver , Plastic Handle,Flat Tip 58 Randac Soldering Iron Exchangeable 65 Watts Copper Tip 59 Randac Knife Folded Stainless Steel 150Mm 60 Randac Tong Tester (Clamp On Multi Meter) 61 Randac Tenon Saw 62 Randac Firmer Chisel 63 Randac Rawal Plug Tool 64 Randac Fire Extinguisher 65 Randac Fire Buckets66 Randac D.E Spanner 67 Randac Ring Spanner 68 Randac Quick Couples, Process Tube Adopter 69 Randac Tong, Close Mouth And Pick Up 70 Randac Welding Table For Gas/Arc 71 Randac Flaring Tool,Punch Type,Set Single Type For Tube. 72 Randac Swaging Tool, Punch Type, Set Of Size For Tube. 73 Randac Bending Spring External Type, For Copper Tube 74 Randac Pipe Cutter Miniature For Copper Tube 75 Randac Pinch Of Tool, Of Copper Tube 76 Randac Ratchet Spanner Of 77 Randac Capillary Plug Gauge 78 Randac Piercing Pliers And Reversing Valve With Access Fitting 79 Randac Spanner Double Ended 80 Randac Ring Spanner Off Set 81 Randac Wrench Adjustable 82 Randac Wrench Adjustable 83 Randac Wrench Adjustable 84 Randac Valve Key Handle(Treated As Consumable) 85 Randac ( Hollo) Punch Hole For Cutting Gasket 86 Randac Scissor, Gasket Cutting Stainless Steel 87 Randac L Allen Key 88 Randac T Allen Key Set89 Randac Pipe/Cutter With Built In Reamer Amd Speace Cuttter For Copper Tube 90 Randac Pipe /Tube Bender Lever Type 91 Randac Spanner Double Ended 92 Randac Pipe Wrench 93 Randac Lapping Plate 94 Randac Hammer Ball Peen 95 Randac Puller 3 Legged With Flexible Arm 96 Randac Hand Blower Portable Complete 97 Randac Spirit Level Precision Metallic 98 Randac Tap Set With Matching Drills 3 Mm To 16Mm 99 Randac Tap Set With Matching Drills ¼'' To 5/8'' 100 Randac Refrigerant Cylinder 101 Randac Heating Kit With Infrared Bulb 102 Randac Plumbing Hammer Weight 103 Randac Cylinder 134 A 104 Randac Torque Wrench 105 Randac Piercing Valve 106 Randac Feeler Gauge 107 Randac Four Way Reversible Valve 108 Randac Vernier Height Gauge 109 Randac Tape Measruing Graduation In Mm110 Randac Voltmeter, Ac/Dc Portable Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type 111 Randac Ammeter, Ac/Dc Portable Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type 112 Randac Megger 113 Randac Wattmeter Multirange Up 114 Randac Multi Meter Digital Type 115 Randac K.W. Meter 116 Randac C.R.O Single Beam 117 Randac C.R.O Dual Trace/ Double Beam 118 Randac A.F.O Oscillators 119 Randac Pressure Gauge Digital Type 120 Randac Compound Gauge, Digital Type 121 Randac Service Man Thermometer In 30 C To +30 C Metal Case 122 Randac Gas Leak Detector For Halogen Gas 123 Randac Electronic Leak Detector 124 Randac Sling Psychro Meter 125 Randac Stop Watch 126 Randac Vernier Caliper 127 Randac Micrometer Outside Measurement 0 25Mm 128 Randac Multi Meter Analogue Type 129 Randac Tachometer Digital, Multi Range130 Randac Micron Vacuum Gauge 131 Randac Sensor Thermometer (Digital) 132 Randac Fin Straightened/Fin Comb 133 Randac Filler Gauge 134 Randac Wire Gauge Metric And With Worth 135 Randac Dial Thermometer Remote Control, Armored Capillary Dial 136 Randac Anemometer 137 Randac Compressors Testers For Small Hermetic Compressors Input/ Output 138 Randac Digital Thermometer [Treated As Consumable] 139 Randac Temperature Andhumidity Recorder 140 Randac Instrumentation Screw Driver Set 141 Randac Digital Weighing Machine 142 Randac Computer Latest Version With Printer 6,Hard Disc 143 Randac Lcd Projector/Led/Lcd Tv 144 Randac Laptop 145 Randac Ups 146 Randac Copier Machine .
Due Date : 19/05/2019
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