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1 Tenders: 19034884 Supply Of Badai Lohari Udyog Miscellaneous Goods. Supply Of Badai Lohari Udyog Biranji (Sabhi Size Me), Fevicol, Fevicol (S.R. 998), Thinner , Chapdi, Touchwood, Dunlop (U Foam 3 Inchi), Dunlop (U Foam 4 Inchi), Regzine, Retmal Kagaj, Silli Patthar, Kanas 6", Sikanja 6 Ft. Lamba, Mochi Biranji 1", Oil Paint Sabhi Rang Me, Plastic Cane Bunai Hetu, Plywood 19 Mm 8" X 4", Plywood 12 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 10 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 8 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 6 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 4 Mm. 8" X 4", Kanas 8", Brush 1 Inch, Brush 2 Inch, Aara Machine Gol Cutter (24 Inch), Aara Machine Gol Cutter (12 Inch), Chandras, Grinders Patta (Wood Finishing Hetu), Steel Screw (Sabhi Size Me), Tikply (4 X 8), Foam Sheet 4 X 6 , Chauk Mitti, Safed Mitti, Rao Sena, Chorasi 1/2", 1" X 1½", Vijani 1/2", 1", 1½", Sun Mica 4 X 8 (Colour Maang Anusar), Badai Pencil, Steel Inchi Tape, Machhar Jaali Steel 03 Evam 4 Ft. Chodi Running, Kainchi, Hathodi, Plaayer 01 Set, Fibre Sheet 6 Mm, Fibre Sheet 4 Mm, G. I. Taar, Loha Patti, Ripit 05 Number, Peti Ke Sankal Nakuche, Welding Rod (8 No. Evam 12 No.), Inchi Tape 10 Ft. Wale, Welding Chasme, Guniya 1 Evam 2 Fut Me , Sariya 6 Sut Mota, Hathodi (25 Evam 500 Gm.) (Pakki Wali), Primer Insulation Asian, G.I., Sheet 22 Gage, G.I. Shet 24 Gage, Balti Ke Kaan 3 Inch, Gas Cutting Torch, Oxygen Gas Bharai, Carbite, Welding Rod Beed Hetu, Malmal Kapda ~ .
Due Date : 18/06/2019
2 Tenders: 18969296 Rate Contract For Upasker Item At Deoghar C.S Office Image Intensifier Tv Control/C Arm Traction Table (With Orthopaedic Attachment) Lead Apron 5 General Ot Table With Arm Support Pneumatic Tourniquette 2 Screwdriver 3.5 Mm, 4.5 Mm, 2.0 Mm Screw Driver Cannulated Screw Driver Drill Bit 2.7 Mm,3.2Mm, Drill Bit 4Mm Cannulated Hammer Tap 3.5Mm, 4.5Mm Small And Medium Size Reduction Forcep( Wire Cutter Wire Twister Plier Impactor Sholder K Wire 2Mm,3Mm,2.5Mm Denher'spin 4.5Mm Steinmannpin Mannual Drill Machine Philosh Plate 3.5 Mm Cortical And Cancellous Screw (Various Arm Lcdcp Plate Cortical And Locking Screw(Various Size) Depth Gauge Drill Guide/Tap Guide Humerus Interlocking Nail Interlocking Belt Jumbo Cutter Elbow Anatomical Contourled Locking Recon Plated 1/3 Rd Tubular Plate Forearm Lcdcp Plate Ellis Plate (Locking) Cortical And Locking Screw Fore Arm Square Nailing Set, Square Hemiarthroplasty Set Bipolar Prosthesis Bone Cement Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4 Mm, Guide Wire 2Mm, 3Mm Dynamic Hip Screw Set. Dynamic Hip Screw (Dhs Plate) Lag Screw Guide Wire 3.2 Mm Locking Dhs Proximal Femeral Nailing Setball Tip Pfn Nail Ender/Shal/Elastic Nail Set Enders Nail Elastic Nail Nail Introducer T Handle With Key,Femur Interlocking Nailing Set. (Owl, Guide Femur Interlocking Nail Interlocking Bolt (Various Size) Long Stcinmann Pin 4 Mm Long Drill Bit 4Mm Distal Femur Locking Plate Cannulated Locking Screw Cancellous Screw Washer Cannulated Drill Bit Cannulated Screw Driver Guide Wire 2Mm, 3Mm Large Reduction Forcep Distal Femur Nailing Set Distal Femur Nail Proximal Tibia Locking Plate Medial Condyle Buttress Plate Tibia Interlocing Nailing Set (Guide Wire, Tibia Iterlocking Nail Lcdcp Plate Mallelar Screw Heel Calcaneum Plate Bohlo Brown Splint (Bb Splint) Skin Traction Kit (Adult) Cervical Traction Kit Pelvic Traction Kit Large Reduction (Pointed) Forcep Pelvic Recon Plate Screw External Fixation Set Steinmann Pin 2Mm/2.5Mm, 3.5Mm, 4.5Mm Connecting Bar(Short And Long) Clamp Bar To Pin Clamp Clamp Bar To Bar Wrench (Small/Large) Nerve Stimulator Endotracheal Tube (Various Size) Laryngoscope Endotracheal Intubation Set. Sponge Holding 8" Sponge Holding 6" Scalpel Blade 3 No. Scalpel Blade 4 No. Artery Forceps 6" Curved Artery Forceps 6" Straight. Artery Forceps 8" Curved Artery Forceps 8" Straight. Artery Forceps 4" Straight. Alliys Tissue Forcep 8 " Mosquito Forcep Hysterectomy Clamp 8 " Scissor 6 " Curved Scissor 6 " Straight Scissor Mosquito Straight. Diatheromy (Machine) Laparoscopic Instrument,Camera Hd Insjfflator Lightscope Laparoscope 30 Digree Right Angle 6" Moyenigheam 6" Needle Holder 8 "Curved Needle Holder 8 " Straight Needle Holder 6 "Curved Needle Holder 6 " Straight Needle Holder 4 "Curved Needle Holder 4 " Straight Devir's Retmeter Machinerige Babcocks Forcep 6 " Babcocks Forcep 4 " Intestinal Clamp 10 " Cystolithotomy Forcep Doner Couch (3 Motor) Sealer Sheker Blood Weighting Mechine Digital Bp Mechine Blood Band Refrigerator (300 Elisa Mechne E Printer. Blood Collection Monitor (With Boyl's Appratus Ventilators (Max) Gas Pipe Line N2o Gas Pipe Line O2 Largingoscope Adult Largingoscope Neonal Laxyrgncpe Paldich Amboo Bag Paldich E.T Tube O C Cuff Air Ways Paed. Air Ways Adult. H Forceps Ecg Monitor Gas Co2 Electral Dental Chair Copressor Sealen Ultrasonic Light Care Dental X Ray Oral Opa Filling Material Detal Forcep Set Micro Motor, Hand Piece Air Rotor Sterlizer Crct Detal Cortraie Machine Infusion Pam Machine Bed Side Trolly Table Patient Table Ecg Machine 12 Leadingweight Machine Dressing Table With Instrument Alice Tooth Forcep Alice Plane Forcep Plane Forcep Sponge Holding Forcep B.P Blade. Artery Forcep Curved Artery Forcep Plane Stitch Cutting Night. Scissor Curved Scissor Plane Measuring Glass. Multiparamoniter Table Sterilazation Machine Pulse Oximeter Machine Torch Ctg Machine Syringe Pump Foetal Doppler Refrigerater Blood Warmer Machine Air Bed. Abg Machine Negative Ionizer Airpurifier Icu Ventilater Allis Tissue Artery Forcep (Long) Tooth Forcep Needle Holder Sponge Holder Bp Handle Scissor Straight Scissor Curved Allies Tissue Forceps 6" (Tungston Carbide Ambu Bag (Adult) Ambu Bag (Baby) Artery Forceps 4" Curved (Tungston Carbide Artery Forceps 5" Curved (Tungston Carbide Artery Forceps 7" Curved (Tungston Carbide Artery Forceps Curve 140 Mm 180 Mm ( Artery Forceps Straight 140 Mm 180 Mm Auto Reflectometer With Table Doyen's Retractor B.P. Holder Baby Cardle Baby Cardle Matress. Bad Pan Plastic Bauel 10 " Bed Side Locker Bed Side Screen With Curtain. Boil's Appratus With Gas Clinder Boul Stand. Bowl, Metal, Sponge, 600 Ml.Bp Instrument (Diamond) Bp Instrument Led Bp Instrument Stand (Diamond) Cardiac Monitor Cord Cutting Scissor (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Curved Cutting Needle (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Diathermy Dilator Utrenne Double Dressing Table Dressing Tray With Cover 310* 200* 600 Mm Ss Drug Trolley Drum , Steritizing Cylindrical 275 Mm Dies 132 Mm (Dressing Drum) Drum Stand Clinical E.C.G. Machine Electric Auto Clave Big 3 Drums Electric Auto Clave Medium 1 Drum Electric Auto Clave Medium 2 Drums Electric Hub Cutter Big Electric Instrument Strlizer Electric Needle Cutter Electric Sterlization Big Electric Sterlization Medium Electric Sterlization Small Episiotomy Or Curved Scissor Episiotomy Scissors 6" (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Episiotomy Scissors 8" (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Examination Table Femaly Planning Operation Scissor Set. 01 Set. Feotoscope Flower Bed 18 Mm Steel. Foam Mattress For Labour Table Food Trolly Big Wheel Foot Step Forceps Hemostatic, Halsteads Mosquito Strcight, 125Mm Ss (German) Forceps Obstetiric, Wrigley's 280 Mm, Stainless Stand (German) Forceps Uterine Neleton Solid Tip One Eye (German) Forceps Vulselium Dubty Borble Carved 280 Mm Ss (German) Forceps, Spongs Holding, 228 Mm (German) Froceps, Bucplaus Towel, 130 Mm (German) Glucometer Hospital Bed 18 Mm Steel. Hospital Bed With Adjustable Back Rest 18 Mm Steel. Hub Cutter Big Hub Cutter Small Hydraulic Ot Table Hydrocele Operation Scissor Set 01 Set. I.V. Stand Ilr Medium With Stabilizer Infusion Pump Ingramometer Measures Kidney Tray (Big) Kidney Tray (Medium) Kidney Tray (Small) Knife Blade Surgical Size 11, 15 For Minor Surgery Knife Blade Surgical Size 22 No. For Major Surgery . Knife Handel Surgical For Minor And Major Surgery 3 And 4 (German),Labour Table Larengoscop Adult Larengoscop Child Led O.T Light Single Dome Ceiling Multiple Mourted. Lifter Matress For Examination Table Mattress For Bed Mayo's Scissors 5" Curved (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Mayo's Scissors 5" Straight (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Mayo's Scissors 7" Curved (Tungston Carbide Coated) German.. Mayo's Scissors 7" Straight (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved (Tungston Carbide Coated) Mosquito Artery Forceps Straight (Tungston Carbide Coated) Multi Para Monitor Nebuliser Needle Holder Needle Holder Big (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Needle Holder Mayo Strainght, Nagrouthaw, 175 Mm Ss (German) Needle Holder Small (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Needle Suture Round Body 3/8 Circle No. 12 Needle Suture Triangular Point Size 7.3 O.T Light Mutible Double Dome Ceiling Mounted. Led Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Cylinder Regulator Oxygen Cylinder With Trolley Oxygen Key Oxygen Mask Adult Oxygen Mask Child Plain Forceps 7 " (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Pulse Oxytometer Pump Sunction Radient Warmer Revolving Sitting Stool Round Body Needle Rubber Sheat Sahli's Hemolglobinometer. Scissor Big (Gauge+ Bandag Cutting) Scissor Opreting Curved Mayo Blunt Pointed 17 Mm German. Semi Follower Bed 18 Mm Steel. Shadowless Lamp Led Souce Pan With Lid. Sound Uterine Simpson 300 Mm (German) Sound Uterine Simpson Blunt (German) Sponge Holder 5" Straight (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Sponge Holder 5" Curved (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Stethoscope Diamond (Adult) Stethoscope Diamond (Child) Stitch Removal Scissors 6" (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Stitch Removal Scissors 8" (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Stretcher Folding Stretcher On Trolley Big Wheel Stritch Cutting Scissor Stritch Removing Instrument (Eye) Suction Machine Electric Thermometer Digital Tooth Forcep Big,Tooth Forcep Medium (Tungston Carbide Coated) Tooth Forcep Small (Tungston Carbide Coated) German. Towel Clips Forceps Tray, Instruned Cover, 310, 200, 600 Mm Ss Tube Sealer (Solid Statef) U.S.G. Machine Ultra Sound Machine Printer Ultra Sound Prob. Urine Pot Steel. Usg Probe Convex 01 Usg Probe Linear 01 Utrain Sound Weighing Machine For Adult Weighing Machine For Child (Electronic) Wheel Chair.
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Due Date : 18/06/2019
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