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1 Tenders: 20155606 Auction Sale Of Gun Metal .
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Due Date : 30/09/2019
2 Tenders: 20104663 Tender For Procurement Of Equipments For 100 Days Workers In Different Wards Under Parks And Square Department For The F/Y 2019 2020. 1 Khurpi With Handel (6" Blade) 2 Garden Scissors (18" Blade With Handle) 3 Hasua With Handle (2' Blade) 4 Hasua With Handle (2.5' Blade) 5 Nirani (Standard Size) 6 Crow Bar With Handle Bar 4' And Dia. 3/4" 7 Pvc Pipe (15Mm Or 20 Mm) 8 Sickle With Handle (Kaste) 9 Mono Block Pump (0.5 Hp) 10 Spray Machine (Gun Metal Make Of Standard Size) 11 Water Cane (Either Gi Or Pvc Of Standard Size)
Due Date : 25/09/2019
3 Tenders: 20059199 Gun Metal.
Due Date : 18/09/2019
4 Tenders: 19872658 Annual Maintenance Of Srinivasam Pac, Ttd Tirupati For The Year 2019 20 Demolition Including Stacking Of Serviceable Materials And Disposal Of Unserviceable Materials Withi Demolishing And Disposal Of Unserviceable Materials Within 100 Metres Lead For Unreinforced Cement C Dismantling Doors, Windows And Clear Storey Windows, Ventilators Etc, (Wood Or Steel) Shutters Inclu Removing And Refixing Water Closets Dismantling, Clearing Away And Carefully Stacking Materials Useful For Re Use. Flat And Pan Tiles O Conveyance Of Waste Materials Such As Debris, Dismantling Meterials Etc With A Lead Of 5 Kms From Cement Concrete (1:2.5:5) Grade M15 Using 20Mm (0.54 Cum) And 12Mm (0.36 Cum) Nominal Size Hard Bro Supply And Placing Of The M20 Design Mix Using Of 10Mm Hbg Crushed Metal 0.480Cum,6Mm Hbg Crushed M Rcc M20 Design Mix Precast Slabs 50 Mm Thick Using 10 Mm Graded Aggregate Of Hbg Crushed Metal From Providing High Yield Strength Deformed (Hysd)/ Thermo Mechancially Treated (Tmt) Steel Bars Of Fe Supply Of M.S Angles , Channels Etc., Complete As Directed During Execution (Tata / Sail / Vsp/ Jind Labour Charges For Fabricating Steel Works Like Window Grills, Compound Wall Grills, Iron Doors, Win Construction Of Brick Masonry In Cm(1:6) Using Well Burnt Bricks 2Nd Class Or Ground Moulded (Non Plastering In Cement Mortar 12 Mm And 20 Mm Thick Using Best River Sand From Approved Quarry Includ In Cm (1:5) 12 Mm Thick In Cm (1:3) 12 Mm Thick Providing Impervious Coat To Exposed Rcc Roof Slab Surface With Cm (1:3), 20Mm Thick With 1Kg Of Wat Providing Unplasticized Pvc Swr Rain Water Downfall Pipes For The Following Dia With Isi:13592 Type Do 110 Mm Dia Pvc Pipe With Wooden Block Of Size 150Mmx50mmx50mm Do 75 Mm Dia Pvc Pipe With Wooden Block Of Size 100Mmx50mmx50mm Painting With Ready Mixed Synthetic Enamel Paint In All Shades Grade I Approved Colour And Make In Do Two Coats For Old Iron Work Painting With Acrylic Interior Emulsion Paint (Interior) Of Approved Brand And Shade After Thoroug Do One Coat For Internal Walls For Old Work Do Two Coats For Internal Walls For Old Work Painting With Single Coat Old Work With Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint Of Approved Brand And Shade Flooring With Antiskid Floor Tiles Of Non Skid Red Or White Full Body Ceramic Floor Tiles Of Size 40 Finishing The Sides Of Walls With Glazed Red Or White Full Body Ceramic Wall Tiles Of Size 300 X 450 Providing Welding And Making Good The Damaged M.S.Lockers Doors In Srinivasam Complex With M.S Hinge Supplying And Fixing In Position M.S Ornamental Grills For Windows And Ventilators Or For Veranda O Supplying And Fixing Orissa Pan White Glazed W.C Of Size 580 X 440 Mm 1St Quality Isi Marked Confirmin Supplying And Fixing European Water Closet Of 1St Quality Confirming To Is:2556 Part 2 1973 Of W Supplying And Fixing White Glazed Flat Back Half Stall Urinals 590 X 375 X 390 Mm 1St Quality Confirmi Supplying And Fixing Indian Make Flat Back Wash Hand Basin Of Size 550 X 400 Mm Single C.P. Pillar Supply And Fixing Of 10 Litres Capacity Single Flush Pvc Low Level System With Internal Components And S Supply And Fixing Of Premium Make Cpvc Pipes And Fittings To Meet The Requirement Of Astm D 2846 And A 22.20 Mm Od Pipe Sdr 13.5 28.60 Mm Od Pipe Sdr 13.5 Engaging Of Second Class Carpenters / Masons / Plumbers / Painters For Maintainance Works Engaging Of Man Mazdoors/ Women Mazdoor For Maintainance Works Supply And Fixing Of Pvc Sheet Of 1.5Mm To 2Mm Thick For Toilet Door Including Screws Nails Etc., Co Supply And Fixing Of Glow Sign Radium Sticker Over The Glass / Door Using One Layer Of Radium Sticke Providing And Fixing In Position Aluminium Windows And Ventilators As Per Approved Drawings With Sli Do Using Aluminium Section Anodized To 12 15 Microns. Providing And Fixing 30 Mm Thick Brand Factory Made Bothside Prelam Solid Panel Pvc Door Shutter Con Supply And Fixing Of Door Frame Made Of Hollow Extruded Pvc Section Having Dimensions Of 40 X 57Mm W Supplying And Application Of Pressure Grouting By Using Forsoc Chemicals (Cebex100 Rendrack Plug And Supplying And Fixing In Position Flush Doors Of Different Sizes With 35 Mm Thick Flush Door Shutters Do 30 Mm Thick Flush Door Shutters, Solid Bond Wood Block Board Type With Teak Veneer On One Fa Flooring With Vitrified Tiles Soluble Salt Porcelain Vitrified Tiles Screen Printed And Polished Of Vinyl Flooring Sheets/ Tiles Having A Nominal Total Thickness Of 2 Mm With A Wearing Surface Impregn Supplying And Fixing Of Glow Sign Radium Stickers Name Plate / Sign (Or) Instruction Boards Using 3 Supply Of Op Cement Of Approved Make Supply Of 16 To 18 Mm Thick White Marble Tablets For Name Plate Of Approved Size Etc., Including Fix Engraving Of Letters Cut And Filled With Black Chemical For Telugu And English As Directed By Depart For Annual Maintenance Big Letters For Annual Maintenance Small Letters Hire Charges For Supply, Erection And Removal Of Degital Design Flex Boards With Back Support Of Fr Removing The Existing Cut Stone Flooring Carefully Without Damaging To The Stone And Conveying To Sp "Labour Charges For Laying And Jointing The Existing Available Flooring Stones. A) The Existing Stones " 0.00 Annual Maintenane Of Solar Water Heating System (For Total Capacity 36000 Lpd @5.19 Per Litre Per Ye Supply Of 4 Kw Heating Coil And Including All Other Incidental Charges Etc., Complete. Supply Of Sensors And Including All Other Incidental Chargs Etc., Complete. Electrical Backup System Of 3 Nos X 3 Kw Capacity With Auto Panel Box For Electrical Backup (Dtc Sys Supply Of Breaker Coils And Including All Other Incidental Charges Etc., Complete. Supply Of Sacrificial Anode And Including All Other Incidental Charges Etc., Complete. Suplly Of Rubber Gas Cuts And Including All Other Incidental Charges Etc., Complete. Suplly Of Temperature Gauges And Including All Other Incidental Chrges Etc., Complete. Supply And Delivery Of Capstan (Baylam) Make 25 Mm Dia Water Meters, Horizontal Inferential Type (Mu Supply And Fixing Of Premium Make Cpvc Pipes And Fittings To Meet The Requirement Of Astm D 2846 And A 28.60 Mm Od Pipe Sdr 13.5 S And F Gunmetal Gate (Gm Peet) Valve As Per Is 778 Class I, Indian Make Heavy Type 25 Mm Nb Si Supply And Fixing Of Gunmetal (Gm) Ball Valve With S Bal And Ss Spindle As Per Class1,Indian Make He Supply Of Gi Union 80 Mm Of Approved Make/Isi Mark Rewinding Of The 3 Hp Electric Motor Of Any Make Burnt Submersible Motor And Other Minor Hp Motors W Labour Engaged For De Scaling The Panel Pipes And Pipes. Supply And Fixing Of Electrical Backup System 4 Nos X 4 Kw Capacity With Auto Panle Box For Electrical Supply Of The Following Pvc Flexible Pipes 25Mm Supply Of The 25 Mm 1.80 Mm Thick Non Isi Regid Pvc Pipe Of Make Million Plast / Sudhakar /Durga / N Supply And Installation Of Solar Hot Water Storage Tank Of Capacity 2500 Liters (In Place Of Old Dam Supply Of Collectors In Place Of Damaged Including Cost And Conveyance Of All Materials, Labour Char Supply Of Toughened Glasses Of Size 2000X1000x4mm To Collector As Directed During Execution Includin Supply Of Relay Coils Mn2 0.4 To 2.3 For Dtc Systems Including Cost And Conveyance Of All Materials, Providing And Placing On Terrace (At All Floor Level) Polythylene Water Storage Tank With Double Layer Supply Of The Following Non Isi Rigid Pvc Pipe Of Makes Million Plast / Sudhakar / Durga / Nandi / S Do 19Mm 1.80Mm Thick Do 25Mm 1.80Mm Thick Do 40Mm 2.00Mm Thick Supply Of Pvc Insulated 4 Core 4.0 Sqmm Sheathed Flexible Copper Cable For Voltage Up To 1100V As Pe
Due Date : 05/09/2019
5 Tenders: 19752904 Auction Of Unserviceable Burnt Pvc Coated Copper Wire, Gunmetal Scrap.
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Due Date : 19/09/2019
6 Tenders: 19740423 Supply Of Set Of Spares As Per Annexure .* 1 Gun Metal Size 40 Mm Dia X 300Mm Long Is:779 1 No 2750 2750 2 Sq. O Ring Size,Id 58Mmx35mm Thick 50 Nos. 29 1450 3 O Ring Size, Id 28 Mmx 35Mm Thick 100 Nos. 25 2500 4 Spider L 10 2 Nos. 95 190 5 Pvc Hose Pipe Size Id 1/2"X380 Mm Long One Side End Thread 50 Nos. 110 5500 6 Cosmoplex Fire Hose Pipe Size Id 12.5Mm X 560 Mm Long With Both Side Fitting 30 Nos. 250 7500 7 Araldite 180 Gm Packet
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Due Date : 16/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19681025 Procurement Of Spares For Religara Colliery. Rotating Element For 150/200 Dst Pump (Bronze)A) Impeller Gun Metal – Lg – 2 (Metallurgy)B) Two Nick Ring – Lb – 2 (Metallurgy)C) Shaft With Keys – En – 8 (Metallurgy)D) Sleeves (De And Nde) – Lg 2 (Metallurgy)E) Bearing Housing (De And Nde) – Ci (Metallurgy)F) Two Logging Ring Bronze, Two Glans C.I
Due Date : 27/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19638689 Procurement Of Gun Metal, Aluminum And Brass Ingots For Production Of Surface Meteorological Instruments At The Imd, Pune Workshop.
Due Date : 02/09/2019
9 Tenders: 19623447 Gunmetal Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 07/08/2019
10 Tenders: 19544874 Gun Metal Rod 125 Mm Dia In Length Of 300 To 350 Mm In Sand Cast Condition Is 10742 1983 Gr Iii With Materialtest Certificate..
Due Date : 20/08/2019
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