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1 Tenders: 21422562 Renewal Of Windows And Janitor’S Space Of Toilets At Stp Ii. 1 Supplying Fitting, Fixing Decorative Lamination Conforming To Is: 2046: 1995 As Per Approved Make, Brand, Finish And Thickness With Fitting, Fixing The Same On Particle/Mdf / Ply Boards With Recommended / Approved Adhesive With Proper Clipping The Sides For Better Attachment As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge. The Rate Includes The Cost Of Labour, Adhesive And All Incidental Charges Thereof. In All Floors. Glossy/Matt/Suede Excluding Surface Texture Or Metallic Lustre As Directed By Eic Thickness Of Laminate 1.5 Mm 2 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Boiling Water Resistant Ply Conforming To Is: 303: 1989 Bonded With Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin Of Approved Make And Brand Fitted And Fixed As Per Design As Per Approval And Direction Of Engineer In Charge.[Including The Cost Of Supporting Frame Work And Teak Wood Batten/Lipping, Hinges, Tower Bolt, Hatch Bolt, Clamps Etc. Complete] In All Floors 19Mm 3 Wood Work In Frame Fitted And Fixed In Position Complete Including A Protective Coat Of Painting At The Contact Surface Of The Frame Including Cost Of Concrete, Iron Butt Hinges And M.S Clamps. (The Quantum Should Be Correted Upto Three Decimals) Sal: Local. 4 Priming One Coat On Timber Or Plastered Surface With Synthetic Oil Bound Primer Of Approved Quality Including Smoothening Surfaces By Sand Papering Etc. 5 Painting With Best Quality Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Smoothening Surface By Sand Papering Etc. Including Using Of Approved Putty Etc. On The Surface, If Necessary On Plastered Surface Of Kerbstone With Other Than Hi Gloss Of Approved Quality 5.1 Two Coats (With Any Shade Except White) 5.2 Two Coats (White In Shade) 6 Supplying Profiles Of Required Section Made Of Aluminium Alloy Extrusions Conforming To Is: 732 1983 And Is: 1285 1975; Annodized (With Required Film Thickness And Specified Colour / Natural) Matt Finished Conforming To Is: 1868 1983 For Fabrication Of Composite Door, Sliding And Casement Windows, Partitions, Formed Of Basic Sections 1.5 Mm With Isi Embossed / Certified Make And Brand (Jindal/ Hindalco) (Payment Will Be Made On Finished Length Of The Work). (Including Dismantling Of Old Window From Wall And Removal Of The Same Outside Of Premises And Dumped At Designated Dumping Ground In Conformity To Municipal Laws) In 10 12 Micron Thickness Annodizing Film, Coloured (Bronze) At All Locations And All Floors 6.1 Bottom Frame ( 2 Track Sliding Window) 6.2 Top And Side Frame ( 2 Track Sliding Window) 6.3 Top, Bottom And Side Member (Fixed Window) 6.4 Mullion (Fixed Window) 6.5 Glazing Clip (Fixed Window) 7 Supplying Pvc Rollers For Sliding Windows As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge. At All Locations And All Floors 8 Supplying Maruti Lock (100Mm) For Sliding Windows At All Locations And All Floors 9 Supplying Epdm Gasket Of Approved Make And Brand As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge. 'T' Shaped Epdm Gasket For Frames. At All Locations And All Floors 10 Supplying Bubble Free Frosted Glass Of Approved Make And Brand Conforming To Is: 2835 1987. 4Mm Thick Glass. At All Locations And All Floors 11 Filling The Gap In Between Aluminium Frame And Adjacent Rcc / Brick/ Stone/ Tile Work By Providing Weather Silicon Sealant Over 6Mm Dia Backer Rod Of Approved Quality As Per Architectural Drawings And Direction Of Engineer In Charge Complete. Upto 5 Mm Depth And 5 Mm Width At All Locations And All Floors 12 Labour Charge For Fabrication And Installation Of Composite Door, Window, Partitions Made From Annodized Extruded Alloy Aluminium Sections For Glazed Aluminium Sliding Windows Made Of Extruded And Annodized Alloy Aluminium Sectios, Fabrications, Including Cutting To Proper Shape And Size, Drilling And Aligning Of Window Shutter Frame Fitted With In Built Locking Arrangements, Sliding Rollers And Other Necessary Fittings, Fixture, Adhesives And Joineries Along With Extruded Neoprine Or Epdm Gasketing In Between Window Frame And Masonry Work (Walls, Column, Beam.Lintels Etc.) As Well As Between Glass And Shutter Frame For Fixing Glass And Polysulphide Sealant And In Between Shutter And Window Frame Where Necessary Including Cutting To Requisite Size And Fixing Glass As Per Drawing, Specification And Direction Of Eic. The Rate Includes The Hire Charge Of All Tools And Plants, Including All Incidental Charges, Adhesive, Joineries Such As Screw, Cleat Angle Etc. But Excluding The Cost Of Extruded Aluminium Sections, Glass, Neoprene / Epdm Gasket, Locking Arrangement And Rollers. At All Locations And All Floors 12.1 2 Track Sliding Window. 12.2 Fixed Window
Due Date : 16/01/2020
2 Tenders: 21293729 Repair And Maintenance Work At Hydro Mechanical Division Room At Dam Top, Nbps, Alchi, Leh Ladakh.. Dismantling Tile Works In Floors And Roofs Laid In Cement Mortar Including Stacking Material Within 50 Metres Lead. For Thickness Of Tiles 10 Mm To 25 Mm. Demolishing R.C.C. Work Manually/By Mechanical Means Including Stacking Of Steel Bars And Disposal Of Unserviceable Material Within 50 Metres Lead . Dismantling Aluminium I Gypsum Partitions, Doors, Windows, Fixed Glazing And False Ceiling Including Disposal Of Unserviceable Surplus Material And Stacking Of Serviceable Material Within 50 Metres Lead As Directed By Engineer In Charge.
Due Date : 15/01/2020
3 Tenders: 20565385 Providing And Fixing Panelled, Glazed, And Wire Gauged Shutters Along With Provision Of Wooden Frames And Cupboards Etc. In First Floor Of R.M. Sub Yard At Anu, Distt. Shimla, H P.
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Due Date : 20/11/2019
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