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1 Tenders: 22981988 Miscellaneous Repairing Works At Haldia It Park. 1 Priming With Ready Mixed Red Lead Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Complete Removal Of Old Paint And Rust Formation By Scraping/ Sand Papering And Cleaning The Dust Complete With All Labour, Tools Etc: Two Coats 2 Painting With Best Quality Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Smoothening Surface By Sand Papering Etc. Including Using Of Approved Putty Etc. On The Surface, If Necessary : With Other Than Hi Gloss Of Approved Quality On Steel Or Other Metal Surface : Two Coats (With Any Shade Except White) 3 Labour Charge For Fabrication And Installation Of Composite Door, Window, Partitions, Curtain Walls/ Glazing Etc For The Following Units: Structural Glazing Made Of Extruded And Annodized Alloy Aluminium Sections, Fabrications Including Cutting To Proper Shape And Size, Drilling Including Cost Of Brackets, Fastener Bolt, Mullion Bolt, Nuts And Washers, Maskin Tape, Double Side Adhesieve Crosslink Foam (Used For Guard Of Glazed Silicon On Sub Frame), Tissue Paper Foam (Used As Filler Between Sub Frame And Under Backing Of Weather Silicon), Screws And Other Necessary Hardwares, Fixing Of Glass As Per Drawing, Specification And Direction Of Engineer In Charge. (The Rate Includes Hire Charges Of All Tools And Plants, Scaffolding Etc. Including All Incidental Charges, Adhesieve, Joiners Such As Screw,Cleate Angle,Etc. But Excluded The Cost Of Extruded Aluminium Sections, Glass, Glazed Silicon, Weather Silicon Etc.) 4 Supplying Bubble Free Float Glass Of Approved Make And Brand Conforming To Is: 2835 1987; Coloured, Toughened Glass Conforming To Is: 2553 1992 (Part Ii) 6 Mm Thick 5 Providing And Fixing Exterior Quality Aluminium Composite Panel (Acp) Wall Cladding Alongwith Al. /Ms Frame Work With Gi Brackets, Acp Fixed On The Existing Frame Work By Folding The Edges Of Acp Panel (Engraving The Rear Surface Of Acp Sheet) With Cp Angles, Cleats And Strainless Steel Screws Forming Groves At The Periphery Of Acp Panel. Such Grooves Filled With Foam And Silicon Sealant Etc. Complete With All Materials ( Including The Cost Of Silicon Sealant), Labour, Scaffolding And All Other Incidental Charges Complete In All Respect As Per Specification And Direction Of Engineer In Charge. (Mode Of Payment Is On Finished Surface Area Of Acp 3Mm Thick (0.25Mm Al.+2.5Mm Ldpe +0.25Mm Al. Pvdf Coating) Colour: Matching With Existing 6 Supplying Fitting And Fixing Door Frame With M.S. Angle (50 Mm X 50 Mm X 6 Mm) As Per Drawing And Direction Of Required Section.The Holes For Counter Sunk Machine Screw And Nuts Will Be Such As To Fit 8 To 10 Mm Iron Screw. The Counter Sunk Nut To Be Welded . The Nuts Are To Be Welded After Careful Checking With Screw.All Welding Spots Should Be Properly Filed Or Rounded Smooth Including Cost Of Welding Hinges For Hinge Cleats , Lugs For Hasp Bolt, Socket Bolt Etc. And Necessary M.S. Clamps Of 25Mm X 6Mm Flat 225Mm Long As Per Direction Welded To The Frame Fitted And Fixed In Position Including Cost Of Concrete 7 M.S. Door As Per Approved Design Made Of Strong M.S. Frame Work, Intermediate Stiffeners And Round / Square Bars Or Angles. M.S. Sheet (Not Less Than 14 Gauge) Gussets, Cleats Etc. Including Necessary Riveting, Bolting, Welding, Locking And Hanging Arrangements, Fitting And Fixing Complete As Per Direction Of The Engineer In Charge. At All Floors 8 Labour For Taking Out Door And Window Frame Including Shutter For Repair Or Replacement Of Different Parts Of The Frame And Refixing The Same Including Mending Good All Damages Complete At All Floors 9 Supplying Bubble Free Float Glass Of Approved Make And Brand Conforming To Is: 2835 1987 , Cutting To Required Shape, Fitting And Fixing In Aluminium Casement Windows/ Doors At All Floors 9.1 4 Mm Thick Clear Glass. 9.2 5 Mm Thick Clear Glass. 10 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Cpvc (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipes Of Approved Make Conforming To Is 15778: 2007 . With All Necessary Accessories, Specials Viz. Socket, Bend, Tee, Union, Cross, Elbo, Nipple, Longscrew, Reducing Socket, Reducing Tee, Short Piece Etc. Fitted With Holder Bats Clamps, Including Cutting Pipes, Fitting, Fixing Etc. Complete In All Respect Including Cost Of All Necessary Fittings As Required,Jointing Materials In Any Position Above Ground. (Payment Will Be Made On The Centre Line Measurements Of Total Pipe Line Including All Specials. No Separate Payment Will Be Made For Accesories, Specials. For Exposed Work All Floors Including All Tools And Tackles, Scaffoldings Etc. Cpvc Pipes Class 1, Sdr 11 10.1 20 Mm 10.2 25 Mm 10.3 32 Mm 11 Taking Out Ms Gate From Support, Dismantling By Parts (For Repair Or Replacement Of Damaged Parts), Reassembling And Refitting And Rehanging Same With Old Fittings But With Clamps As Necessary Including Cost Of Concrete And Mending Good All Damages Etc Complete To Make Gates Moving. 12 Renewing W.I. Or M.S. Wheel Or Roller Of Steel Door Or Gate Fitted And Fixed With Neceessary Clamps And Nuts And Bolts And Erected Complete. 13 Supply And Applying Weather Silicone Sealant Of Approved Make And Brand For Fixing Of Grove Line Between The Glasses As Per Direction Of Engineer Incharge. For Structural Glazing/Curtain Wall. Weather Silicone Sealant For Filling The Grove Line Between Glasses Or Any Other Material For Facial Work 14 Supplying And Laying True To Line And Level Anti Skid, Full Body, Homogeneous And Granular Finish Vitrified Tiles Conforming To Is:15622 2006 And Is 4457 2007 And Testing Shall Be Made In Accordance With Is:13630 [Non Modular Sizes For Tiles With Skid Resistance > 0.5, Mohr's Hardness > 5.0, Staining Resistance: Class 1, Water Absorption: E < 0.5%], Mor > 35 N/Sq.Mm In Internal Area Of Building E.G. Toilet Block, Passage, Corridor, Accessible Open Terrace Etc. Set In 20 Mm Sand Cement Mortar (1:4) And 2 Mm Thick Cement Slurry At Back Side Of Tiles Using Cement @ 2.91 Kg./Sqm Or Using Polymerised Adhesive (6 Mm Thick Layer Applied Directly Over Finished Artificial Stone Floor/ Mosaic Etc Without Any Backing Course) Laid After Application Slurry Using 1.75 Kg Of Cement Per Sqm Below Mortar Only, Joints Grouted With Admixture Of White Cement And Colouring Pigment To Match With Colour Of Tiles/ Epoxy Grout Materials Of Approved Make As Directed And Removal Of Wax Coating Of Top Surface Of Tiles With Warm Water And Polishing The Tiles Using Soft And Dry Cloth Upto Mirror Finish Complete Including The Cost Of Materials, Labour And All Other Incidental Charges Complete True To The Manufacturer's Specification And Direction Of Engineer In Charge. (White Cement, Synthetic Adhesive And Grout Material To Be Supplied By The Contractor) At All Floors, Including Removal And Stacking Of Tent Out Tiles, Colour/ Texture Matching With Existing Size 600 Mm X 600 Mm X 10 Mm
Due Date : 12/08/2020
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