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1 Tenders: 27875227 Replacement Of Damaged Chajjas With Galvalume Sheets Including Flagging Concrete Around Type III, IV, V, VI & VII Quarters At RTPS Colony.
Due Date : 29/09/2022
2 Tenders: 27871929 Construction Of Drain In Manasa Nagara (Kudure Mala) Cross Roads And Fixing Of Gi Sheet In Front Of Community Hall And Main Road Continued Works In Ward 21.
Due Date : 26/09/2022
3 Tenders: 27871435 Providing Supplying Fixing Fabricating & Installation Of Tubular Steel Truss With Galvalume Sheet.
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Due Date : 14/09/2022
4 Tenders: 27869727 Special Repair To Bldg No P 18/1 To P 18/4 Single Offr Accommodation Of Hq 350 Inf Bde And Addition And Alteration Of Boundary Wall Alongwith Bhim Road With Ms Angles Corrugate Galvalume Sheet Barbed Wire And Other Sanctioned Works Under Ge(W) Jalandhar Cantt Civil Works.
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Due Date : 15/09/2022
5 Tenders: 27868957 Repairs/ Maintenance Of Roof Treatment, External Plaster, Parapets, Stair Soffits, Rain Water Pipes Etc And Galvalume Sheet Roofing Of Certain Temporary Bldgs In Technical Area At Afa Hyderabad Civil Works.
Due Date : 22/09/2022
6 Tenders: 27868569 Provision Of Pathway From Gora Bazar P 71 To P 120 Baithak Provision Of Galvalume Sheet Cordoning At Mt Area Of Bapu Provision Of Shed At Bldg No S 2 At Fort William And Widening Of Road Near Sbi Tunnel At Fort William Under Ge Fw Kolkata Civil Works.
Due Date : 10/09/2022
7 Tenders: 27868385 Replacement Of Gi Sheets Miscellaneous Services.
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Due Date : 12/09/2022
8 Tenders: 27867165 Provision Of Galvalume Sheet Roofing Work For The Passage Leading From Ms Old Building P19 To Ms New Building P232 At Npol Kochi Civil Works.
Due Date : 24/09/2022
9 Tenders: 27865867 Providing Protective Measures With Galvalume Sheet The Eastern Side Of Foot Path Connecting To The Common Dining Hall Near Chellamma Hostel.
Due Date : 06/09/2022
10 Tenders: 27865698 Replacement Of Damaged GI Sheet At Managers Garage Of Dubeshwari Colliery Of Parbelia Group Under Sodepur Area. .
Due Date : 05/09/2022
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