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1 Tenders: 16699467 Supply Of Flexible Duct Connector With Canvas Cloth Connection; Material Of Fabric: Woven Nylon With Vinyl Coating; Material Shall Be Suitable For Outdoor Usage In Paper & Pulp Industry; Metal Fabric Metal Dimension – 3”X6”X3” Metal Shall Be Gi Sheet Of 24 Gauge.
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Due Date : 25/09/2018
2 Tenders: 16696231 Auction Sale Of Scrap U/S Door With Iron /Gi Sheet Section Window Of Sorts And Sizes.(Location: Bin No 410) .
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Due Date : 25/09/2018
3 Tenders: 16695399 Auction Sale Of Used\Cond. Frp Bonnets,Chairs,Mudguards And Frp Items Prebid Emd Rs.100/ Used\Cond. Cylinder Head Gasket, Rubber Beds Oil Seal,O Rings And Other Waste Gasket Items. Prebid Emd Rs.300/ Used\Cond. Engine Oil Filters,Diesel Filters Air Filters (Turbo) And Other Filter Items Prebid Emd Rs.1500/ Used\Cond. E M R Unit Prebid Emd Rs.21000/ Used\Cond. Bottle Jack 17,Screw Jack 3,Bench Wise 2,Wall Mounting Gauge 1,Sweing M/C 3, Val Canizing M/C 1,Puller Big 6(Total 33). Prebid Emd Rs.600/ Used\Cond.Plastic And Nylon Items.(Broken Cans Boxes,Tank,Barrels,Battery Body Pieces,Fan Leaves Etc.. Prebid Emd Rs.500/ Used\Cond. Debries (Mettupalayam Scrap Yard). Prebid Emd Rs.100/ Used\Cond. Ply Wood Pieces,Laminated Sheet Reepers,Tv Boxes,Wooden Boxes With And Without Ms Flat,Gi &Alu.Sheet Pieces Etc Prebid Emd Rs.100/ Used\Cond. Submersible Pump Set 6.0 Hp, 8 Stage (Aqua Gem). Prebid Emd Rs.1000/ Used\Cond. Debries (R C Unit, Pollachi) Prebid Emd Rs.200/ Used\Cond. Debries (R C Unit, Pollachi) Prebid Emd Rs.200/ Used\Cond. 4 Ltr Paint Tin,5 Ltr Solution Tin (Total 5000 Nos). Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. Brake Linings Clutch Linings. Prebid Emd Rs.500/ Used\Cond. 4 Ltr Paint Tin,5 Ltr Solution Tin. Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. 4 Ltr Paint Tin,5 Ltr Solution Tin (5000 Nos). Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. Old Carton Boxes And Cartonmaterials. Prebid Emd Rs.1000/ Used\Cond. Air Suspension Baloon With And Without Top Plates & Pistion. Prebid Emd Rs.900/ Used\Cond. 50 Ltr & 35 Ltr Capacity Empty,Plastic Can.(Total=50 Nos). Prebid Emd Rs.200/ Used\Cond. Full Skirt Envelope. Prebid Emd Rs.1300/ Used\Cond.Diesel Tank With And Without Bracket(Various Size) Prebid Emd Rs.500/ Used\Cond.Polythine Cover (Amma Water) Prebid Emd Rs.900/ Used\Cond.Air Filter Bodies With And Without Filter And Air Cleaner Etc.. Prebid Emd Rs.1900/ Used\Cond.Lathe Granuls And Iron Dust With M.S Small Pieces Etc.. Prebid Emd Rs.3000/ Used\Cond.20 Ltr Capacity Empty Solution Tin Prebid Emd Rs.3000/ Used\Cond.Power Steering Oil Pump( 160 Nos) Prebid Emd Rs.1500/ Used\Cond. Old Aluminium Sheets, Pieces, Alu.Frames With & Without Rubber Beeding, And Small Nuts And Wooden Pieces Prebid Emd Rs.25000/ Used\Cond. Gp Sheet Pieces,Gi Sheet Pieces, Grills,Blade Pieces,Broken Tins,Boxes, Tar Sheet And Other Gp Waste Items. Prebid Emd Rs.6800/ Used\Cond. Aluminium Item (Fan Clutch, Cooler Plates, Piston, Electrical Air Wiper Inlet Manifold Prebid Emd Rs.9400/ Used\Cond. M.S Empty Solution &Thinner Barrel 210 Ltr Capactiy. Prebid Emd Rs.2900/ Used\Cond. Full Skirt Envelope Prebid Emd Rs.1100/ Used\Cond. 9.00 X 20 Rb Tyres. Prebid Emd Rs.37500/ Used\Cond. 11R X 22.5 Rb Marcopolo Tyres. Prebid Emd Rs.3200/ Used\Cond. Polythine Cover (Amma Water) Prebid Emd Rs.1400/ Used\Cond. Inside Luggauge Carrier Prebid Emd Rs.400/ Used\Cond. Polythine Waste Papers Prebid Emd Rs.1400/ Used\Cond. 9.00 X 20 Rb Tyres.(Radial And Nylon) Prebid Emd Rs.28200/ Used\Cond. 11R X 22.5 Rb Marcopolo Tyres. Prebid Emd Rs.1600/ Used\Cond. Buffing Dust. Prebid Emd Rs.43800/ Used\Cond. Primary Air Filters, Secondary Air Filters, Engine Oil Filters, Diesel Filters, Air Filter Turbo And Other Filter Items. Prebid Emd Rs.1500/ Used\Cond. 4 Ltrs Paint Tin And 5 Ltrs Solution Tin(5000 Nos) Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. Lathe Granuls And Iron Dust With M.S Small Pieces Etc.. Prebid Emd Rs.3000/ Used\Cond. Old Records And Old Papers Prebid Emd Rs.3000/ Used\Cond. Plastic Empty Barrels 210 Ltrs Capacity Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. Bearing, Cones, Sleeves Wheel Bearing, Ball Bearing, Tapper Roller Bearing Other Bearings. Prebid Emd Rs.4000/ Used\Cond. M.S Radiator Top Tank(Metal) Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. Radiator Bracket Prebid Emd Rs.2900/ Used\Cond. Front & Rear Brake Drums (Ley & Tata) Prebid Emd Rs.12400/ Used\Cond. Marcopolo Wheel Disc Prebid Emd Rs.6000/ Used\Cond. 12V 21P Scrap Plastic Battery Prebid Emd Rs.39000/ Used\Cond. Fuel Water Seprator, Engine Oil Filters (Metal Body) Prebid Emd Rs.2000/ Used\Cond. Plastic & Nylon Items. (Broken Cans, Boxes, Barrels, Fan Leafs,Radiator Top Tank,Chairs, Tubes Other Plastic Items) Prebid Emd Rs.500/ Used\Cond. Clutch Spring ,Brake Shoe Spring And Other Spring Items Prebid Emd Rs.1300/ Used\Cond. Spider Ball, Ends, Uj Cross And Star Cups Etc.. Prebid Emd Rs.1900/ Used\Cond. M.S Empty Grease Barrel 210 Ltr Capacity With Lid. Prebid Emd Rs.2500/ Used\Cond. M.S Empty Oil Barrel(210 Ltrs) Capacity Prebid .
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Due Date : 27/09/2018
4 Tenders: 16693915 Providing And Fixing Of Colour Coated Galvanized 0.50 Mm Thick (Green Colour Preferred) For Construction Of Tehsil Office Works Mattan, Anantnag. .
Due Date : 24/09/2018
5 Tenders: 16691357 Auction Sale Of Ms/Cs/As/Ci Mixed Scrap , Ms/Cs/As/Ss Mixed Turning Scrap , Tin Tappar, Fencing Wire, Wire Rope, Rusted Drums ,Gi Sheets Etc. , Brass Scrap , Copper Scrap , Ss Scrap , Aluminium Scrap , Bearing Scrap , Grinding Roll Scrap , Misc. Electrical & Instrument Goods Mixed Scrap , Auto And Earthmoving Scrap , Old Battery Scrap , Conveyor Belt Scrap (Assorted Size).
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Due Date : 26/09/2018
6 Tenders: 16686661 Provision Of Side Cladding With G.I. Sheet At Chp For Dust Suppression Coverage At Kolarpimpri Ocm Under Kp Ppg Sub Area Of Wani North Area.(2Nd Call) .
Due Date : 27/09/2018
7 Tenders: 16686484 Construction Of 2 Nos. Dormitory And Providing Gi Sheet Roofing Over Existing Control Room .
Due Date : 29/09/2018
8 Tenders: 16686434 Replacement Of Damaged G.I Sheet To Protect Cabal Chamber In T.E Building Boundary Road Meerut.
Due Date : 22/09/2018
9 Tenders: 16683840 Replacement Of Damaged G.I Sheet To Protect Cabal Chamber In T.E Building Boundary Road Meerut. .
Due Date : 22/09/2018
10 Tenders: 16683484 Raising Of Existing Western Side Compound Wall With Gi Sheet In Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Udyanavanam In 20Th Ward .
Due Date : 03/10/2018
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