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1 Tenders: 24179411 Tender For Silvered Glass Mirror Made Out Of Float Glass Specification Isi Marked Silvered Glass Mirror For General Purpose Conforming To Is:3438/1994 With Amdt.No.1 Made Out Of Float Glass Conforming To Is:14900/2000.Waiveness Should Be Maximum 8 Mm.Engine Crest Monogram To Be Placed On The Top Left Hand Corner And One At The Bottom Right Hand Corner Of The Mirror With The Centre Of The Monogram 60 Mm From Both The Edges.Size Of The Mirror 305 X 405 X 5.5 Mm. Drowing No.As Per Sketch No.68060,Alt 2.
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Due Date : 04/02/2021
2 Tenders: 24126082 Tender For False Ceiling , G.S. Sheet, Float Glass (Window Glass), Interior/Exterior Distempering , Putty , Plastering , And Minor Repair Of So’S Mess (Semi Permanent Barrack), At Rtc Crpf Amethi, (Uttar Pradesh) 228159
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Due Date : 13/01/2021
3 Tenders: 24068155 Aluminium Fabrication 9Mm Thick Prelaminated Board 4Mm Thick Float Glass Panes 100Mm Brass Lock Aluminum Butt Hinges Handles Rubber Stopper Civil Works Others.
Due Date : 30/12/2020
4 Tenders: 24039830 Variety Material Supply Including Gst And Cess For Mgnrega Work For Illambazar Gp Under Development Block – Hire Charges Of Concrete Mixer Cum With Hopper, Hire Charges Of Diesel Road Roller, Vibrator, Surface Vibrator, Water Tanker, Coolie, Fitter, Technician, Helper Technician, Brick Aggregate, Coal Tar, Portland Cement, White Cement, Coal Steam, Brass Floor Door Stopper, Chromium Plated Brass Mortice Latch And Lock, Glue, Unslaked Lime, Synthetic Enamel Paint, Ready Mixed Pink Or Grey Primer On Wood Work, Water Thinnable Cement Primer For Interior Wall Surface, Moorum, Black Japan, Synthetic Enamel Paint, Superior Copal Varnish, Green Or Blue Medium, Rolling Shutter, Galvanized Steel Plain Sheets, Galvanized Steel Bolt And Nuts, Galvanized Steel J Or L Hooks, Gi Limpet Washer, Bitumen Washer, Gi Plain Washer, Water Proofing Materials, Welding By Electric Plant, Wire Mesh, Diesel Oil, Ci Grating, Mirror Of Superior Make Glass, Vitreous China Pedestal For Wash Basin Including Fitting, Fixing, Gi Pipes, Slotted Cowl, Polytheylene Water Storage Tank, Rcc Pipes, White Plastic Seat With Lid Cp Brass Hinges And Rubber Buffers, Shower Rose Cp Brass, Vitreous Chain Squatting Plate Including Fitting, Ball Valve, Bras Full Way Valve With Ci Wheel, Vitreous China Flat Back Basin, Vitreous Chain Angle Back Wash Basin, Vitreous Chain Foot Rest, Carriage Of Steam Coal, Carriage Of Stone Aggregate, Carriage Of Stone Aggregate, Carriage Of Steel Including Loading Unloading, Carriage Of Stone Aggreate, Carriage Of Tar Bitumen Including Loading, Carriage Of Soling Stone And Masonry Stone Including Unloading, Float Glass Sheet, Anodised Aluminum Hanging Type Door Stopper, Carriage Of Cost, Galvanized Steel Corrugated Sheets, Vitreous Chain Flat Back Wash Basin, Stainless Steel Bolts Square Bar And Plates Including Fitting, Mild Steel Tubes Hot Finished Seamless Type, Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer, Vitreous China Flat Back Wash Basin, Hydraulic Door Closer Tubular Type, Oxidized Ms Casement Stay, Coloured Orissa Pattern Wc Pan, Circular Shape Rcc Manhole Cover, Upvc Pipes, Supply Of Upvc Pipe, Upvc Plain Tee, Upvc Door Tee, Upvc Bed, Upvc Pipe Clip, Precast Chequered Cement Tiles, Cp Brass Bib Cock, Cp Brass Long Body, Chromium Plated Concealed Stop Cock, Flushing Cistern Pvc, White Vireous Chain Clay Half Stall Urinal Flat Back, Ptmt Bib Cock, Ptmt Pillar Cock, Ptmt Push Cock, Ptmt Liquid Soap Container, Ptmt Soap Dish Holder, Coloured Inter Locking Cc Paver Block, Ceramic Glazed Tiles, Rectified Ceramic Glazed Tiles, Adhesive Solvent Cement, Geotextile, Acrylic Exterior Paint, Vitrified Floor Tile, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Cpvc Pipe, Factory Made Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panel Door Shutter Including Carriage, Gi Wire, Paddy Straw, Nylon Net Supply, 1St Class Picked Jhama Bricks, Stone Boulder, Laterite Boulder, Fine Sand Supply In Work Site, Medium Sand Supply, Coarse Sand Supply, Bamboo, Eucalyptus Bullah, Eucalptus Bullah, Sal Bullah, Nail Supply, Hire Charges Of Shuterring Plank, Hire Charges Generator, Hire Charges Of Monkey Set, Loading Unloading And Stacking Sand Stone Aggregate Loading Unloading And Stacking Stone Aggregate, Loading Unloading Stacking Lime, Moorum, Boilding Rubish And Similar Miscellaneous Material, Stone Screening, 1St Class Traditional Bricks, River Bed Material, Tor Steel Rods, Tor Steel Rods, Loading, Unloading And Stacking By Manual Means Of Steel, Sal Siliguri, Neem Wood, Other Local Wood, Ordinary Teak Wood, Sisu Gamar Wood, Local Sal Wood, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Screw, Bright Finished Or Black Enameled Mild Steel Butt Hinges, Coal Tarring, Fan Hook, Rcc Ventilator, Udaypur Marble Slab, Chawk Dugri Marble Slab, Chawk Dungri Marble Slab, Frp Composite Door Frame, Frp Composite Door Frame, Coloured Pedstal Type Wc Pan, Polythene Flush Pipe, 18 Mm Thick Marble Partition Slab, Gi Pipe, Cpvc Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes, Thermocol, Chromium Plated Stop, Chromium Plated Angular Stop Flange, Polythene Bib Cock Stop Cock, Sink With Waste Fittings And Two Coats Of Painting Of Ci Brackets, Supply, Fitting And Fixing Pillar Cock Of Approved Make Cp Pillar Cock, 15 Mm Swan Neck Tap With Left And Right Hand Operating Nob With Aerator, Structural Members Of Specified Sections, Structural Work In Roof Trusses Etc Using Joints, Channels And Angles, Ms Structural Works In Roof Trusses With Tubular Sections, Ms Structural With Hollow Sections, Pvc Connector, Polythene Waste Fittings, Waste Pipe With Pvc Coupling At One End Fitted With Necessary Clamps, Fly Ash Bricks, Iron Hasp Bolt, Iron Door Rings, Iron Catch Hook, Ms Clamp, Anodised Aluminum Barrel Tower Socket Bolt, Anodized Aluminum D Type Handle Continuous Plate Base, Towel Rail, Collapsible Gate, Steel Railing, Ms Integated Grill For Steel Window And Ventilator, 1.5 Mm Thick Ms Sheet, Ci Manhole Cover, Cp Cover Brass Waste Fitting, Malayasia Sal Cleat Including Necessary, Two Point Nose Steel Handle, Openable Steel Windows, Top Hung Side Hung Ventilator, Fixed Type Ventilators, Cp Over Brass Waste Fittings, Empty Gunny Bag, Waste Pipe With Pvc Coupling, Waste Pipe With Pvc Coupling, False Ceiling, False Ceiling, Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Asbestos Corrugated Sheet, Asbestos Ridging Including Necessary Fitting, Aluminum Sheet, Fitting And Fixing Glass Reinforced Polyester Translucent Fiber Glass Sheet, Fitting And Fixing Glass Reinforced Polyester Translucent Ridging, Fitting And Fixing Circular Corrugated Aluminum Sheet, Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Aluminum Sliding Window, Partly Glazed Partly Paneled, Aluminum Fixed Partition Wall, Upvc Plain, Supplying Solid Flush Type Doors, Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Of Bitumen Drum Sheet Including Nails, Bitumen, Modular Fly Ash Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks Traditional, Bitumen Emulsion, Precast Cement Concrete Blocks, Grade 1 Stone Metal, Fencing Post, Polythene Sheet, Grill Weighing, Shower Jet, Corner Urinal, Ci P Trap, Ci S Trap, Porcelain P Trap, Porcelain S Trap, Check Valve, Hire Charges For 5 Hp With Operator, Fuel And Shifting Etc Reducing Socket, Reducing Elbow, Silver Sand Supply, Ibs Display Board, Community Display Board, Supply Of Organic Manure, Chloropyriphos, Dalbegia Sisoo, Nylon Net, Poly Rope, Bambo, Bio Pesticide, Mango Himsagar Sapling Aged, Mango Chosa Sapling, Mango Langra Sapling Aged, Mango Amrapali Sapling Aged, Mango Laxmanbhog Sapling Aged, Guava Sapling, Apple Kul Sapling, Litchi Sapling Aged, Sapoda Sapling Aged, Jamn Sapling Aged, Ata Sapling Aged, Jac Fruit Sapling, Hybird Guava, Coconut Sapling Aged, Kajubadam Sapling Aged, Oil Pam Sapling Aged, Papya Sapling Aged, Bael Sapling Aged, Arabian Date Sapling Aged, Dragon Fruit Sapling Aged, Egg Fruit Sapling Aged, Fig Fruit Sapling Aged, Karonda Sapling Aged, Pomegranate Sapling Aged, Grape Vine Sapling Aged, Starw Berry Sapling Aged, Banana Singspuri Sapling Aged, Passion Fruit Sapling, Mulberry Sapling Aged, Lemon Grass Aged, Chain Rose Sapling, Lotus Sapling Aged, Other Flowers Stapling, Black Pipper Stapling Aged, Long Pipper Sapling Aged, Bay Leaf Sapling Aged, Hedge Sapling Aged, Betel Vine Sapling Aged, Betel Vine Mitha Sapling, Betel Nut Sapling Aged, Water Chest Nut Sapling Aged, Pineapple Sapling Aged, Vetiver Sapling Aged, Shishu Sapling Aged, Segun Sapling Aged, Sonajhuri Sapling, Eucalyptus Sapling Aged, Sal Sapling Aged, Krishna Chura Sapling Aged, Radha Chura Sapling Aged, Nim Sapling Aged, Mechogini Sapling Aged, White Sirish Sapling Aged, Pvc Water Tank, Supplying Of Rcc Display Board With Fitting And Fixing, Coumity Display Board With Brick Work.
Due Date : 28/12/2020
5 Tenders: 23946725 Establishment Of Mini Drugs Testing Laboratory With Necessary Wall Paneling, False Ceiling, Laying Of Vitrified Tiles, Aluminum Frame Work With Pre Laminated And Float Glass Partitions, Painting, CPVC Pipe Connections And Other Miscellaneous Works Including IDI And Fans Including Power Wiring, AC Units For CDSCO At Cargo Satellite Building, RGI Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad..
Due Date : 14/12/2020
6 Tenders: 23926802 Tender For Double Sealed Window Glass Unit For Lhb Coaches Fixed Window To Cwm/Pl's Drg. No. C/Lhb 056/C Alt Nil To Size 1117(+/ 1) X 697(+/ 1) X18.38Mm With Outer Glass Safety Laminated Float Glass With Pvb Film And Inner Glass Of Toughened As Per Mdts 089 Rev 3.
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Due Date : 24/12/2020
7 Tenders: 23914190 Supply Of 4 Mm. Thick Transparent Float Glass Manufactured As Per IS14900 2000. Size: 8 Ft. X 4 Ft..
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Due Date : 22/12/2020
8 Tenders: 23901661 Establishment Of Mini Drugs Testing Laboratory With Necessary Wall Paneling, False Ceiling, Laying Of Vitrified Tiles, Aluminum Frame Work With Prelaminated And Float Glass Partitions, Painting, CPVC Pipe Connections And Other Miscellaneous Works Including IDI And Fans Including Power Wiring, AC Units For CDSCO At Cargo Satellite Building, RGI Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad IEI And Fans Including Power Wiring, AC Units For CDSCO At Cargo Satellite Building, RGI Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad..
Due Date : 05/12/2020
9 Tenders: 23658891 Tender For Mirror,Glass Silvered Plain Size 230 X 380 X 5.5.Mm To Cr Drg.No.Bf 381 Alt.5 To Is 3438/94 Made Out Of Float Glass Waviness Not More Than 8 Mm As Laid Down In Is 2835/87 (3Rd Revision) Test For Waviness .
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Due Date : 21/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23653324 Provisions Included In This Estimate Are Fabricating And Fixing Aluminium Partition Work With 12 Mm Thick Prelaminated Particle Board And 4Mm Float Glass Providing And Fixing False Ceiling Etc Civil Works Buildings.
Due Date : 31/10/2020
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