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1 Tenders: 18161111 Supply Of Fixed Clean Agent Gas Based Fire Suppression.
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Due Date : 25/02/2019
2 Tenders: 18111538 Procurement Of Afdss System For Bh60 Dumpers .
Due Date : 04/03/2019
3 Tenders: 18077731 Tender For Supply And Installation Of Dcp Fire Suppression System At Ranchi/Dhanbad/Tata Depot Terms And Conditions Should Be Completed As Per The Below Description A Design Has Been Developed For Tlf Gantry. One 50 Kg Dcp Module Can Provide Coverage To 59 To 73 Sqm Whereas On 75 Kg Dcp Module Can Provide Coverage Of 89 To 110 Sqm Area. Hence Pre Engineered Systems Comprising Of 50 Or 75 Kg Dcp Modules Can Be Used As Dcp Extinguishers Of This Size Are Standard In Oil Sector. For Typical Tlf Gantry Size At Small Depot Location, The Calculation Of Number Of Modules Is As Under; Requirement Of Dcp Modules L W Area Typical 4 Bay Gantry Size 20M*9M=180 Sq.M Design For 30% Additional Area =234 Sq.M No Of 50 Kg Modules Required 4.0 Principles Of Operation. Dry Chemical Container This The Cylinder Containing The Extinguishing Agent Can Be A Normal Cylinder Or Stored Pressure Type. This Keeps The Dry Chemical Powder Container Under Pressure And Gives A Faster Response And Discharge Time. The Pressurized Cylinder Units Have A Bursting Discharge So That The Dry Chemical Cannot Be Discharged From The Storage Tank Before The Powder Is Properly Fluidized. Dry Powder Must Be Under Pressure To Fluidized With Gas, In This Manner The Proper Ratio Of Powder To Gas Is Optimum For Extinguishment. Nitrogen Passing Through A Reduction Valve Pressurizes The Tank And Nozzles Fitted In The Bottom Atomizes The Contents. When A Pressure Of (10 To 12 Kg/Sqm) Bar Has Been Achieved, A Pilot Valve Opens The Main Discharge Valve And The Dry Powder Flows Through The Distribution Manifold To The Monitor Or Hand Hose Line In Question. The Pressure During Discharge Is Kept Constant By Means Of A Reduction Valve Placed Upstream Of The Dry Powder Unit. Release Of The System May Be Remotely Operated From The Release Boxes Utilizing A Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder Or Alternatively Manually Operated At The Dry Powder Unit. The Propellant Gas System Is Designed To Contain Sufficient Nitrogen/Co2 To Maintain The Pressure During Release As Well As To Clean The Pipes And Hand Hose Lines After Discharge. On Actuation, Pressurized Gas Is Released Into The Powder Container And The Powder Is Discharged Into The Piping System. Normally 175 Lbs Of Dry Powder Can Be Discharged By Nitrogen At 350 Psi In 4.5 Secs Or 39 Lbs/Sec. (79.4 Kg Dcp Can Be Discharged By Nitrogen At 24.51 Kg/Sqcm In 4.5 Seconds , 17.6 Kg/Sec) Distribution System The System Requires A Piping System To Distribute The Fluidized Dry Chemical Powder To The Nozzles. The Chemical May Reach Very Speed Of 7500 Ft/Min Exerting Tremendous Force Of The Bends And Joints Of The Piping System. Venturi Assemblies Are Normally Fitted Before ‘T’ Fittings To Ensure Remixing Of Powder Before Dividing. Activation System Activation Can Be Achieved Both Manual For A Safe Location Or Automatically Using Temperature Sensors. In Case Of Auto Activation An Alarm With Suitable Timer Delay For Activation Should Be Provided For Personnel To Escape. The Engineered Dcp Fire Extinguishing System For Small Gantries, Will Consist Of The Following. 1) Standard Skid Mounted 50Kg Dcp Cylindrical Containers Made Of Ms As Per Is 10658 And Which Is Tested To 35Kg/Sqcm And Fitted With Safety Valve Set To Release At 20 Kg/Sqcm. 2) Use Dcp Powder Confirming To Is4308. Foam Compatible Dcp Powders May Also Be Considered. Potassium Carbonate Is Superior To Sodium Carbonate Due To Better Fluidity. 3) Use Standard 2/4Kg C02 Cylinders As Expellant Confirming Is7285 Or Equivalent Capacity Dry Nitrogen Cylinders. Quantity Of Expellant Gas Will Be 20% Extra For Flushing The Pipelines After Discharge. 4) The No Of Modules Shall Be As Per Table Above, We May Thus Have 4 Nos Of Modules Of 50 Kg Dcp For 4 Bay Gantry. 5) Each Module Shall Be Connected To Network Of Piping And Shall Discharge The Contents From 4 Nozzles, Two Mounted On Top Of Gantry And Two At The Bottom To Take Care Of Fire At Top Of T/L And Fire At Bottom Of Bay From Spill. 6) Each Module Can Be Activated Individually Automatically Or Remotely By Manual Activation. Auto Activation Can Be Using Thermal Relays Set At 92 Degrees Centigrade. The Remote Actuation System Can Be Linked To Terminal Automation Or Safety Plc Also. 7) Depending On Severity Of Fire And Extent Of Spread Across The Bays, More No Of Modules Can Be Operated Simultaneously. 8) For All The Three Locations Viz. Ranchi Depot, Dhanbad Depot And Tatanagar Depot, Tender Is Being Done For Our Requirement For Design, Fabrication, Erection Testing And Commissioning Of Fixed Dcp Suppressant System Comprising Of : A) 200 Kg Dcp Comprising Of 4 Cylinders Of 50 Kg Each With Cylinder Capacity 60 Liters Installed With High Flow Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauges And Relief Valve Unit And Burst Disc Assembly To Enable Explant Gas To Fluidise The Dcp In Cylinder Fully Before Discharge. B) Using Co2 Or N2 As Expellant (Around 4.5 Liters Of Co2 Or N2 At 250 Bar Pressure Will Be Required In Each Expellant Cylinder) In Standard Peso Approved Cylinder As Per Is 7285 Using Valves Regulators And All Appurtence As Per Relevant Is Standards. C) Provision Of Piping Network In Carbon Steel Seamless (Astm A106 Grb) With All Standard Fittings To Each Of The Bays So That There Are 4 Discharge Nozzles In Each Bay, 2 At The Top And 2 At The Bottom. D) Considering Expansion Ratio Of Dcp/Gas Discharge Into The Bay At 1:300 And Full Quantity Of 50 Kg Dcp Should Be Discharged In 45 Seconds, Each Of The Nozzles Thus To Be Designed For A Discharge Of 100 Liters Per Second. E) The Layout Of Discharge Nozzle Shall Ensure Coverage Of 55 Sqm Area Of Gantry Discharging 50Kg Dcp (18000 Liters Of Powder/Gas Mixture In 45 Seconds Covering Max Area Of 55 Sqm). F) Installation Of Temperature Sensing Auto Actuating System, With Provision Of Remote/Manual Actuation And Linking To Safety Plc/Tas System. Principal Requirements For The System A) The System And Its Components Should Be Designed To Withstand Ambient Temperature Changes, Vibration, Humidity, Shock, Impact And Corrosion Normally Encountered On The Open Deck Of Ships, And Manufactured And Tested To The Satisfaction Of The Company. B) Systems Should Be Designed For The Discharge Characteristics And Flow Rates Of A Specific Dry Chemical Medium. The Type Of Dry Chemical In The System Should Not Be Changed Unless Testing To Verify Performance Is Conducted By A Laboratory To The Company. Different Dry Chemical Media Should Not Be Mixed. C) Only Chemicals Based On The Salts Of Sodium/Potassium Should Be Used. Dry Chemical Storage Containers Should Be Designed To Pressure Codes Of Practice Acceptable To Bpcl, For The Maximum System Pressure Developed At 55ºc. D) A Means For Pressurizing The System Using An Inert Gas, Which Is Normally Co2 Or Dry Nitrogen, In High Pressure Cylinders Should Be Provided. The Nitrogen Should Be Industrial Grade With A Dewpoint Of 50ºc Or Lower. Pressure Gauges Should Be Provided For Monitoring The Contents Of The Cylinders. A Pressure Regulator Should Be Installed To Reduce The Gas Pressure To The Required System Operating Pressure. E) The Quantity Of Expellant Gas Should Be Adequate For The System To Discharge The Entire Charge Of Dry Chemical Powder Within The Time Period Specified In Paragraph 4.1 Below. If Multiple Gas Cylinders Are Provided, They Should Be Arranged With Normally Closed Cylinder Valves That Are Automatically Opened By A Pilot System When A Release Station Is Actuated. Each Cylinder Should Have, In Addition, The Capability Of Manual Operation. F) System Piping Should Be Arranged To Ensure That The Required Flow Rates At All The Discharge Points Equally. Flow Through The Piping Should Be Based On Flow Calculation Methods Determined By The Test Laboratory For The Specific Dry Chemical Powder Medium And Equipment Used. G) Piping, Fittings And Related Components, Except Gaskets, Should Be Designed To Withstand 925ºc. Pipings Should Be As Per Schedule 40 H) Dry Chemical Storage Container Pick Up Tubes And Related Internal Structures Should Be Shown To Be Resistant To Corrosive Effects Of The Dry Chemical Medium. I) Dry Chemical Storage Containers Should Have A Fill Opening Of At Least 100 Mm To Allow Recharging, And Suitable Connections To Allow The Dry Powder Charge To Be Fully Agitated With Expellant Gas/Nitrogen, In Accordance With The System Manufacturer’S Maintenance Instructions. J) Operating Instructions For The System Should Be Placed At Each Operating Station. K) Recharging Instructions Should Be Provided On A Permanent Nameplate Affixed To The Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Unit. As A Minimum, The Instructions Should Indicate The Required Type Of Dry Chemical Powder, The Manufacturer Of The Powder And The Required Charge. The Required Pressurizing Medium Pressure, Number Of Cylinders And Regulator Valve Setting Should Also Be Provided. L) An Approved Design, Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual Should Be Provided To The Owner For Each Type Of Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Unit. 2) Onsite Testing (1) Piping Test After Installation, The Pipes, Valves Fittings And Assembled Systems Should Be Tested To The Satisfaction Of The Company, Including Functional Testing Of The Remote And Local Release Stations. All Distribution Piping Should Be Blown Through With Air To Ensure That The Piping Is Free Of Obstructions. (2) Discharge Duration Test A Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Unit Should Have A Discharge Duration Of At Least 45 Held In A Horizontal Position And Their Discharge Valves Fully Opened. The Duration Of Discharge Should Be Measured From The Time Dry Chemical Powder Begins Flowing From All Attached Devices Until The Gas Point Is Reached At The First Nozzle. .
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Due Date : 16/02/2019
4 Tenders: 18045819 Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Of Fire Alarm Detector System, Fire Suppression System, Fire Early Detection Agent And Rodent Management System For Data Centre And Ups Room Installed At Tcil Hq, New Delhi.. .
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Due Date : 01/03/2019
5 Tenders: 18041392 Supply Of Request For Quotation For Fire Acc .(Fire Suppression System * 34 Ltrs Cylinder With Valve 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) * Sinorix 1230 44 Kgs(Main 22 Kgs And Reserve 22 Kgs) * Master Cylinder Comprising Below Items: Pr.Guage + Low Pr.Supervisory Switch 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Electromagnetic Actuator 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Pneumatic Actuator 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Flexible Dischage Hose 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Flexible Activation Hose 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Manual >()< Pneumatic Actuator 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) Union 7/16 Jic 1/8 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) * Check Valve 2 Nos (Main 1 And Reserve 1) * Nozzles 2 Nos (Main 2 And Reserve 0) * Warning Sings 2 Nos (Main 2 And Reserve 0))
Due Date : 17/02/2019
6 Tenders: 18006690 Annual Maintenance Of Fire Detection And Suppression System For Server Rooms.
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Due Date : 08/02/2019
7 Tenders: 17992085 Provision Of Geysers Submeter And Power Sockets At Certain Places In Officers Mess Sby Monoblock Pumps For Pump House No 1 And 2 Automatic Fire Supression System In Various Electrical Panel Changeovers Diesel Generator Sets And Other Electrical Distribution Boxes .
Due Date : 18/02/2019
8 Tenders: 17964580 Annual Maintenance Contract For Clean Agent Flooding System Agnice Make Installed At New Dcs Building. .
Due Date : 13/02/2019
9 Tenders: 17937826 Tender For Purchase And Installation Of Arai Approved Fire Suppression System For Public Transport Buses Under Aictsl Indore (M.P.) .
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Due Date : 08/02/2019
10 Tenders: 17933917 Supply, Fitting, Fixing, Installation And Commissioning Of Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System And Fire Detection System At Ground Floor, First Floor (Electrical Rooms And Ups Room) And Electrical Sub Station At The Hospital Premises At Santoshpur .
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Due Date : 13/03/2019
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