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1 Tenders: 27871340 Design, Manufacture, Inspection And Testing At Firm's Work, Supply, Dismantling Of Old Starter Panels, Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of 2 Nos. Of Soft Starter For 150Hp Fire Hydrant Pimp, Mulsifyre Pump & 1 No. Soft Starter For 75Hp Submersible Drainage Pump Along With Supply Of Power Cable At Nagjhari Power House..
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Due Date : 15/09/2022
2 Tenders: 27868962 Special Repairs To Fire Hydrant And Swts Of A Park Arsenal B Park And Ravp At Cafvd Kirkee Under Ge (C) Kirkee Civil Works Water Works.
Due Date : 24/09/2022
3 Tenders: 27866725 Providing And Fixing Of New Galvalume Roof Sheets And Approach Road To Fire Hydrant Pump House Of CWPH 3 At RTPS..
Due Date : 05/09/2022
4 Tenders: 27865093 Fire Hydrant System At Our Vadodara Gujarat Plant Located At 727 GIDC Savli Industrial Estate Manjusar Vadodara Gujarat.
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Due Date : 06/09/2022
5 Tenders: 27864335 Fabrication And Laying At Site Erection Insurance Hydrotesting Testing Commissioning Of 280 Nb Pn16 Rated Hdpe Pipes With Electrofusion Type Of Fittings And Connectors Of Approximately 1000 Meters And Interconnecting With Dedicated Fire Hydrant Sys Miscellaneous Works.
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Due Date : 13/09/2022
6 Tenders: 27849606 Civil Maintenance Of Buildings Roads Sanitary Plumbing Repair Of Fire Hydrant In Mfl Pat Ttp City Office Cum Cmds Residence During 2022 To 23 Miscellaneous Services.
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Due Date : 30/08/2022
7 Tenders: 27848166 Civil Works Of Fire Hydrant System At Swmf Civil Works.
Due Date : 26/08/2022
8 Tenders: 27847500 Fabrication, Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of, Petroleum Product And Fire Hydrant Piping And Allied Works For Modification Of Pipelines At Paradip Marketing Terminal For Reverse Pumping Of Product From Terminal To Pshpl Station At Paradip Refin Mechanical Works.
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Due Date : 12/09/2022
9 Tenders: 27846324 Consultancy Work For Preparation Of Detailed Project Report For Installation Of Fire Hydrant And Fire Sprinkler System And Special Fire Protection System For Chemical Laboratory For The Construction Of Proposed G 6 Storied Building Of State Drug CIVIL WORKS.
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Due Date : 29/08/2022
10 Tenders: 27845508 Surface Cleaning And Painting With Primers On Fire Hydrant Piping Network And Associated Accessories At Infra Area Of Frfcf, Kalpakkam. Paint / Enamel Works.
Due Date : 19/08/2022
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Fire Hydrant System Tenders

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