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1 Tenders: 16993246 Supply Of Gf/A Glass Microfiber Filter Papers Sheets Box .
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Due Date : 12/11/2018
2 Tenders: 16992140 Supply Of Resin Impregnated Pleated Filter Paper In Cured Form With 108 +/ 1 Pleats In Each Pack To Part No.9005064 Of M/S. Clark Filter/Usa, Suitable For Manufacturing Of 122 Days Long Life Lube Oil Filters Elements As Per Rdso Specification No.Mp.0.2600.15(Rev.04) January.2007. The Filter Paper Should Meet The Requirements And Test Methods As Specified In This Rdso Specification.
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Due Date : 14/11/2018
3 Tenders: 16981847 Auction Sale Of 12254Ams18g, 98050175, Quantity 20.000 Mts. Scrap Condemned Unserviceable Ms Gi Ci Rusted, Corroded, Dusted, Junk, C And W, Loco, P. Way, Signal Interlocking Mixed Scrap Consisting Of All Type Of Sheets, Boxes, Pipes, Footsteps, Wires, Rings, Strips, Filters, Nuts, Bolts, Pins, Rivets, Links, Rods, Ci Foundry Slag, Angle Cut Pieces, Structural Frames, Brackets, Drums, Cocks, Basins, Wire Meshes, Wire Ropes, Wagon Coach Water Tank Cut Up Parts, Casings, Corrugated Sheets, Filter Top And Bottom Caps, Clamps, Washer Plates, Stands, Frames, Boring And Turning, Mud Boring, Ci Foundry Slag, Doors Of All Types, Sheet Cuts, Plate Cuts, Joists, Channels, Bases, Plates, Flats Cut Pieces, Vestibule Frames, All Types Of Window And Door Shutters, Head Stocks, Empty Motor Bodies, Broken T And P Items, Racks, Deteriorated Brake Heads, Compensating Rings, Bindings, Pipe Boxes, Washers, Dust Bins, Chains, Berth Strips, Gate Frames, Light Wheel Rods, Waste Filter Papers, Buckets, Iron Furniture, Motor Bodies, Screw Rods, Levers, Flats, Rod Cut Pieces, Sabs, Silent Blocks, Shackle Stones, Anchor Links, Hangers, Gear Wheels, Pivots, Equalizing Stays, Dashpots, Trolley Wheels, Brake Shoes, Keys, Uot Crane Cut Up Parts, Axle Box Covers, Under Frame Cut Up Parts, Berth Door Frames, Wagon Hand Brake Wheel, Levers, Hangers, Piston Heads, Steel Turbo, Supports, Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Blower Covers, Motor Bodies Without Nf, Valves, End Shield Covers, Traction Motor Yokes, Shafts, Piston Rings, Gears, Other Released Diesel Loco Parts Of Sorts And Sizes With Or Without Attachments And Other Ms Melting, Brake Shoe Heads, Brake Gear Items, Draw Gears, Straps, Shock Absorbers, Cotters, Springs, Knuckles, Equalizing Stays Of Sorts And Sizes With Or Without Attachments, Fan Hub, End Shield, Pinions, Ms Covers, Signal Arms, Gi And Ms Wires, Lc Gate Pipes, Gate Structures, Ladders, Angles, Signal Booms, Rounds, Signal Buckets, Pulleys, Structures, Gear Wheels, Ci Weights Of Booms, Fabricated Posts, Signal Lamp Structures, Liners, Erc Clamps, Screws, Spikes, Air Brake Cylinders, Vacuum Reservoirs, Buffer Plungers, Brake Beams, Brake Hangers, Activating Rods, Screw Couplings, Bss Hangers, Shackles, Battery Boxes, Battery Containers, Junction And Location Boxes, Sleepers, Bearing Plates, Slide Chairs, Ci Blocks, Tie Bars, Ci Brake Blocks, Composite Brake Blocks, Rubber Pads, Ci Pulleys, Buckets, Ms Gear Wheels, Axle Box Housings, Crank And Cam Shafts, Axle Box, Loco Gear Case, Bfr Cut Up Parts, Grills, Mesh, Gate Wheels, Girders, Structures, Ladders, Collars, Trolleys, Foot Steps, Gang Man Materials, Crow Bars, Beaters, Pan Motor, Wire Claw, Zin Crow, Shovels, Foot Plates, Signal Telephone Posts, Signal Point Rods Etc. With Or Without Attachments And Any Other Ms Gi Ci Material Present In The Lot With Or Without Attachments. Note Note 1.Nf Material, Axles, Wheel Discs, And Rails Or Material Not Mentioned In The Description, If Found During The Delivery Are To Be Returned To Railways. 2. Track And Track Fittings Running Through This Area Are Excluded. 3. Material Is Lying Inside The Bushes And Underneath Ground, It Is The Responsibility Of The Purchaser To Collect The Material By Removing The Bushes And Excavating Digging From Ground, If Needed. 4. Jcb Is Allowed For Excavating, Segregating And Loading Of Material. This Being An Area Lot, There Is No Guarantee Either For Quantity Or Quality Of Material.5. Pick And Choose Not Allowed. 6 Gas Cutting Is Permitted Only To Release The Entangled Materials And Others Upto Loadable Sizes. 7.Materials Has To Be Lifted From One End Starting From Bin No 120 And Duly Lifting The Materials Available Above The Ground Surface First. Location Left Side Of Road No 2, [Bin Nos From 245, 247, 254 To 256]. Hsn Code 7204. Gst 18 Percent. Note To All Bidders A. The Gst Rate Applicable On The Date Of Delivery Has To Be Invariably Paid By The Successful Bidders Before Taking Delivery Of Material. .
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Due Date : 23/10/2018
4 Tenders: 16977533 Supply Of Filter Paper In A Roll As Per Following Description: [1] Size 39.25 Inch(Width) X 100 Meter(Length) [2] Filter Media Cutting Compound [3] Micron Rating 50/60 Micron [4] Paper Thickness 0.15Mm [5] Core Diameter 3 Inch .
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Due Date : 12/11/2018
5 Tenders: 16974151 For Supply Of Laboratory Chemicals And Filter Paper .
Due Date : 25/10/2018
6 Tenders: 16968653 Supply Of Different Types Of Filter Papers For Envt. Labs. At Cmpdi, Ri V, Bilaspur (Cg) .
Due Date : 30/10/2018
7 Tenders: 16955925 Supply Of Disposable Transducer Protector With Filter And Luer Lock. Filter Paper Membrane , 1 Micron, Single Sterile Pack.
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Due Date : 26/10/2018
8 Tenders: 16941146 Rate Contract For Purchase Of Chemicals, Glasswares, Plasticwares, Filter Paper, Filed Articles And Custom Synthesis And Sequencing And (Agrochemical Including Pesticides, Insecticides, Weedicides) Etc.
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Due Date : 02/11/2018
9 Tenders: 16924482 Annual Rate Contract For The Supply Of Laboratory Chemicals/Glassware/ Plasticware/Filter Papers/ Liquid Handling System Etc. And For Outsourcing Of Services I.E. Oligo/ Probe Synthesis, Cloning, Sequencing, Microarray, Antibody Prod. Etc. .
Due Date : 01/11/2018
10 Tenders: 16921630 Supply Of Filter Papers For Chemical Lab For Ntpc Kudgi .
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Due Date : 17/10/2018
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