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1 Tenders: 20084627 Supply Of Set Of Bearing Bracket (End Shields) For Tm Type Hs 15250A. Comprising Of 02 Items As Per Sk. No.Bsl/Elw/Sk.No.6021 Alt 2 (1)Bearing Bracket Assly.(Pe)As Per Drg. No.10Q.750.245 Alt O End Shield (2)Bearing Bracket Assly.(Ce)As Per Drg.No. 10Q 750 246 Alt P End Shield Ref 1 To 5.
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Due Date : 26/09/2019
2 Tenders: 20083585 Supply Of Emu/Memu/Demu Motor Coaches, Cgl Make Hhp Traction Motor, Type C1005 Pe Bearing End Shield And Spares Consisting Of 11 Items 01.Outer Race Pressing Ring Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/406701, Cgl Material Code 768041128, Qty./Set 01 No. 02.Outer Oil Thrower Pe, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/306701, Cgl Material Code 761041132 Qty./Set 01No. 03.Packing Ring Pe Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/406702, Cgl Material Code 767162027, Qty./Set 01 No. 04. Outer Bearing Cover Pe, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/106702, Cgl Material Code 766041452, Qty./Set 01 No. 05. Grease Thrower Pe, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/306702, Cgl Material Code 767041141, Qty./Set 01 No. 06. Oil Thrower Pe Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/406703, Cgl Material Code 769041130, Qty./Set 01 No. 07. End Bracket Ce, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/206701,Cgl Material Code 764041134, Qty./Set 01 No. 08. End Cover Ce, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/306704, Cgl Material Code 763041142, Qty./Set 01 No. 09. Clamp Plate Ce, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/306709, Cgl Material Code 760041459, Qty./Set 01 No. 10. Inner Bearing Stopper Ce, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/406704, Cgl Material Code 760041140, Qty./Set 01 No. 11. End Shield Pe, Cgl Drg.No.Cgm/106701, Cgl Material Code 767041162, Qty./Set 01 No .
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Due Date : 14/10/2019
3 Tenders: 20073361 Supply Of Set Of End Shields Assly. For Tm Tao 659 Comprising Of [1] End Shield [Ce] To Clws Drg. No. 1Twd.092.304 1No. [2]End Shield [Pe] To Clws Drg. No. 1Twd.092.305 Alt.1 1No. For Wam4 And Wag5 Locos.
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Due Date : 02/10/2019
4 Tenders: 20070428 Supply Of End Shield Pinion End For Tm 4907 Type Traction Motor To Rdso Drg.No.Skdp 3803 Alt Nil Or Latest And Conforming To Rdso Spec. No.Mp.0.2402.13 (Rev 03), March 2013. Annexure Vi. Clause:4.0 .
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Due Date : 18/09/2019
5 Tenders: 20054702 Supply Of Driving End Shields Of Mvmt, 35Hp, Bbl Make Suitable For 6313 For Bearing As Per Drg.No.Elw/Bsl/2/Wam 4/124 269 Along With Cover Grease With Bolt.
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Due Date : 16/09/2019
6 Tenders: 20012388 Supply Of End Shield Pe For Traction Motor Cgl Make Model No C 1005 Tm, For 1400Hp Demu/Dpc Cgl Drawing No Cgm/106701 As Per Drg.No. Cgl Drawing No Cgm/106701 Specn: Modal No Cgl 1005 Tm,1400Hp Demu Dpc .
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Due Date : 20/09/2019
7 Tenders: 20010024 Supply Of Set Of End Shield (Nde) As Per Part No. Icecpl/ 45003 & End Shield (De) As Per Part No. Icecpl/ 45007 Suitable For Ic Make 4.5 Kw Alternator.
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Due Date : 17/09/2019
8 Tenders: 19949527 Supply Of 1)Fully Finsihed End Shield Pe Cnc Machined And 3D Cmm Checked To Bhel Drg. No 14394337001 R.35 It.01 And Qap Tm12545 Rev.02 Note: Machined Surface Should Be Properly Painted With Trp. Item Should Be Suitably Packed To Avoid Transit Damage. Qty: 1000 No Miscellaneous Works.
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Due Date : 10/09/2019
9 Tenders: 19929941 Supply Of Set Of Magnet Frame Components (Pe) Of Traction Motor (Taochi) For Wam 4 And Wag 5 Loco Consisting Of 06 Items One No. Each Per Set. (I) Fixed Inner Deflector (Pe) 3.Twd.092.072 Alt. 1. (Ii) Fixed External Flinger (Pe) 4.Twd.092.055. (Iii) Bearing Retaining Ring (Pe) 4.Twd.092.076. Alt. 2. (Iv) External Flinger (Pe) 3.Twd.092.059 Alt. 1. (5) Bearing Cover (Pe) 1.Twd.092.302 Alt. 3. (6) End Shield Assly. (Pe) Skel 4514.
Due Date : 27/09/2019
10 Tenders: 19929707 Supply Of Set Of End Shield Of De And Nde Side Complete With Grease Cover For Samal Harand Make Mr Scavanger Blower Motor Motor Having Size 90L,1 Hp,0.75Kw 415 Volt,3 Phase Motor For Wag 9 Locomotives.
Due Date : 20/09/2019
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