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1 Tenders: 21565033 Supply Of Circular Disc Type Electro Magnetic Device As Per Enclosed Specifications .
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Due Date : 15/02/2020
2 Tenders: 21563163 Supply Of Electromagnet.
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Due Date : 14/02/2020
3 Tenders: 21522325 Upgradation Of Electromagnetic Material Characterization Facility.
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Due Date : 17/02/2020
4 Tenders: 21449500 Notice Inviting Tender For Procurement Of Hall Effect Description Item 1 : Hall Effect Along With All Accessories Item 2: Electromagnet Item 3: Micro Voltmeter
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Due Date : 04/02/2020
5 Tenders: 21415791 Electromagnet Assy /Emt81.M.000Cb.
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Due Date : 25/01/2020
6 Tenders: 21388169 Local Purchase Of Store. 1 Lv7/Zil 131 1804270 Valve Complete With Electromagnet Nos 1 . 2 Lv7/Zil 130 3407200 A Pump/Steering Booster Pump Assy Nos 1 . 3 Lv7/Zil 130 3407338 Pump Filter With Filter Cloth Assy
Due Date : 15/01/2020
7 Tenders: 21377843 Nomination Order Line Cat Lfe. Inspection Using Line Cat Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (Lfet)
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Due Date : 27/01/2020
8 Tenders: 21024727 Supply Of Angstrom Method Of Thermal Conductivity Agm 17 For Laboratory Thermal Conductivity Apparatus Of Liquids Digital Ammeter 0 2 Amp Water Supply 5 Lit/Min Electricity Supply 1 Phase, 220 V Ac, 2 Amp Digital Voltmeter Volt 0 300 Volt Digital Temperature Indicator 0 199.90C, With Multi Channel Switch Conductivity Apparatus Lee's For Laboratory Grifith Bridge/ Platinum Resistance Thermometer Setup Calnder Grifith Bridge/ Platinum Resistance Thermometer Setup Radiation Heat Transfer Unit For Demonstrate Radiation Heat Transfer Unit H111c To Demonstrate The Stefan Boltzmann Law Radiation Heat Transfer Apparatus Single Slit Diffraction Experiment With Laser Optical Rail Length : 1200 Mm Diode Laser Wavelength: 650 Nm Detector Sensor Range: 0 199 Ma /?a Detector Mount Linear Travel : 25Mm Slit Width=50,100,150,200 Microns Mach Zhender Interferometer Setup Kinematic Laser Mount, Beam Splitter Mount, Mirror Mount With Translation, Screen With Mount, Mirror With Cell, Diode Laser With Power Supply (Red), Diode Laser With Power Supply (Green), Beam Splitter, Rotation Stage, Mirror Mount With Precision Translation Supply Hydrogen Spectra Hydrogen Spectra Balmer Series Appartus¿ Capable To Record Wavelengths Of Balmer Series From Hydrogen Emission Spectra And Find The Rydberg Constant. Supplied Apparatus Should Include High Performance Ccd Spectrometer, Mercury Lamp With Power Supply And Hydrogen Spectrum Discharge Tube Coupled With A High Voltage Transformer. Spectrometer Should Be Compatible With Usb 2.0 Interface. Software Supplied Should Have The Facilities For Capturing Single Or Continuous Spectra, Custom Wavelength Calibration, Dark Subtraction And Intensity Comparison, Simultaneous Display Of Overlay Multiple Spectra, Exporting Data To Microsoft Excel, Automatically Timed Spectrum Saving Etc. Effective Spectral Range : 320 To 1050 Nm, Spectral Resolution : 0.1 To 1 Nm, Pc Interface : Usb 2.0 Or Better With Software, Equipment Supplied Should Be Able To Perform Following Experiments: [1] Calibration Of The Spectrometer Using Mercury Lines [2] Verify Hartmann's Constants [3] To Study The Emission Of Light From A Hydrogen Discharge Source [4] To Learn The Empirical Formulas To Characterize The Pattern Of Spectral Lines From Hydrogen, Hall Effect Measurment Setup "Digital Gauss Meter With Inas Probe Range : 0 20Kg Or More Desirable Feature: Interface: Rs232 And Usb "Constant Current Source And Voltage Measurement Device: Probe Current: 20Ma (Maximum) Hall Voltage : 200Mv (Maximum) Desirable Feature: Interface: Rs232 And Usb "Constant Current Power Supply For The Electromagnet Current Range: 0 To 3.5A Output Voltage : 20V "Electromagnet Max Magnetic Field:1 Tesla Or More (At 10Mm Pole Space) Poles : 25Mm Diameter Coils : 2 Nos "Sample Holder Hall Probe With Oven Crystal: Both P Type And N Type Temperature : 0 100°C (Desirable: Up To 500 C) Desirable Features: Holder Should Be Capable Of Changing Samples. Quinkes Experimental Setup Precise And Accurate Measurements Superior Image Quality Of Traveling Microscope With Precision Micrometer Drive Digital Gauss Meter Gives Direct Reading Of Magnetic Field In The 0 20 Kg Range "Electromagnet: Max Magnetic Field:1 Tesla Or More (At 10Mm Pole Space) "Digital Gaussmeter: Range : 0 20Kg Or More,Desirable Feature: Interface: Rs232 And Usb "Constant Current Power Supply For The Electromagnet, Current Range: 0 To 3.5A, Output Voltage : 20V "Travelling Microscope Magnification: 10 X, Micrometer Travel: 25 Mm, Least Count: 0.01 Mm "Quincke's Tube With Stand "Test Sample "Connecting Wires Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Tracer Display : 3½ Digit Variable Magnetic Field With Solenoid Coil Samples: Different Samples Should Be Provided (For Ex: Nickel, Hard Steel, Soft Steel, Etc.) Capable Of The Measurement Of "Coercivity, "Retentivity Saturation Magnetisation Hysteresis Loss Thomson Method To Find E/M Ratio Helmholtz Coils Of Radii 14Cm, No. Of Turns: 160 On Each Coil Accelerating Voltage: 0 250V, Deflecting Plates Voltage: 50V 250V Operating Voltage: 220Vac/50 Hz Oscilloscope (30Mhz) Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 2 Channel, 30 Mhz, With Standard Probes Poisson's Ration And Young's Modulus Measurement Setup Poisson's Ratio Of Rubber Tube Appratus (01 No.) 1) Rubber Tube, Approx. 1 M Long, Fitted With A Rubber Cork Rigidly At Its Top In The Bracket Of A Vertical Stand. (2) The Stand With Levelling Screws On Its Base. 3) A Hook Attached To Lower End Of The Tube To Carry The Slotted Weights. (4) A Pointer Attachment At The Base Of The Tube. (5) Meter Scale Fitted To The Stand. 6) Slotted Wights. Young's Modulus Appratus (Searles Pattern) (01 No.) 1) Two Metal Frames Carrying A Spirit Level. (2) The Wire Under Test Is Hold In Self Centering Steel Chucks Capable Of Holding Wires Of 1.2 Mm Dia (18Swg). (3) A Micromter Head Reading To 0.01 Mm. (4) Ceiling Bracket Having Itself A Pair Of Chucks. (5) Counter Poise Weight. (6) Set Of Suitable Wires (7) Slotted Masses Melting Point Of Solder Material Setup Consisting Of : 1) Ceramic Crucible With Surrounding Heating Coils. (2) Thermocouple (Type J) With Metal Tube Encapsulation. (3) Thermocouple Amplifier Weidmann Franz Law Verification Setup Setup Consisting Of Inbuilt Experimental Sample And Measurement Unit. Thermoelectric Experiment Setup Unsheathed Wire Thermocouples Type J And Type E (20M Each) Thermocouple Amplifiers With Cold Junction Compensation (01 Nos. For Each Setup) 0 200 Deg C, Mercury Thermometers (01 Nos. For Each Setup) Calender Barne's Apparatus Lee's Disc Apparatus For Thermal Conductivity Searle's Apparatus For Thermal Conductivity With Copper Bar, 22Mm Dia, 300 Mm Length, Fitted With Steam Jacket.
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Due Date : 19/12/2019
9 Tenders: 20940191 Supply Of H Dipole Water Cooled Electromagnet.
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Due Date : 17/12/2019
10 Tenders: 20932171 Electromagnet Em 74M 000Ty.
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Due Date : 20/12/2019
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