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1 Tenders: 16320936 Supply Of Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Orion 23Fp(Hs) Water Washable Or Equivalent As Per Rdso Specification M&C/Ndt/105/2001 Or Latest. [Hsn Code 3824] .
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Due Date : 23/08/2018
2 Tenders: 16316394 Chemical, Reagent, Dye Etc. Annexure In 1 .
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Due Date : 06/09/2018
3 Tenders: 16288175 Supply Of Dye Penetrate Kit A Set Of The Kit Consists Of Following Items: (A) 400 Ml Of Solvent Removable Red Dye Penetrant In One 500 Ml Aerosol Can. (B) 800 Ml Of Nonm Aqueous Type Dye Check Developer In Two 500 Ml Aerosol Can With Each Can Containing 400 Ml (C) 1200 Ml Of Solvent Type Non Halogenated Penetrant Remover/Cleaner In Three 500 Ml Aerosol Can With Each Can Containing 400 Ml Note: Each Item Shall Conform To Is: 12889/1989 Shall Be Sulphur, Chlorine & Cfc Free Shall Have Shelf Life 02 Years From Dt Of Mfg. The System Shall Be Able To Detect Crack Upto 20 Microns Depth .
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Due Date : 16/08/2018
4 Tenders: 16270735 Supply Of Set Of Developer Dye Penetrant & Remover, Consisting Of Items As : 1) Developer For Dye Penetrant, Test Approved By Rdso No. M&C/Ndt/105/2001 In Aerosal Spray Can, Net Content: 280Ml, Can Volume:330 Ml, Type: 115D Qty.=700 Can.,(2) Red Dye Penetrant, Test Approved By Rdso No.M&C/Ndt/105/2001 In Aerosal Spray Can, Net Content: 280Ml, Can Volume: 330Ml, Type: 115P. Qty.=500 Can, (3) Penetrant Remover, Test Approved By Rdso No. M&C/Ndt/105/2001 In Aerosal Spray Can, Net Content: 280Ml, Can Volume: 330Ml, Type:115Pr, Qty.=115Pr. Make:Orion Or Equivelant.
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Due Date : 06/08/2018
5 Tenders: 16270416 Supply Of Developer For Dye Penetrant Testing In 500Ml Aerosol Spray Can. Make: Orion 115D Or Molygraph Or Checkmate.
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Due Date : 07/08/2018
6 Tenders: 16254916 Supply Of Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Kit For Zylo Testing To Rdso Spec. No. M & C/Ndt/105/2001, Consisting Of Water Soluble Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Type 1, Method "A", Sensitivity Level 3, 20 Ltrs. And Developer Powder 1 Kg.
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Due Date : 04/08/2018
7 Tenders: 16246667 Supply Of Red Dye Penetrant Kit Consisting Of Red Dye Penetrant, Remover/Cleaner And Developer In The Ratio 1:4:4 As Per Rdso Specification No. M And C/Ndt/105/2001 Of April'2001 Or Latest. The Penetrant, Remover And Developer Should Be Of The Following Type: A. Penetrant: I. Visibility: Type Ii, Visible Dye 20 Microns. Ii. Washability: Method 'C', Solvent Removable; B. Remover/Cleaner: Class I, Halogenated; Packing: In Aerosol Container Cans. The Content Of The Material (Mixture Of Product And Propellant) Shall Be 80 +/ 3 Percent By Volume Of 500 Ml Cans.
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Due Date : 10/08/2018
8 Tenders: 16207406 Supply Of Kit For Dye Penetrant Flaw Detection In Self Spray Aerosol Cans Conforming To Is:3658 1999 (Reaffirmed 2010) & Is: 12889 1989 (Reaffirmed 2010) Consisting Of (I) Cleaner: Non Aqueous, Non Halogenated (Ii) Dye Penetrant: Visible Dye (Red Colour), Solvent Removable (Iii)Developer: Non Aqueous Wet Type Note: 1. Ratio By Volume For Cleaner, Dye Penetrant And Developer Shall Be 3:1:2. 2. One Kit=Cleaner 3 Containers, Dye Penetrant 1 Container And Developer 2 Containers Of 500Ml Capacity Each With Net Content Of 400Ml. 3.Product Should Be Non Toxic, Non Corrosive And Chemically .
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Due Date : 19/09/2018
9 Tenders: 16203884 Supply Of Visible Dye Solvent Removal Kit, Type Ii Contain (1) Red Type 01 Cane (2) Penetrant Remover 02 Cane (3) Developer 03 Cane, Each Cane Contains 280 Ml As Per Is: 12889.
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Due Date : 28/08/2018
10 Tenders: 16200691 Supply Of Penetrant Fluorescent Dye To Rdso Specification No. M&C/Ndt/105/2001 Effictive From April 2001, Visibility Type I To Para 2.1, Washability Method A Water Washable To Para 2.2, Sensitivity Level 4 To Para 2.3, 14.3 And 19.C .
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Due Date : 12/09/2018
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