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1 Tenders: 25005873 1. Repairing Of The Broken Portion Of The Bucket Door Assly. 2. Broken Portion Door Gousing And Welding By Steel Electrode. 3. Lock Bar And Lock Bar Pin Repairing. 4. Door Hinges Broken Portion Gousing And Welding By Steel Electrode. 5. New Excavation Department Work.
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Due Date : 27/04/2021
2 Tenders: 25005439 Tender For Outer Door Assembly [Rh] For Non Ac Coach With 8 Window Bars To Icf Drg. No. T 5 1 672, Alt X And 18 Col. Ii.
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Due Date : 04/05/2021
3 Tenders: 25001433 Replacing Welded Mesh With Brick Masonry Walls, Providing New Shed, Doors And Windows And Painting To Store Room Of Tsla Canteen In The P/O Telangana Legislative Assembly, Hyderabad (2Nd Call) .
Due Date : 26/04/2021
4 Tenders: 25000817 Repairs/Refurbishment And Overhauling Of Wt Doors, Gt Doors And Wt Hatches, Nwt Doors And Port Holes In Ship Marine Services.
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Due Date : 06/05/2021
5 Tenders: 24999631 Tender For Set Of Rubber Packing (Gasket) For Doors & Windows Of 3 Phase Locos Set Consisting Of 09 Items. (1) Modified Window Glass (Log) Packing (Outer) Drg.No.C/Els/Lgd/Rc/4/11, Alt.1 %U2013 Qty Inmtrs %U2013 12 Mtrs. (2) Packing For Wind Screen (Log Inner) Of 3 Phase Locos. Drg. C/Els/Lgdb.F/4/41, Alt.1, Qty%U201312 Mtrs, (3) Gasket For Window Outer Frame Of Wag9/Wap7 Locos (04 Nos To Be Supplied Each Of 1.75 Mtrs As A Single Closed Piece As Per Drg. C/Els/Lgd/Rc/4/ 10, Alt.1 %U2013 07 Mtrs, (4) Packing For Cab Triangular Window Of 3 Phase Locos (Inner), Drg. C/Els/Lgd/B.F/4/39, Alt.1 %U2013 Qty.06 Mtrs, (5) Packing For Cab Triangular Window Of 3 Phase Locos (Outer). Drg. C/Els/Lgd/B.F/4/38, Alt.1 %U2013 6 Mtrs, (6) Packing For Machine Room Door Of 3 Phase Drg.C/Els/Lgd/B.F/4/38, Alt.1 12 Mtrs, (7) Cab Door Packing For Wag9 Locos. C/Els/Lgd/Rc/4/17, Alt.1 22 Mtrs, (8) Packing (Outer) For Main Door Window Glass Of Wag9 Locos. Drg. C/Els/Lgd/Rc/4/13, Alt.1 10 Mtrs, (9) Main Door Glass Packing (Inner) For Wag9 Locos. Drg.C/Els/Lgd/Rc/4/16, Alt 1 10 Mtrs.
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Due Date : 24/05/2021
6 Tenders: 24998014 Repair To Joinery, Cupboard, Chowkhats, Pvc, Doors, Pvc, Cabinets, Almirah And Termite Works Under Age B/R Ii At Ge Jhansi Civil Works.
Due Date : 08/05/2021
7 Tenders: 24997308 Special Repair Replacement To Roof (Water Proofing), Doors, Windows, Toilets And Connecting Path Of 155 Mm Guns And Howitzers Cell Bldg No 149A At Cqa (W) Jabalpur Civil Works.
Due Date : 10/05/2021
8 Tenders: 24996980 Tender For Door Frame For Swing Door As Per Drg.No. Mlw10128 Alt. Nil, Packing Instruction Pi100.
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Due Date : 30/04/2021
9 Tenders: 24996930 Auction Sale Of Property Schedule B: Item No. I: In Coimbatore Registration District, Sulur Sub Registration District, Palladam Taluk, Karumathampatti The Village, In S.F.No.827/4, An Extent Of 34,848 Sqft Or 80 Cents Bounded And Measuring:North Of Property Belonging To K.V.Thangavel, East Of North South Cart Track,South Of Property Belonging To K.Sivasamy And West Of 30 Feet Wide North South Road,An Extent Of 34848 Sqft Or 80 Cents Of Land And The Proposed Rcc Residential Building And Factory Building Constructed As Per The Approved Building Plan With Doors, Windows, Electricity Service Connection, Water Service Connection, Fittings Deposits, With Rights In 30 Feet Wide North South Cart Track, Common Right In Usual Pathways And Other Appurtenances Thereof. Item No.Ii. In Coimbatore Registration District, Sulur Sub Registration District, Palladam Taluk, Karumathampatti Village, In G.S.No.827, An Extent Of 12.0 Acres Of Land, Situated In The Present Sub Division Nos.827/4 Totalling 1.5 Acres Of Land, Excluding The Land Already Sold, And The Pathway, An Extent Of 0.74 5/6 Acres, Out Of This Land –Bounded And Measuring: North Of Lands Belonging To R.Venkatachalam And Others, East Of Lands Belonging To Ariumugam And Others, South Of Remaining Land Of The Common Lands Belonging To Kittappan And Athangavel. West Of 30 Feet Broad North South Common Pathway, In This Middle East West In Length, Out Of An Extent Of 0.66 ½ Acres Of Land Excluding The Land Already Sold, The Land Bounded And Measuring; North Of East West 20 Feet Pathway Situated In G.S.No.827/4, South Of Land Belonging To Thangavel In G.S.No.827/4, East Of G.S.No.829, West Of 30 Feet Broad North South Pathway And The Lands Belonging To Manonmani Sundaram. In This Middle, An Extent Of 13242 Sq.Ft Of Land (1230.21 Sq.Mtr) Or 30 Cents And 162 Sq.Ft And The Residential Building To An Extent Of 50*33 Sq.Ft. Constructed Thereon And The Right Of Using The Common Pathway From The Avinashi Road, And Other Appurtenances Thereto. Door No.17/112 A, Electricity Service Connection No.2403, Water Tap Connection No.1524, This Property Is Situated In S.F.No.827/4, This Property Is Situated Within The Limits Of Karumathampatti Panchayat. .
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Due Date : 26/04/2021
10 Tenders: 24995199 Repair/Maintenance Of Hanger Doors At Af Stn Phalodi Civil Works.
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Due Date : 29/04/2021
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