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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19878929 Sale Of Dismantle Material Recovered From Various Buildings In The Premises Of Collector Wardha. .
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Due Date : 28/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19817736 Auction Sale Of Dismantling And Disposal Of Old Unused Sheds .
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Due Date : 03/09/2019
3 Tenders: 19798354 Auction Sale Of Dismantling Materials.
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Due Date : 19/08/2019
4 Tenders: 19765959 Auction For Dismantling Of Residential Buildings And Lifting Of Materials.
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Due Date : 23/08/2019
5 Tenders: 19585008 Auction Of Dismantling And Disposal Of Abandoned Sub Rest House Stores Building Etc At Canal Rest House Indri Miscellaneous.
Due Date : 02/08/2019
6 Tenders: 19340160 Auction Sale Of Dismantling And Disposal Of Old Air India Gsd Complex .
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Due Date : 09/07/2019
7 Tenders: 19336997 Combined Tender : Sale Of Abandoned Qtrs And Other Structures As And Where Basis Excluding Wooded, Serviceable Ac Sheet And Ferrous Material Including Disposal Of Unusable Material As Directed By Engineer In Charge. (A) Structures In Den/Etw's Jurisdiction(As Per Annexure I) Minimum Bid Of Dismantling Of Abandoned Structure Of " W/Cabin Sb, Gumty Near Lc No. 32 And Sb, Block No. 2Abc(03 Nos) At Sb And 3/Abcd (04 Nos.) At Sb. B/Hut Ww Between Etw Sb. East Cabin Etw, Weigh Bridge At Etw Yard , Block No. 89/Ab (02 Nos.) At Etw And Block No. 90/A (01 Nos.) At Etw, Block No. 74/Ab (02 Nos.) And 75/Ab ( 02 Nos.) At Etw And Block No. 009/A To J (10 Nos.) At Etw. B/Hut Mm Between Ekl Etw. East Cabin At Shw. West Cabin At Uld, Block No 17/Abc ( 03 Nos.) At Uld West Cabin At Ptx, Gumty Near Lc No. 11 And Ptx, Block No. 7/A To E (05 Nos.) At Ptx. East Cabin At Phd. West Cabin At Kns. West And East Cabin At Jjk, Block No. 10/A ( 01 No) And 6/A (01 No.) At Jjk." Under Den/Etw (B) Structures In Aden/Fzd's Jurisdiction( As Per Annexure Ii) Minimum Bid Of Dismantling Of Abandoned Structure Of " B.No. 26 Type I (A To X=24 Nos.) B.No. 08 Type I (A To H= 08 Nos.), B.No. 65 Type I ( A To J = 10 Nos.), B.No. 03 Type Iii (01 Nos.), Prs And West Cabin At Shikohabad. B.No. 09 Type I ( 01 No.), B.No. 10 Type Ii ( E To F = 02 No.) Delhi End Cabin, Center Cabin And East Cabin At Firozabad. B.No. 04 Type I ( A To E= 05 Nos.) At Bhadan Kaurara West Cabin. Makhanpur East Cabin. Under Aden/Fzd. ( Type Iii =01, Type Ii=02, Type I = 48, Cabin=06 And Prs = 01 Nos. Under Aden/Fzd.) Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 07/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19303089 Auction Sale Of Disposal Of Imd Building And Other Assocciate Structure.
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Due Date : 18/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19122227 Auction Sale For Different Materials Under Barasat Division, Pwd During 2019 20. Others Dismantled Materials.
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Due Date : 29/06/2019
10 Tenders: 19041042 E aution on dismentled material at chaunar balu ghat chunar mirzapur
Due Date : 11/06/2019
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Dismantaling Material Tenders

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