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1 Tenders: 23681748 Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Residential Quarters In Western Campus SH: Replacement Of Damaged Kitchen Cupboard In Quarter No DII/06 At AIIMS..
Due Date : 02/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23670849 Repairs To Furniture (Cupboard, Bed, Tea/Side Table) In Rooms, Offices At Wing No.1, 2 And 3 During Winter Assembly Session 2020 At Mla Hostel, Nagpur. Civil Works.
Due Date : 31/10/2020
3 Tenders: 23669516 Supply And Installation Of Museum Rack And Cupboard For College Of Nursing Department.
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Due Date : 16/11/2020
4 Tenders: 23668184 Replacement Of Damaged Wooden Cupboard With Steel Almirah In Faculty House Flat No. 603 And 403 At Nlu
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Due Date : 29/10/2020
5 Tenders: 23659107 Sale Of Obsolete And Unserviceable Stores : Tata Make Cargo Tata Make Van (Diesel), Tata Make Bus (Diesel), Tata Make Truck (Diesel), Tempo Traveller Ambulance (Diesel), 3 Nos. Of Ambassador (Petrol), Safari (Diesel), Tata Sumo Ambulance (Diesel), Body Of 1No. Of Tata 407, 2 No. Of Mahindra Omnibus, 1 No. Of Matador And 1 No. Of Maruti Zypsy, 1 No. Of Forklift, 3No. Of Trailors, Used Vehicle Spare Parts And Tyres Etc. ,Projectors, Large No. Of Online Ups Of Different Capacities Including 10 Kva, 15 Kva Etc., Ammonia Process And Synchronised Printing And Developing Machine, Hp Colour Lj 5500 Printer, Printers, Panasonic Fax Machine, Plotter, Scanner, Dell Make Desktop, Large No. Of Hcl Computers, Water Cooler, Gas Storage Tank, Pump, Heating Oven, Voltmeter, Conductivity Meter, Furnaces, Vacuum Oven, Rolling Machine, Compressors, Dimmerstat, Water Bath Stirrer, Material Testing Instrument, Liquid Nitrogen Can, Rsc Lab Centrifuge, Electric Pit Type Ceramic Furnace, Exhaust Fan, Large No. Of Oscilloscopes, Julabo Chiller, Refrigerator, Iron Door Shutter, Anechoic Chamber, Generator, Large No. Of Oscilloscope, Polishing Machine, Digital Photocopier, Pentium, Cpu, Monitor, 10 Nos. Of Digital Multimer, Function Generators, Waveform Generator, Pulse Generators, Am Fm Generator, Microprocessor Kits, Oscilloscope And Other Kinds Of Cameras, Different Kind Of Laptops, Large No. Of Lenovo Thinkcentres, Large No. Of Monitors, Dell Optiplex Pentiums, Voltage Stabilizer, Tv, Large No. Of Window Ac, Lcd Monitors, Lcr Meters, Hcl Cpus, Ibm Think Centr Cpus, Frontecch Cpus, Hp Cpus, Cooler Cum Purifier, Ac Voltage Stabilizers And Isolator, Large No. Of Multimedia Projectors, Petrol Generator, Hp Semiconductor Component Test System 4061A, Chairs, Sony Crt Tv, Split Ac, Geyser, Grinder, Electric Oven Condenser, Split Ac, Incuvator, Potentiostats, Drill Machine, Dehumidifier (Bry Air), Ifex Instrument, Optical Microscopes, Distilled Water Plant, Table, Vacuum Cleaner, Cartridges, Cutting Machine, Diffractometer, Lathe Machine, Circulating Eater Bath, Shear Cutter, Xrd Machine, Fume Hood, Vacuum Pump, Rotary Pumps, Refrigerators, Biological Instrument, Oscilloscopes, Diesel Engine, Jeep Engine, Dynamometers, Baking Oven, Electronics Balance, Door Cabinet, Epabx System, Workstation, Etc. ,Cracking Machine, Halogen Light Source, Amplifier, Large No. Of Oscilloscopes, Dc Power Supply, Weighing Balance, Large No. Of Ups, Cpus And Monitors, Converter, Bi Prism Bench, Amplifier, Oscillator, Power Supply, Ups For Xrd, Refrigerators, Spectrometer, 2 No. Of 7 Tr Water Cooled Ac Packaged Unit, 2 Stroke Petrol Engine, Tata Industrial Diesel Engine, Nissal Comodel Ed Diesel Smoke Meter, Kirloskar Air Cooled Diesel Engine, Jeep Engine Assembly, 9 Kw Dc Generator, Air Compressor, Rheostat, 2 Stroke Scooter Engine, Chairs, Compressor, Grinder, Infinity Probl 1090, Digital Air Flow Meter, Microprocessor Based Instrumentation, Pi Meter Si. No. 90085 With Accessories, Tmt 16 Sp Analyser, Condensing Unit, Motors, Steam Boiler Bench, Condenser Bench, Reynold And Jet Apparatus, Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, Exhaust Fan, Laser Printer, D Link Switches For Internet, Revolving Chairs, Air Processor, Procon Process Rig, Process Interface And Controller, Computers, Instrumentation Tutor, Large No. Of Wooden Almirah, Large No. Of Steel Thali, Katori, Spoon And Trunk, Boot Dms, Water Cooler Cum Purifiers, Dryer, Demineralizers, Composite Wall Apparatus, Bed Reactors, Table Top Cstr, Critical Heat Flux And Vertical Condenser, Servo Controller, Heat Exchanger, Hydrolysis Reactor, Spray Extraction Column, Gas Flow Meter, Kinetic Study On Benzoic Acid Dissociation, Vibrating Screen, Ball Mill, Drill Machine, Dryer, Reactor, Pump Motor, Servo Controller Stabilizer, Rod Mill, Magnetic Separator, Disc Filter, Pebble Mill, Broaching Machine, Arc Welding Machine, Large No. Of Almirah, Ultra Isolation Transformer, Large No. Of Different Varieties Of Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzer, Large No. Of Digital Ic Power Supply, Several Ic Testers, Multiple No. Of Dso 100 Mhz, Electronic/Digital Multimeters, Large No. Of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Ceiling Fans, Tables, Steel Showcases, Scanners, Power Backup, Batteries, Window Ac Battery, Large No. Of Sun Ray Thin Client. Laminar Flow Clean Workstation, Transformers, Air Compressor Etc. ,Aluminum Dekchi, Large No. Of Bed Sheet Bath Towels, Blankets, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Fry Pans, Pedestal Fans, Bus Cart, Chair Conf. Room, Electric Kettle, Hand Towel, Fry Pan, Pedestial Fan, Large No. Of Bed Covers And Pillow Covers, Plenary Mixer, Rice Boiler (50 Itr), Grinders, Study Table, Split Ac, Swing Door Frame, Water Dispenser, Weighing Machine, Several Television Sets, Water Boiler, Cooler, Several Wooden Tables, Wooden Cupboard, 5. Several Sofa Sets, Fans, Computer, Cpus, Monitors, Ups, Key Boards, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Projector, Micro Oven, Window Ac, Revolving Chairs, Geysors, Iron Chairs With Cushion, Iron Kodai, Carpets, Alumn Coil Condenser, Flasks Ss, Photocopier Machines, Several Hostel Beds, Large No. Of Cots, Office Tables, Box Bed, File Locker, Wooden Rack, Steel Locker, Wooden Board, Temperature And Humidity Indicator, Spray Machine, Furnace, Gl And Ms Fabrication, Typing Machine, 5 Hp Kirloskar Machine, Honda Machine, Collapsible Gate, Honda Machine, Several Desktops, Pentium P4 Cpus, Led Color Monitors, Lcd Color Monitor, Xenon Servers, Upss, Executive Class Room Chairs, Hand Blower, Flame Heater, Wooden And Steel Cots, Large No. Of Keyboards, Mouse And Monitors, Ups, Computer Tables, Amplifier, Vibration Generator, Ibm Thinkpad Laptop, Wooden Beams, Wooden Chairs, Crt Monitors, Godrej Chairs, Aluminium Door Frames And Sliding Doors, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, X Ray Spectrometer, Iron Table Iron Locker, Washing Machine, High And Low Benches, Steel Sink, Metal Framed Chair, Water Coolers, Climatic Chamber, Wooden Box, Iron Trunk, Laptop, Etc
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Due Date : 17/11/2020
6 Tenders: 23654728 Supplying And Providing Cub Boards In Bed Rooms And Tv Show Case In Directors Residence At Iiitdm Kancheepuram.
Due Date : 27/10/2020
7 Tenders: 23644426 Repair And Replacement Of Copboard Shutter And Allied Work At Jawan Barrack Barrack No 1 At Shq Bsf Malda.
Due Date : 26/10/2020
8 Tenders: 23640688 The Work Of Cupboard Shuttering Fittings, Partition Board, Kitchen Partition Shutter Fittings And Wooden Shelf In One No. Type V Tower, 3 No. Type Iv, Tower And 03 No. Type Iii Tower In Multy Storey Tower At Htps Kasimpur (Aligarh) Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 19/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23628047 AR And MO At NACIN Sector 29 Faridabad During 2020 21 SH Repairing Of Cupboard In House No. 485 At Asiad Games Village New Delhi.
Due Date : 26/10/2020
10 Tenders: 23622101 Auction Sale Of 1 FIRE/FOAM MONITOR,CUPBOARD,Etc.
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Due Date : 19/10/2020
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