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1 Tenders: 22564022 Thrust Cradle.
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Due Date : 06/07/2020
2 Tenders: 22512967 Auction Sale Of 16/Salvage/3DOU/20 Case & Cradle O/S.
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Due Date : 16/06/2020
3 Tenders: 22510204 Tender For One Set Of Spring Plate And Cradle Washer As Per The Slm Drawing For X Class Loco X 15 3A M Item Number 3 Necessary Detailed Part Drawing May Be Obtained From Cwms Drawing Office On Chargeable Basis .
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Due Date : 11/06/2020
4 Tenders: 22162636 Auction Sale Of 432/Salvage/3Dou/19 Lot Name: Case And Cradle O/S
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Due Date : 23/03/2020
5 Tenders: 22107433 Annual Maintenance Contract Of Ground Support Equipment (19 By Type And Qty 56) For 3 Years Inas 303. 1.01 Air Charging Unit, Pt No. A0526 0000 1.02 Nitrogen Charging Unit, Pt No. A0527 0000 1.03 Oxygen Charging Unit, Pt No. A0525 0000 1.04 Single Cylinder O2 Trolley, Pt No. Pe 24322 1.05 Special Liquid Refiller, Pt No. A2111 0000 1.06 Hydraulic Tyre Puller, Pt No. A1327 0000 1.07 Vt Trolley, Pt No. A1325m 0000 1.08 Trolley, Pt No. A1320m 0000 1.09 Trolley (Support For Engine Cradle), Pt No. 905 9925 00 01 1.1 Wheel Remover, Pt No. A1326 0000 2.01 Tow Bar, Ptno. A3125 0000 01 2.02 Low Load Lifting Crane, Pt No. A110 0000 01 2.03 Hydraulic Jack, Pt No. A1029m 0000 2.04 Hydraulic Jack (Bottle), Pt No. A43 0200 0 2.05 Lifting Device, Pt No. 5.41.9943.0550.00 2.06 Engine Inserter And Remover, Pt No. A1801 0000 2.07 Cable Trolley, Pt No. A1704k 0000 2.08 Unit Installation For Paz Mk (Trolley), Pt No. 5.41.9915.4500.00 2.09 Engine Cradles/ Cradles For Engine Transportation, Pt No. A1505.0000 Total In Figures
Due Date : 06/04/2020
6 Tenders: 22044995 Auction Sale Of Lot No: 1262.0 Lot Name: Case And Cradle .
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Due Date : 11/03/2020
7 Tenders: 21949073 Invitation Of Bids Comprehensive Amc Of Gse Of Inas 333/ Ins Dega For One Year Request For Proposal (Rfp) No Dega/Aed/106(C)Ii Dated 24 Feb 2020 (A) Main Shock Strut Safety Up Right (B) Safety Belt For Work On Mast Assembly (C) Ladder (D) Appliance For Engine To Gear Box Attachment (E) Towing Arm (F) Yoke For Fitting Blade Cover (G) Appliance For Checking Pressure In Ballonet (H) Lever Plunger Grease Gun With End Fitting (J) Preservation Rig Adapter (K) Rudder Screw Clamp (M) Sling For Blade Lifting (N) Steering Arm (P) Blade Cradle (Q) Oil Tank Heating Adapter (R) Track Check Pole (S) Support For Transportation Of Engine (T) Hydraulic Jack (U) Blade Grip (V) System Charging Rig W) Sonar Trolley (Y) Appliance For Replenishing Engine And Gear Box With Oil (Z) Appliance For Engine Preservation Aa) Appliance For Washing Ab) Wheel Chock Ac) Helo Hoist Sling Ad) Transportation Trolley Of System Charging Rig Ae) Armament Trolley Af) Pneumatic Grease Gun Ag) Pneumatic Compressor Ah) Generator Trolley Aj) General Trolley Ak) Sonar Winch Cable Drum Am) A/C Washing Rig
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Due Date : 09/03/2020
8 Tenders: 21941166 Auction Sale Of Lot No : 776/224Abod/19 Lot Name: Case And Cradle.
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Due Date : 11/03/2020
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