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1 Tenders: 24272513 Procurement Of Bfp Hydraulic Coupling Flexible Element Assembly For Ntpcdadri Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 19/01/2021
2 Tenders: 24271733 M03243/ Procurement Of Bhel Spares Digitalvoltageandcurrent Module Unc4660av1 Davr Rc, Un0610 Analog 16 Ch I/O Davr:R2 Dc Dc Convertor Module Davr Rc, Uns2660 Micro Terminal Davr Rc, Un0663 Digital Firing Card Davr Rc, Un0096 Pulse Coupling Davr Tc, Thyristor Bank Bht N45 90 Dc/Dc Convertor For Brushless Davr Davr:R2 Cp0402 Maxpac Bus Terminator Davr:R2 , 3 Ph Filter Module Davr Fs, Q2 Field Breaker 150A,500Vdc 6.6Kv Breaker Complete With Breaking Pol Set Of Ribbon Cable For Vfd; Bhel Hvr Xfmr:Pressure Relief Valve Hvr Xfmr:Hv Resistor Board Hvr Xfmr:Air Core High Fqcy Choke 50 Mh Hvr Xfmr:Ac Reactor 1.5Mh, 267 A Hvr Xfmr:Hv Rectifier Stack / Disc Hvr Xfmr:25 Nb Valve Hvr Xfmr:Assembly Of Gt2, Gt4 And Shr Hvr Xfmr:Lv Bushing Set A1,A2 And Av Hvr Xfmr:Oil Temperature Indicator Ac/Dc Supply Module Mdl692.03.P21aa 16 Channel I/P Mdl 692.031B1a.Unc4661av2 Davr Final Pulse Stage Card Un0809a 32/32 Ch Digita I/O Card Un0662av1 Current Flow Monitoring Card 6Qm1210 Cont 500Vac/600Vdc Coil:220Vdc For Davr Davr Tc, U54,U55 Trans 0 40 Volt Dc Davr Tc, U52 Trans 0 60 Milli Volt Dc Davr Fs, Q3 Off Load Isolator Davr Fs, R2 Fld Dis Resis, 2Ohm,45Kw Davr Fc, T21.1 C.T Fld 100/1A,15Va Davr , Tier Fan Rack Davr Drg 36539410499 Rc S20 Cable 21P 21 Davr Drg 36539410500 Rc S21 Cable 21P 21 Davr Tc, Q21,Q22 Rotary Cam Switch Davr Shunt, Manganin ,200Ma/60Mv Test Point Module For Brushless Davr Memory Card: Davr St#2 Tripping Coil For Cex 80/200 95472, Coil Davr:Fs Surge Supp Diode 150V 250V Dc Ct,15Va,5/1A For Dvr System Trfmr Pwr 5Kva 3 Ph Ynyno Sa0482905034 Bfv 600:Complete Assy: Bfv 500:Complete Assy: Bfv 400:Complete Assy (G/Box Oper): Rej:2300Mm:Bare Bellow With Retaining Ri Diode Assembly Hf Choke 50 Mh 1200Ma For Bhel Make Hvr Feedback Card Used In Tr Set Of Esp Resister Board Prv Suitable For Hvr Transformer Stage 2 Oti (Oil Temp. Indicator) Esp Bushing Insulator Trigger (Firing) Card Mcrp Card Gasandoil Relay Ref:Gornc1,For Tr Set Of Hv Resister Board 25 Nb Valve For Hv Transformer 70 Kv Terminal Block For Shunt Bushing Terminal Block For Hv Earth Bushing Thyristor 350Amps,1500V With Clamp Plate High Voltage Insulatr 95Kv Hvr Bucholtz Relay
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Due Date : 29/01/2021
3 Tenders: 24271715 Supply Of Gt Coupling Bolts And Nuts At Barauni Refinery Mechanical All.
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Due Date : 20/01/2021
4 Tenders: 24271711 Service Support For Supervision Of Mdbfp Voith Hydraulic Couplingservicing/Overhauling Serv Others.
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Due Date : 30/01/2021
5 Tenders: 24271585 Procurement Of Spare And Complete Assembly Of Premium Transmission Make Fluid Coupling (Model Sdfc 370) And Gear Box Model Sp 218) Installed At Ahp Ii, 2X660mw, Sstpp, Dongalia Miscellaneous Goods.
Due Date : 28/01/2021
6 Tenders: 24271042 Sealingring For Hp Inlet Assembly, Lp Generator Coupling Bolts, Oil Guard Sealing Strip,Clamping Pieces And Locking Plate For 210 Mwkwu.
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Due Date : 02/02/2021
7 Tenders: 24270802 Procurement Of Gear Couplings On Specific Make Basis For Kchp,Mng. .
Due Date : 03/02/2021
8 Tenders: 24270675 Tender For Set Of Spares Suitable For Inter Vehicular Coupler (Zs Coupling) As Per Rcf Specification No. Edts 105 Rev E With Amendment No. 1,2 & 3 Suitable For Wap 7 Loco. Set Consisting Of 06 Items & 150 Nos. As Per Annexure Attached. Material Is To Be Procured From Rdso Approved Sources Only. Qty. 01 Set Details Of Spares Items As Per Annexure 'A' 01) Hinge Cover Assembly Qty.15 Nos. 02) Housing For Socket Assembly Qty.15 Nos. 03) Hinged Pin For Cover Qty. 30 Nos. 04) Tube For Hinged Pin Cover Qty. 30 Nos. 05) Spring For Hinged Pin Cover Qty. 30 Nos. 06) Circlip For Hinged Pin Cover Qty. 30 Nos.
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Due Date : 02/02/2021
9 Tenders: 24269756 Purchase Of Delivery Hose Pipe With Coupling Miscellaneous Goods.
Due Date : 21/01/2021
10 Tenders: 24265168 Supply Of Fire Hoses With Delivery Coupling As Per Is 636 And Is 903.
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Due Date : 27/01/2021
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