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1 Tenders: 23017852 The Work Of Removal And Application Of Insulation And Ai/ Gi/ Ms Cover Plate / Corrugated Sheet At Various Elevation And Locations Of Boiler Unit No. 6 At Ukai Tps As And When Required Basis. (Bmd 6)
Due Date : 20/08/2020
2 Tenders: 23008567 The Work Of Removal And Application Of Insulation And Al/Gi/Ms Cover Plate/ Corrugated Sheet At Various Elevation And Locations Of Boiler Unit No.6 At Ukai Tps As And When Required Basis.(Bmd 6) .
Due Date : 11/08/2020
3 Tenders: 22996836 Supply Of Aluminum Corrugated Sheet And Plain Sheet For Boiler Unit No 1, 2 And 3. .
Due Date : 19/08/2020
4 Tenders: 22979791 Renovation Of Damaged And Leaking Sheet Roofing By Precoated Aluminum Corrugated Sheet Of Old Melting And Gold Melting, Boiler /Gsw/Dia/Rolling/Cutting/Analyzing Kromes.
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Due Date : 03/08/2020
5 Tenders: 22962306 Procurement Of Galvanised Plain And Galvanised Corrugated Sheets Corrigendum.
Due Date : 05/08/2020
6 Tenders: 22951780 Tender For Set Of Seats And Berths For Lwsdd Coaches As Per Set List No. Mplsisblsdd Version 0, With Three Additional Support In Seat Frame And 1Mm Thick Corrugated Sheet As Per Is: 513 2008 Grade Cr1 To Be Used Instead Of Compreg Panel. Upholstery As Per Rdso Spec. #Rdso/2008/Cg 07 Rev. Nil With Amendment Slip No 04 And Colour Shade Alnac 03. Colour Shade For Seat Frame Will Be Satin Blue To Isc: 177. Cushioning Material Is Silicon Foam As Per Rdso Spec. # Rsdo/2013/Cg 13 & Thickness Of Cushion Will Be As Per Rdso Letter No. Mc/Cb/Cushion/Silicon Foam Dated 23.01.2018.
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Due Date : 01/09/2020
7 Tenders: 22947345 Making Urgent Arrangement For Replacement Of Corrugated Sheet Roofing At Pension Trust Office, Rajghat
Due Date : 04/08/2020
8 Tenders: 22934316 Replacement Of Old Corrugated Sheet Roofing And Provding And Fixing Prepainted Sheet Roofing A.C. Ceiling And Steel Work Etc. Civil Works.
Due Date : 28/07/2020
9 Tenders: 22888314 Nctps I Se Mi Circle Bm Dn Unit Ii And Iii Boilers Making Scaffolding Arrangements For Providing Screen For Covering The Opening Above Aph By Gi Corrugated Sheets To Prevent Entry To Ash While Boiler Water Washing During Overhaul Long Shutdown For Power/Energy Projects/Products.
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Due Date : 29/07/2020
10 Tenders: 22876690 Tender For Frp Corrugated Sheet Length 1250 Mm,Height 850 Mm,Thickness 3 Mm.,Sample To Be Approved Before Bulk Supply.
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Due Date : 04/08/2020
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