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1 Tenders: 19462301 Supply Of Copper Salt Rochelle Of GAndW Or Cupsal Z For Copper Plating In 1 Kg Pack Of M/S.Canning Mitra Phoenix Or Metashine Rochelle Copper Salt. To Be Supplied In Sealed Condition.
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Due Date : 19/07/2019
2 Tenders: 19458905 Auction Sale Of Old And Used Damaged Copper Ballast
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Due Date : 29/07/2019
3 Tenders: 19442417 Rivets Snap Head Copper 8Mmx20mm.
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Due Date : 03/08/2019
4 Tenders: 19423756 Supply Of 1)Copper Ngr 34696100004 Rev.00 #02 (Wt=16.81 Kg) Qty: 4 No 2)Copper Ngr 34696100004 Rev.00 #03 (Wt=4.4 Kg) Qty: 4 No 3)Copper Ngr 44696100001 Rev.00 #01 (Wt=5.77 Kg) Qty: 3 No 4)Copper Ngr 44696100001 Rev.00 #02 (Wt=3.50 Kg) Qty: 3 No 5)Copper Tg 44998100101 Rev.00 Var.00 (Wt=0.088 Kg) Qty: 20 No 6)Copper Ngr 24691900047 Rev.01 #03 (Wt=3.71 Kg) Qty: 1 No 7)Copper Ngr 24691900047 Rev.01 #07 (Wt=3.68 Kg) Qty: 1 No 8)Copper Ngr 34991900062 Rev.00 #01 (2Xdia17 To Be Dia14) (Wt=0.57 Kg) Qty: 18 No 9)Copper Ngr 34991900059 Rev 01 #01,L=1000 (Wt=4.44 Kg) Qty: 2 No 10)Copper Tg 34798400017 Rev.02 #01 (Wt=0.3 Kg) Qty: 6 No Miscellaneous Works.
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Due Date : 17/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19416985 Supply Of Material In Gram Panchayat Buharoo Mitti, Chuna, Cement, P.P.C, Fine Aggregate, Sand, Fly Ash, Stone Chips, Stone Grit, Binding Materials, Bricks, Sand Stone, Almirah, Tand, Dpc, Sill Coping, Ruff Kota Stone, Marble Stone, Fr Pvc Insulated Copper Conductor, Wooden Fittings, Doors, Structural Steel, Iron, Winding Wire, Iron Guarder, Grills, Cement Concrete Grills, Glass, Paint, Enamel Paint, Primer, Diesel, Movil Oil, Bitumen Board, Sheet, Gi Sheet, Ms Sheet, Indian W.C, Orrisa W.C, Europeam W.C, Wash Basin, Pvc Waste Pipe, Cp Bib Cock, Cp Pillar Cock, Steel Conduit, Pvc Water Tank, Steel Fasteners, Module Gi Box, Junction Box, Cover Plate, Modular Switch, Modular Socket, Pin, Mcb Db, Gi Pipe, Brass Wire, Ci And Ms Cover Plate.
Due Date : 25/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19413285 Supply Of Set Of Copper Plate (Other Than Panel Section) Clw/Es/03/0452 Alt.B Drg.No. 29618423 .
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Due Date : 25/07/2019
7 Tenders: 19410875 Replacing And Fixing Of Avr In 125Kva Dg Set, Complete Servicing Of 125Kva Dg Set Including Replacing Of M Oil 20W40, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Air Filters And Coolent Etc Complete, Replacing And Fixing Of Electrifier Anf Carbon Bush Of 62.5Kva Dg Set, Replacing And Fixing Of Ring Set O Ring Linfesr, Head Gaskit, Bottom Set, Sim Linear, W.T Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, Engine Gasket Set, Liquid Gasket, Set Of Copper Washers, Main Bearing Set, C.R Bearing, Carbon Box Buxh And Rectifier Of Gen Set 2, Complete Servicing Of 62.5Kva Dg Set No 1 And 2 Including Replacing Of M Oil 20W40, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Air Filters And Coolent Etc Complete.
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Due Date : 15/07/2019
8 Tenders: 19404589 Supply Of Spares Air Tank Water Drain Plug, Adopter For Rear Brake Actuator Size 24 No, Aluminum Spacer For Body U Bolt (Al), Aluminum Spacer For Body U Bolt (Tata), Assy Door Lock Lh Tata, Assy Door Lock Rh Tata, Assy Stepny Wire, Accelerator End Locking Ring, Accelerator Padal Rubber Cover, Banjo Bolt Size 10 Mm, Banjo Washer Size 13 Mm, Banjo Washer Size 12Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Bolt Size 17 Mm, Banjo Bolt Size 18 Mm, Banjo Bolt Size 19 Mm Std For Fuel Line, Banjo Bolt Size 22Mm, Banjo Bolt Size 24 Mm For Diesel Tank, Banjo Washer 19 Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Washer Size 17Mm(Aluminum), Banjo Washer Size 16Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Washer 22Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Washer 24 Mm (Aluminum), Bushing For Fip, Banjo Washer Copper Size 13Mm Split Type, Banjo Washer Copper Size 14Mm As Per, Banjo Washer Copper Size 17Mm As Per, Banjo Washer 24 Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Washer 27 Mm (Aluminum), Banjo Washer Copper Size 14Mm As Per
Due Date : 17/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19390376 Copper Items From Plating Shop And Handing Over To Custody Store.
Due Date : 16/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19386456 Supply of Ofe Copper Rods .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
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Copper Product Tenders

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