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1 Tenders: 26047871 Construction Of Cc Road In Mohan Jat To Dhalnath Street, Kawalaram Jat To Shravan Maharaj Street From Ambedkar Street And Bihari Singh To Omprakash, Panna Jat To Tulsa Jat And Nearby Street In Ward No 43
Due Date : 04/10/2021
2 Tenders: 25723293 Provn Of Comn Trench – 01 Nos In 25 Inf Div Aor. 1. Scope Of Work. Scope Of Work Comprises Of Construction Of 1 Nos Tunnel Def Of Each 100 Mtr Length Rcc Roof Covered Communication Trench/Tunnel With One Lmg Post Of Size 2.50 X 2.50 Mtr Including One Door And One Loop Hole As Per Drawing Attached. All Accessories Required For Construction Of Tunnel Defense As Per Site Condition In Hilly Terrain Areas All As Specified. 2. Excavation. Excavation In Trenches And Over Area Exceeding 1.5 Mtr Wide And Not Exceeding 3 Mtr But Exceeding 1.5 Mtr Depth In Rocky/Hard/Dense Soil Returning, Filling Ramming, Filling And Watering Not Exceeding 25 Cm In Layers And Removing Of Surplus Soil Upto 50M From The Site. 3. Ohp (Over Head Protection): Ohp Will Be Provided On Rcc Wall With Rcc Cast In Situ 1:1.5:3, Type A 1 With Using Tmt Bar 10Mm Dia @ 200 Mm Spacing And 12Mm Dia Bar @ 150 Mm Spacing As Shown In Drawing Grade Fe 500D. Rcc Slab To Be Constructed With Using Super Plasticizer @1.5 % Of Cement Weight And Steel Fiber Reinforcement Of Size 0.5 Mm X 30 Mm @ 0.4% Of Concrete Volume (I.E 31.40 Kg/Cum) Make:Tata/Sail/Jindal/Rinl/Apollo Steel/Kamdhenu/Prakash /Surya 4. Loop Hole: Loop Holes Will Be Provided In Rcc Wall As Per Site Condition And As Directed. Loop Hole Will Have Clear Opening Of 700 X 300 Mm With Two Sliding Shutter Opening Up Independently With Arngs Of Putting Stay At Centre Of Each Shutter At Top. Loop Hole Will Be Made Of Isa 75 X 75 X 6 Mm Frame And 10Mm Thick Ms Plate. Each Shutter Of Loop Hole Will Be Fixed With 2 Nos 350 X 300 Mm Sliding Ms Plate 10Mm Thick. One Tower Bolt And One Handle Will Be Provided On Each Of The Shutters For Opening/Closing Of Shutters. One Peep Hole With Sliding Slit Of Size 75 X 75Mm Will Be Provided On Centre Shutter Of Each Loop Holes Near Its Lower Edge. All Steel Section Make:Tata/Sail/Jindal/Rinl/Apollo Steel/Kamdhenu/Prakash /Surya 5. Flooring : 25 Mm Thick Pcc 1:2:4, Type B1 Finished Even And Smooth Without Using Extra Cement Over 100 Mm Thick Rcc 1:1.5:3 Type A 1 Using 20 Mm Graded Crushed Stone Agg Over 100 Mm Thick Pcc 1:5:10, E2, With Drain Will Be Provided Complete All As Shown In Drgs. 6. Rcc Wall : 150 Mm Thick Rcc Wall Made Of Rcc 1:1.5:3, Type A0 1 With 10 Mm Dia Tmt Bar @ 150 Mm C/C Both Way Reinforcement Grade Fe 500D As Shown In Drg. 7. Plastering : 10Mm Thick Plastering In Cm 1:4 On Fair Faces Of Concrete Wall Surface, Fair Finished Even And Smooth Without Using Extra Cement. 8. Steel Door : Pre Fabricated Steel Door Of Size 900X1800 Mm And For Lmg Post Size 1200 X 2100 Mm Made Of 2Mm Thick Ms Sheet And Angle Iron 40 X 40 X 6 Mm For Frame Work And Fi 25 X 5 Mm For Braces / Hold Fast / Bottom Support. All Fittings And Locking Arrangements Like Hinges, Sliding Door Bolt, Tower Bolt, Handles Etc. Will Be Provided To Door With Suitable Welding Work As Required As Per Site Condition And As Directed. Ms Sheet Should Be Treated With Fire Resistance Paint On Both Faces And All Steel Surface Should Be Painted With 2 Coat Of Synthetic Enamel Paint Over A Coat Of Red Oxide Primer. Og Colour . All Steel Section Make:Tata/Sail/Jindal/Rinl /Apollo Steel/Kamdhenu/Prakash/Surya 9. Painting : All Steel Surfaces Will Be Painted With One Coat Of Red Oxide Primer On Both Faces And Two Coats Of Approved
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Due Date : 12/08/2021
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