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1 Tenders: 24308352 Supply Of Lab Equipment 1 Bar Magnets 7.5 Cm 2 Solder Less Bread Board With Dual Bus Strips On Both Sides With 630 Tie Point In Terminal Strip And 200 Tie Point In Distribution Strip 3 Capillary Tube With 0.1 Mm 30 Cm Length 4 Carey Foster’S Bridge (Meter Bridge) Teak Wood 5 Commutator With Terminals, On Nicely Polished Wooden Base With Sun Mica Top 6 Compass Box 7 Cotton/Cloth Covered Single Strand Copper Wire 30 M 8 Daniel Cell 9 True Rms Digital Multi Meter With Two Year Warranty For Ripple Factor Measurements 10 Dry Cell (1.5V, 9V) 11 Resistance (Various Values), Capacitor (Various Values ), Diodes, Zener Diodes 12 Galvanometer 30 0 30 Range, Wide (10 X 8 Cm) Dial,Two Year Warranty 13 Hares Apparatus With Borosilicate Glass Tube 14 High Resistance With Plug Type Short Circuit Key Fitted On Nicely Polished Teak Wood Case Values Ik, 2K, 5K, 10K,Two Each 15 Jockey With Brass C P Point And Lock Type Terminal 16 Knife Edges, For Young’S Modulus Experiments 17 Mercury 500 G 18 Meter Scale Made From Well Seasoned Soft Wood, Machine Graduation With Very Clear And Accurate Division,! Meter Long 19 Mirror Strips 20 Newton's Ring Apparatus With Built In Lens Mirror Arrangement 21 Optic Lever With Clamp And Holder To Hold Telescope 22 Plane Mirror 23 Plano Convex Lens ,For Newton’S Rings Experiment 24 Plug Keys Made From 10.5 Mm Thick Brass Blocks Fitted On Bake Lite Base With Brass Nuts And Screws 25 Power Supply With Short Circuit Protection (Dual And Normal) 26 Prism (Crown Glass) 27 Prism (Flint Glass) 28 Resistance Coil Temperature Coefficient Expt, The Coil Wounded On A Thermometer, Imerged In A Test Tube Filled With Oil, Provided With Bti 15 Terminal For External Connection 29 Resistance Wire 10 M 30 Rubber Tube With Bore Size 4/6/8/10 Mm And Wall Size 1/1.5/2 Mm, 10 Meters Coil 31 Screw Gauge 32 Slotted Weights (G And Kg) 33 Soldering Iron With 2 Years Warranty 34 Soldering Lead 500 G 35 Soldering Wax 500 G 36 Standard Resistance Fitted In A Aluminium Or Steel Turf Bake Lite Case With 2 Terminals, 10 Hm, 20 Hm 50 Hm, Two Each. 37 Standard Resistance Boxes Di To 1000 Ohms Of Manganin Coils With 12 Mm Thick Rectangular Gun Metal Heavy Blocks And Silk Covered Non Inductive Windings Coils Are Connected With Double Nut System And Fitted In Spray Painted Teak Wood Box,+/ 0.05% To 0.1% 38 Standard For Torsion Pendulum 39 Digital Stop Watch With Large Display, Two Aaa Battery Powered, Auto Power Off More User Friendly 2 Year Warranty 40 Table Lamp 41 Tangent Galvanometer Heavy Pattern 2 Year Warranty 42 Test Tube 18 X 150 Mm Round Bottom 43 Torsion Pendulum 5" Disc,With Nichrome Wire 44 Two Way Key, Thick Brass Block Fitted In Bakelite Case 2 Year Warranty 45 Stainless Steel Vernier Calipers With Wheel Motion Range, Rust Proof, 12.5Cm, 5Inch, Dollar Make With Two Year Warranty 46 Wide Dial Analog Volt Meter (0 30V), (0 5V), (0 100 Mv) 47 Voltage Source With Short Circuit Protection 48 Weight Hanger 49 Wife Router 2 Year Warranty 51 Fire Extinguishers Class Abc
Due Date : 27/01/2021
2 Tenders: 24298868 Tender For Set Of Extractor Plates For Fan, Commutator End Wiper And Pinion End Wiper Of Traction Motor As Per The Following Drawing : Item No. 1 : Extractor Plate For Traction Motor Commutator End Wiper To Drawing No. Et/Rs/Tm 01/2019 01 No., Per Set., Item No. 2 : Extractor Plate For Traction Motor Pinion End Wiper To Drawing No. Et/Rs/Tm 02/2019 01 No., Per Set., Item No. 3 : Extractor Plate For Traction Motor Fan To Drawing No. Et/Rs/Tm 03/2019 01 No., Per Set., .
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Due Date : 02/02/2021
3 Tenders: 24242100 Tender For Insulating Ring Of Commutator For Hs 15250 Armatures To Drg. No. 10 R 793.522 Alt I Item No. 3 (Shell)" And As Per Clw Specification 4.Tms.092.040,Alt.2.
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Due Date : 19/01/2021
4 Tenders: 24204974 Repairing Of Commutator Of One Number Hoist Generator 01 Of 7820 Dragline. .
Due Date : 15/01/2021
5 Tenders: 24193629 Tender For Jassons Commutator Turning Tool Pcd Tools 20Mm Square X 50Mm Long Including Angle 90 Degree Nose, Radius : 0.8Mm As Per Rdso/Smi/Elrs/29 Dt8/78.
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Due Date : 18/01/2021
6 Tenders: 24167524 Tender For Set Of Vee Insulations Consisting Of (1) Insulation Ring Of Commutator 1 No. (2) Vee Insulations Of Commutator (Front Side) 1 No. (3) Vee Insulation Of Commutator (Core Side) 1 No. As Per Hitachi's Drg. No.I0r.793 522, Alt 1.
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Due Date : 11/02/2021
7 Tenders: 24160675 Tender For Insulating Ring Of Commutator For Hs 15250 Armatures To Drg. No. 10 R 793.522 Alt I Item No. 3 (Shell)" And As Per Clw Specification 4.Tms.092.040,Alt.2.
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Due Date : 08/01/2021
8 Tenders: 24083621 Procurement Of Commutators Consumables.
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Due Date : 16/01/2021
9 Tenders: 24081425 Supply Of Commutator Bar Blank As Per Bhel Drawing 34394280001.
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Due Date : 12/01/2021
10 Tenders: 24077804 Tender For Deburring Brush Of Armature Commutator Mica Under Cutting For Hyt Mica Under Cutting Machine As Per Drg.No.3Tms/Cnb/Drg/2005/A,Alt 1.
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Due Date : 29/12/2020
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Commutator Tenders

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