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1 Tenders: 24283419 Supply Of Filling Of Liquid Chlorine Confirming To Is : 646 1986 In Our Chlorine Tonners Of About 900Kgs & Filling Of Liquid Chlorine Confirming To Is: 646 1986 In Our Small Cylinders Of About 100Kgs. Net Capacity On As And When Required Basis As Per The Enclosed Technical Specifications..
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Due Date : 03/02/2021
2 Tenders: 24275388 Supply Of Chlorine Tonner.
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Due Date : 27/01/2021
3 Tenders: 24250679 Making A Platform Alongwith Suitable Derrick System For Loading And Unloading Chlorine Tonner And Other Allied Works For Gaseous Chlorination System At Niyamatpurintermediate Boosting Station Within Arsenic Area Water Supply Scheme Northern Sector Under Mlmd Electrical Work/ Equipment.
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Due Date : 28/01/2021
4 Tenders: 24237026 Urban Water Supply Scheme To Attingal Azhoor Supply Of New Empty Chlorine Tonner As Per Bs 1500 To Attingal Azhoor Wtp Civil Works Water Works.
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Due Date : 18/01/2021
5 Tenders: 24154856 Auction Sale Of 1 CHLORINE TONNER SCRAP CUT IN 4 PICES.
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Due Date : 12/01/2021
6 Tenders: 24132591 Frp Hood Assy For Chlorine Tonner With 50 Meter Flexible Hose Pipe Atntpc Faridabad Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 02/01/2021
7 Tenders: 24114040 Supply, Delivery And Erection Of Scrubber (Absorption Blower System) For Chlorine Tonner, Supply And Delivery Of Spare Parts To Chlorination Plants To Kept In Good Running Condition And Construction Of Ac Pucca Shed To With Adequate Ventilation For Chlorine Tonners At Ashok Nagar Head Water Works In Kurnool Municipal Corporation, Kurnool.
Due Date : 04/01/2021
8 Tenders: 24103679 Supply Of Chlorine Tonner.
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Due Date : 04/01/2021
9 Tenders: 24091766 Supply Delivery And Carrying Of Chlorine Tonner Gas Of 900 Kg Each Capacity Toner With Testing Of Toner For Central Sector Part_I_Ii And Beldanga_Mahyampur Surface Water Based Water Supply Scheme Under Medb Phe Dte In The District Of Murshidabad MECHANICAL.
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Due Date : 11/01/2021
10 Tenders: 24045593 Supply Of Chlorine Tonner.
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Due Date : 09/12/2020
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