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1 Tenders: 18566728 Supply Of Chlorinator Complete For Icf/Rcf Type Coaches As Per Rdso Drg No. Cg12012. Hsn Code 7219.
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Due Date : 26/03/2019
2 Tenders: 18498147 Procurement Of Spares For Pt Chlorinator .
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Due Date : 15/03/2019
3 Tenders: 18492369 Maintenances Of Motors/Pump Set, Chlorinator, Chlorination Equipments And Panel Set At Sewage Treatment Plant Kapurthala. .
Due Date : 22/03/2019
4 Tenders: 18491047 Supply, Delivery Installation Of Submersible Pumping Machinery Alongwith Allied Electrical And Mechanical Works, Voltage Stabilizer And Automatic Chlorinator At Pump House No I Under Jhupkhali Water Supply Scheme District Of 24 Pgs N .
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Due Date : 16/03/2019
5 Tenders: 18450217 Dg Paithan (G.C.) Industrial Area...Mandr To Wss At Paithan Industrial Area .. Supply Of Spares And Providing Annual Maintenance For Two Chlorinators At Wtp 2Nd Call.
Due Date : 18/03/2019
6 Tenders: 18444841 Supply Of 1 No. Metito Make 10 Kg/Hr N 1 No. 4 Kh/Hr Chlorinator For Ranney Wells Chlorine Points In Ac 01 Electrical Works.
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Due Date : 15/03/2019
7 Tenders: 18438863 Supply And Fitment Of Bolted Design Ir Drdo Bio Digester Tanks With All Mounting Arrangements In Cbc Coupler Fitted Icf/Rcf Design Coaches. (1)Mounting Arrangement Of Bio Digester Tanks To Rdso Drg. No. Cg 15041, Item Nos. 1 To 3, 5 To 12 And 16 To 17, Alt. Nil (2)Ir Drdo Bio Digester Tank To Rdso Drawing No. Cg 15029, Alt. 1, Except Item Nos. 2,3,8 To 10, 17 And 18. (A) Item No. 7, Top Plate Required To Modify To Suit S Trap Arrangement And Cutaway In Top Cover Is Not Required, Which Is Meant For Ball Valve Adopter. (B) Consequently, Partitions Of Cg 15030 Alt. 01, Item No.01, 06 And 07, 12 Required To Be Revised Accordingly. (3) Chlorinator Complete To Rdso Drg. No.Cg 12012, Alt.4. (4) S Trap Arrangement For Old Design (J Bracket) Bigger Bio Digester Tank To Rdso Drg.No. Cg 17064, Alt.Nil. (5) Bacteria Inoculum Of 480 Liters Per Coach To Be Supplied By Sourcing Form Drde/ Gwalior Or Their Tot Holder. Note: (I) Procedure Of Retro Fitment Of Bio Digester Tanks As Per Rdso Lr. No.Mc/Cb/Lf/Anaerobic Dated 18.11.2015 And 31.03.2015 (Ii) Procedure Of Retro Fitment Of S Trap As Per Rdso Lr. No. Mc/Cb/Lf/Anaerobic Dated 03.01.2018. (Iii) Hardware Items Used For Mounting And Securing Ir Drdo Bio Toiles Should Only Be Reputed Manufacturer I.E. Unbrako, Tvs And Lps. (Iv) One Coach Set Consisting Of 4 Nos. Of Tanks With All Fittings, Accessories And Inoculum.
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Due Date : 02/04/2019
8 Tenders: 18430301 Installation Of New Tubewell Size 200Mm I/D Straight 250 Mtr Depth, Construction Of Rcc Over Head Storage Reservoir 25000 Ltr.,Pump Chamber Size 3.05 X 3.70M, Distribution System, Chlorinator, Private Water Connection With Water Meter, Pumping Machinery And Development .
Due Date : 15/03/2019
9 Tenders: 18427467 Providing And Fixing Of Vacuum Gas Chlorinator At Hsvp Water Works In Sector I, Rohtak And All Other Works Contingent Thereto Civil Works.
Due Date : 12/03/2019
10 Tenders: 18410261 Repairing Of Post Dosing Chlorinator Machines Along With Its Components At Module 5 Of Igwtp
Due Date : 18/03/2019
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