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1 Tenders: 27871517 Supply Of Water Treatment Chemicals And Annual Maintenance Of Chlorination Plant At Belur.
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Due Date : 22/09/2022
2 Tenders: 27869627 Repair/Maintenance Of Various Types Of Pumps/Motors, Chlorination Plants, Motor Protection Panels And Other Connected Works At Af Station Leh Electrical And Maintenance Works.
Due Date : 16/09/2022
3 Tenders: 27869318 Comprehensive Maintenance / Repair Of Chlorination Plant And Other Allied Works Including Repair To Storage Water Heater In Domestic Area At Af Stn Chakeri, Kanpur Electrical And Maintenance Works.
Due Date : 10/09/2022
4 Tenders: 27869134 Repair Maintenance Of Chloronome Plants Solar Water Heating System Diesel Generator Sets And Valve Pits And Miscellaneous Items At Sector A And B Under Ge Utility Ambala Cantt Civil Works.
Due Date : 19/09/2022
5 Tenders: 27868874 Coprehensive Maintenance Of Chloronome Plants Bp Dozers Supply Of Granular Calcium Hypochlorite Bleaching Powder Repair To Gi Pipeline And Connected Services At Ats Belagavi Civil Works.
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Due Date : 26/09/2022
6 Tenders: 27868683 Repair And Maintenance To Pump Sets, Motors, Chloronome Plants And Water Treatment Plants At 273 Su And 20 Wing Afs Bagdogra Under Ge (Af) Bagdogra Civil Works.
Due Date : 20/09/2022
7 Tenders: 27868200 Repair/Maintenance Of Water Pipes Line With Fittings And Connected Works At Pocket I And Pocket Ii Water Supply, Chloronome Plants, Ro Plants And Replacement Oc Ci/Di Pipe Line And Connected Works At Chaf Bangalore Civil Works.
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Due Date : 17/09/2022
8 Tenders: 27867972 Certain Repair/Replacement Of Chloronome Plants And Supply Of Chlorine Gas / Chemicals Etc And Cleaning Of Ohts, Under Ground Sumps And Repairs And Replacement Of Certain Connected Items At Mil Stn Jamnagar Civil Works.
Due Date : 17/09/2022
9 Tenders: 27860935 Construction Of Chlorination Plant To 13 ML Service Reservoir Of High Level Reservoir, Yadavagiri, Mysuru.
Due Date : 02/09/2022
10 Tenders: 27822050 Revival Of Clarifier Of Unit 1 And 2 And Mtc. Of Area Adjoining The Piping Of Chlorination Plant And Side Stream Filtration System Of Unit 7 And 8 At Ptps, Panipat. Civil Works.
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Due Date : 12/08/2022
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Chlorination Plant Tenders

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