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1 Tenders: 23857524 New Suppliers Required Bhel Ranipet Machinery And Machining Tools. Ds181 Ventilation System Ds180 Pre Treatment Plant Ds167 Side Stream Filtration System Ds166 Gas Chlorination Plant Ds165 Cw Treatment Plant Ds164 Silica Analyser Ds163 Flow Switch Ds162 Poly Aluminium Chloride Ds161 Rotameter Ds160 Solenoid Valve Enclosure Box Ds159 Float And Board Level Gauge Ds158 Illumination Package Ds157 Temperature Transmitters Ds156 Level Transmitters Ds155 Pressure Transmitters Ds154 Temperature Guages With Thermowell Ds153 Pr/Diff.Pr/Electro Magnetic Flow Transmitter Ds152 Ss,Copper And Brass Pipes/Fittings Ds151 Paddle Wheel Flow Transmitter Ds150 Level Transmitter(Ultrasonic/Radar Type) Ds149 Level Transmitters (Dp Type) Ds148 Level Gauges (Float And Board) Ds147 Level Switches (Float/Displacer Type) Ds146 Ph Instruments / Orp Instruments Ds070 Double Comprsn Ferrule Type Tube Fittings Ss 316 Ds069 Pp/Cpvc/Upvc Wafer Type Butterfly Valves Ds068 Conductivity Analyser Ds141 Potassium Permanganate Ds140 Sodium Hydroxide Liquid(Lye) Ds066 Variable Frequency Drive Panel Ds065 Upvc Andcpvc Pipes And Fittings(Pn10andabove) Ds064 Plc System With Instrument Package Ds139 Hydrochloric Acid Ds138 Sodium Bi Sulphite Ds137 Laboratory Glasswares Ds133 Electronic Weigh Scaleand Digi. Anal. Balance Ds131 Lovibond Comparators With Discs Ds110 Sodium Hypochlorite Ds105 Cleaning Chemicals Ds104 Hydrate Lime Ds102 Polyelectrolyte Ds101 Liquid Ferric Chloride Ds061 Cage Type Globe Valve Ds060 High Flow Catrige Filter Ds057 Gripe Type Expandantion Bolt Ds056 Galvanised U'bolts Ds054 Neoprene Rubber Sheet Ds052 Ele. Motor Operated Butterfly Valves Ds050 Swing Check Valves Wafer Ds049 Steel Tank Ds047 Dm System Large Ds046 Ss 316 High Pressure Flexible Couplings Ds044 Ss Seamless / Erw Tubes / Pipes And Fittings Ds042 Silent Check Valves Hp Ds041 Hp Ball Valves(Manual,Motorandpneumatic) Ds040 Hp Globe Valves Ds039 Ss Fasteners Ds037 Grp Flanges Ds036 Grp Pipes And Pipe Fittings Ds035 Gi Piping And Fittings For Air Line Ds034 Hp Rubber Hose Ds031 Lp Piping Upvc And Cpvc Ds030 Rubber Expansion Bellows Ds029 Static Mixers Ds026 Pneaumatic Actuated Bfv Ds025 Pp/Cpvc/Upvc Ball Ds024 Lp Butterfly Valves (Manual) Ds023 Eoh And Monorail With Motor Driven Trolley Ds022 Gaskets,Rubber Sheets And Rubber Mats Ds019 Frp/ Grp Tank Ds017 Energy Recovery Unit Ds016 Membrane Filter For Sdi Skit Ds015 Pressure Vessel For Membrane Ds014 Ro Membrane Ds012 Uf System (Pressurised) Ds011 Bwro Skid Ds010 Hp Pump With Motor Andacc (Stailess Steel Ds008 Catridge Filter Assy Ds007 Dosing System Ds003 Pp Pumps Ds002 Lp Pumps
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Due Date : 08/12/2020
2 Tenders: 23855304 Filter Press Unloading And Chemical Dosing At Etp Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 27/11/2020
3 Tenders: 23827037 Supply Of Re Circulating Cooling Water Chemicals And Dosing Of The Same In Circulating Cooling Water To Maintain Coc And Performance Of Condensers Of 3X110mw Unit At Dccpp, Dholpur Chemicals/Minerals.
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Due Date : 03/12/2020
4 Tenders: 23791535 Provision Of Chemical Dozing System And Certain Minor Works At Cqae (We) Bangalore Under Ge(Af)Yelahanka.
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Due Date : 19/11/2020
5 Tenders: 23742674 Annual Contract For Round The Clock Chlorine Dosing Operation Of Bktpp Miscellaneous Services.
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Due Date : 17/11/2020
6 Tenders: 23732272 Annual Work Contract For Various Sample Collection, Preparation Of Chemical Solution And Dozing Along With Transportation Of Bulk Chemicals From Store To Site In 1X500 Mw Unit Of Ph Iii At Sgtps, Mppgcl, Birsinghpur. Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 23/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23722681 Provn Of 01 X Wc For Inf Det, Provn Of Water Filter Plant And Chemical Dozing System, Provn Of Toilet Block At Int Det At Mendhar, Special Repair To Bldg No T 149 And T 121 Of Inf Bn At Upper Garrison Mendhar And Special Repair To Bldg No P 45, P 46 And P 61 At Amn Point Under The Aor Of Age B/R I Of Ge 881 Ews.
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Due Date : 02/12/2020
8 Tenders: 23716907 Annual Contract For Round The Clock Chlorine Dosing Operation Of Bktpp Miscellaneous Services.
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Due Date : 17/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23709421 Lime Feeding/Dosing System
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Due Date : 09/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23701113 Lime Feeding/Dosing System For Ntpc Ramagundam Tpp Fgd Corrigendum.
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Due Date : 07/11/2020
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Chemical Dozing System Tenders

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