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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 20493746 1 Scarping Plaster In Lime Or Cement Mortar From Brick/ Stone Masonry 2 Dismantling Of Existing Structures Like Culverts, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Cc Road And Other Structure Comprising Of Masonry, Cement Concrete, Wood Work, Steel Work, Including Tandp And Scaffolding Wherever Necessary, Sorting The Dismantled Material, Disposal Of Unserviceable Material And Stacking The Serviceable Material With All Lifts And Lead Of 50 Metres As Directed By Engineer. Rubble Stone Masonry In Cement Mortar. 3 Earth Work In Excavation In Foundation, Trenches Etc. Including Dressing Of Sides And Ramming Of Bottoms, Including Getting Out The Excavated Material, Refilling After Laying Pipe/ Foundation And Disposal Of Surplus Excavated Material At A Lead Upto 50M Suitable Site As Per Direction Of Engineer For Following Depths, Below Natural Ground / Road Top Level. In All Types Soils/ Saturated Soil Such As Moorum, Sand, Sandy Silt, Clay, Black Cotton Soil, Kankar, Etc. Depth Upto 1.5 M 4 Carriage Of Materials Bymechanical Transport Including Loading,Unloading And Stacking :: Earth For 1 Km 5 Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Of Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centring And Shuttering All Work Upto Plinth Level Code) 1:4:8 (1 Cement : 4 Fine/ Coarse Sand : 8 Graded Stone Aggregate 40 Mm Nominal Size). 6 Random Rubble Masonry With Hard Stone In Foundation And Plinth : 25.1.1 Cement Mortar 1:6 (1 Cement : 6 Coarse Sand) 7 Cement Plastering Including Tandp, Scaffolding, Material And Complete Labpour, Including Cost Of Water, Curing, Racking Of Joints Etc. With 20 Mm Cement Plaster Of Mix :1:6 (1 Cement : 6 Fine/ Coarse Sand) 8 Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Of Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centring And Shuttering All Work Upto Plinth Level : 1:1½:3 (1 Cement : 1½ Coarse Sand : 3 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal Size). 9 Stone Tile Work For Wall Lining Upto 10 M Height With Special Adhesive Over 12Mm Thick Bed Of Cement Mortar 1:3 (1 Cement : 3 Coarse Sand) Including Pointing In White Cement With An Admixture Of Pigment To Match The Stone Shade. 8Mm Thick (Mirror Polished And Machine Cut Edge) Granite Stone Of Any Colour And Shade. 10 Structural Steel Work Riveted, Bolted Or Welded In Built Up Sections, Trusses And Framed Work, Including Cutting, Hoisting, Fixing In Position And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer All Complete: 11 Painting With Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Brand And Manufacture To Give An Even Shade : Two Or More Coats On New Work
Due Date : 30/10/2019
2 Tenders: 20493369 Construction Of R/Nr Buildings Of Fire Station At Tehsil Kaptanganj, District Kushinagar (Supply Of Cement) Civil Construction Goods.
Due Date : 31/10/2019
3 Tenders: 20490023 Construction Of Judicial Buildings (Excluding Cost Of Cement) At Pratapgarh (District Pratapgarh) (P No Jud./19 20/Banswara/P 1).
Due Date : 30/10/2019
4 Tenders: 20487384 Supply Of Miscellaneous B/R Store For Age B/R Paradip. 1 Stone / Crush Dust 2 Compact Wall Hung Water Closet Colour: White Make: Cera Model Cat Sl No: 1041150 3 Concealed Flush Tank With Dual Flush Knob Make: Cera, Model : Chevron Cat No B 1110101 4 External Primer Make: Asian 5 Weather Paint External Emulson Make: Apex 6 Prepolished Green Marble 20 Mm Thick 7 Port Land Slag Cement (Psc) Conforming Is 455 Make: Ultra Tech, Chettinad, Maha Of M/S My Home Industries Ltd, Gajapati 8 Ordinary Port Land Cement (Opc) Grade 43 In Accordance With Is 8112 Make: Maha Shakti Of Cci Ltd, Sanghi, Star, Konark, Dalmia Cement, Chettinad, Maha Of M/S My Home Industries Ltd, Parashakti, Zuari, Gajapati, Prism, Sartaj, Bvcl, Dhruv, Ramco, Saurashtra, Lafarge, Acc, Grasim, The India Cement, Andhra Cement, Century, Binani, Mangalam, Birla, Orient, Shree, Jk, Jk Lakshmi, Jaypee, Ambuja
Due Date : 28/10/2019
5 Tenders: 20468362 Annual Repair And Maintenance Of To Resdl. Type Quarters In W. Campus. Sh Supply Of Cement And Stone Aggregate In Western Campus At Aiims. .
Due Date : 24/10/2019
6 Tenders: 20462816 Supply Of Cement Sand 20 Mm Aggregate Fly Ash Bricks At Murpar U/G Mine Of Umrer Area. Civil Works Others.
Due Date : 28/10/2019
7 Tenders: 20462034 Supply For 7000 Cement Bags.
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Due Date : 05/11/2019
8 Tenders: 20461632 Supply And Installation Of Natural Day Light System As Per Requirement Of Site Condition As Per Following: Collector 750Mm, 400Mm; Diffuser: 1.2M Pipe Length And 0.6M Additional Pipe Length, 90 Degrees Bend And Clamping For Support Including All Connecting Accessories. Note: Installation Of The Above System Including The Cutting Of Wall And Making It To Its Original Shape With Bricks, Cement And Sand (Masonry Work) .
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Due Date : 06/11/2019
9 Tenders: 20461199 Supply Of Cement, Iron, Stone, Sand, P.V.C. Pipe, Galvanize Pipe, Paddhari, Machinery, Metal, Water Tanker, J.C.B., Murram, Farasbandhi, Repairing Of Motor, Repairing Of Bore Motor.
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Due Date : 23/10/2019
10 Tenders: 20453770 Supply Of Gauging Trowel, As Per Is: 4031, Is To Be Used For Mixing Cement And Sand With Water For Specimen Preparation, The Size 100 To 150Mm Long Blade With Straight Edge, Weight 210 +/ 10G.
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Due Date : 30/10/2019
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