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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 21573249 Auction Sale Of Lot No: Smltr7 Lot Name: Scrap Slag Laddle Cast Steel
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Due Date : 04/02/2020
2 Tenders: 21570412 Auction Sale Of Lot No: 3 Lot Name: Cast Steel Ladle
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Due Date : 10/02/2020
3 Tenders: 21433905 Auction Sale Of Lot No: 24 Lot Name: Cast Steel
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Due Date : 29/01/2020
4 Tenders: 21422685 Various Mechanical Works On Turnkey Basis To Be Carried Out At Water Supply Scheme Bumhama Machineries/ Mechanical Engg Items. Providing, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Submersible Pumping Units For Pumping Of Water From Dug Well To Sr With Following Specifications: General Specifications: Altitude From Mean Sea Level = 1700 Mtr (Amsl) Ambient Temperature = + 40ºc To 15ºc Relative Humidity = 60% Pump: Discharge Of The Pump = (700 750) Lpm Dynamic Head = (140 143) M Mat. Of The Impeller = Cast Steel Efficiency = Not Less Than 40 % Shaft Material = Stainless Steel Body = Cast Iron Type = Bowl Stage Type Makes = Pluga, Crompton Greaves / Cri/ Ksb/ Kirloskar Motor: Rating = 30 To 35 Hp Speed = 2900 Rpm Frequency = 50Hz Working Voltage = 415 ± 15% Efficiency = Not Less Than 45% Makes = Pluga, Crompton Greaves / Cri/ Ksb/ Kirloskar The Job Also Includes: A) Fab And P/F Of Mild Steel 80 Mm Dia Nipple Of Suitable Length Duly At One End And Flanged (18 Mm) At The Other End. B) P/F Of Mild Steel Crate Around The Pump And Motor. C) Fab And P/F Of Ms 80Mm To 125Mm Dia Increaser For Connecting Of Column With Rising Main With 18 Mm Flanges. D) 125 Mm Dia Ms/ Gi 5.4 Mm Thick Column Pipe Pieces With 18 Mm Thick Flanges As Per Sit Requirement And Pumping Equipment Coupled Length With Cleats Etc. D) Fab And P/F Of Ms 125 Mm Size Clamps With Cross Arms Not Less Than 600Mm (02 Sets). 02 Jobs 2. Rising Main Fabrication, Providing, Of 20 M Of 125 Mm Dia 5.4 Mm Thick (Class B) Gi Pipe For Laying Of Rising Main From Dug Well To Interconnection Site Of Old Laid Gi Rising Main Including Loading Of Pipes In A Private Vehicle, Carriage, Unloading, Stacking In Premises/Near Pump House For Doing Necessary Fabrication Operations By Shifting Of Dg Set, Welding Machine, Gas Cutter With All Other Allied Tools Required At Site. Weight =17.9 Kg Per Meter : Total Weight = 20X 17.9 = 358 Kgs 358 Kgs. 3. Fabrication / Providing / Fitting Of 20 Mm Thick Ms Table 5 Flanges To Above Ms Pipes Departmental As Per Requirement Includes Welding Of Flanges In Two Layers Welding Of Pipes Circumferentially In V Groove Penetrating Through The Thickness Of Flanges. The Welding Shall Be Carried Out With Standard Make Is Marked Electrodes, Welding Should Be Smooth And Leak Proof By Shifting Of Dg Set, Welding Machine, Gas Cutter With All Other Allied Tools Required If Required Along The Contour Of Pipe Line At Site For Proper Off Set Wedges Etc.) 15 Nos. 4. Shifting And Installation / Laying / Fitting By Way Of Connecting Ms / Gi Flanged Pipe End To End. The Smooth And Leak Proof Laying And Fitting Of Pipes Shall Include Shifting Of Dg Set, Welding Machine, Gas Cutter With All Other Allied Tools If Required All Along The Contour Of Pipe Line At Site For Fabrication Of Proper Off Set Wedges Etc. 20 Meters 5. Providing / Fitting Of Suitable Sized Nut Bolt 15 Kgs. 6. 3 Mm Thick Rubber Insertion Gaskets For Each Flanged Joints To Make Leak 20 Nos. 7. Fabrication, P/F Of 125Mm Nd Ms/ Gi Flanged Bends As Per Site Requirement With 20 Mm Thick Table 5 Flanges. 04 Jobs 8. Fabrication, Providing, Fitting Of 125 Mm All Flanged Tee With Wash Out Web Part Of 80 Mm Dia, Included Are 18 Mm Thick Ms Flanges With All Tail Pieces And Allied Works As Per Site Requirement For Connecting Of Dug Well And Sump Rising Main With Main Rising Main. P/F Of Desired Sized 3Mm Thick Rubber Insertion Gaskets And Ms Nuts / Bolts, And
Due Date : 15/01/2020
5 Tenders: 20933205 Auction Sale Of Empty Fire Cases Steel /Aluminum/Iron Items.
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Due Date : 13/12/2019
6 Tenders: 20791808 Auction Sale Of Cast Steel Wire Rope Drums.
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Due Date : 27/11/2019
7 Tenders: 20776078 Procurement Of Cast Steel Ladles .
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Due Date : 29/11/2019
8 Tenders: 20737041 Auction Sale Of Scrap Slag Laddle Cast Steel.
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Due Date : 22/11/2019
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Cast Steel Tenders

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