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1 Tenders: 19747757 Supply/ Services For Rgaud 2019 Run/ Rally.(1 Stage With Carpeting 32'*20' 640 Sq Ft 2 Backdrop 32'*10' 320 Sq Ft 3 Vvip Sofa Set (2 Sitting Each) 6 Each 4 Centre Table 3 Each 5 Flower Decoration For Entire Venue 1 Ls 6 Vip Cushion Chairs With Covers 150 Each 7 Riser For Media 20'*16' 320 Sq Ft 8 Start And Finish Gate 18'*12' 2 Each 9 Flags For Flag Off (Double Side) 6 Each 10 Water Proff Canopy (For Stage Area And Officer Sitting Area) 80'*40' 3200 Each 11 Refreshment Zone With Water Proofing 40'*20' 800 Ls 12 Tables For Refreshment With Cover And Frill 8 Each 13 Refreshment Arrangements For Vvips With Following Menu And Catering Services Etc.: Tea/ Coffee, Veg Pakora, Kofta, Potato Wafers, Kaju Katli Etc. And Drinking Water For Approx. 200 Persons 200 Ls 14 Dustbin 4 Each 15 Carpeting 100 Running Ft 16 Flower Bouquet 10 Each 17 Cooler Jumbo 6 Each On Route Arrangements 1 Tables For Medical And Water 10 Each 2 Dustbins Near Water Station 6 Each 3 House Keeping Staff 3 Per Person 4 Drinking Water Arrangement With Paper Disposal Glasses For Whole Progreamme 10 Counter 10 Per Counter 5 Tent For Water Point Area 10'*10' 3 Each End Point Arrangements 1 Table Barricading 20 Each 2 Dustbins 10 Each 3 House Keeping Staff 4 Per Person 4 Finisher Backdrop For Selfies 20'*10' 200 Sq Ft Manpower 1 Volunteers 50 Per Person 2 Supervisor 4 Per Person 3 Security Guards 20 Per Person 4 Emcee 2 Per Person Others 1 Housekeeping Supervisor 2 Per Person 2 Photographers (3) With Soft Copy In Dvd And A 100 Photo 5"X7" Album 1 Ls 3 Videographer (3) With Soft Copy In Dvd 1 Ls 4 Drone Camera Videography With Soft Copy In Dvd 2 Each 5 Hiring Of Tata Ace Car For Ferrying Volunteers / Route Signages / A Boards Along The Route 2 Each 6 Leading Vehicles 1 Each Sound Start Point 1 Music System With All Items 1 Each 2 Cordless Mic 4 Each 3 Silent Generator 62Kva With Diesel 2 Each Sound End Point 1 Music System With All Items 4 Each 2 Cordless Mic 2 Each 3 Silent Generator 62Kva With Diesel 1 Each Kit Distribution Point 1 Water Proof Canopy 15'*15' 225 Sq Ft 2 Volunteers 10 Each 3 Chairs 10 Each 4 Tables With Cover And Frills 8 Each 5 Fan 2 Each)
Due Date : 13/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19739836 Supply Of Carpentry Material For Civil Colony Maintenance At Gsecl Wtps.
Due Date : 21/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19725086 Materials Supply Stone For Masonry Work, Through And Bond Stone Size 24X24x39cm, Stone Aggregate 20Mm, Stone Aggregate 40Mm, Stone Aggregate 10Mm, Coarse Sand, Fine Sand, Cement, Mixer Machine, Vibrator, Tmt Bar, Corner Angle 45X45x5mm 1.5M Long, Wall Form Panel 1250X500mm, 100Mm Channel Shoulder 2.5M Long, Double Clip( Bridge Clip), Single Clip, M.S Tube 40Mm Dia, Soild Block Of Size 30X20x15cm, Soild Block Of Size 40X20x10cm, Second Class Kail Wood In Planks, Second Class Kail Wood In Scantling, Hollock Ballies 125Mm Dia, Structural Steel Such As Tees, Angles, Channels And R.S Joists, Adjustable Span Eso+Si(2.35 3.40), Adjustable Telescopic Prop 3M (2.02 3.75M), Anjili Wood Scantles, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Butt Hinges 100X58x1.90Mm, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Butt Hinges 50X37x1.5Mm, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Screws 20Mm, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Screws 40Mm, Factory Made Door Frame Size 50X47mm With Wall Thickness 5Mm Made Of Single Piece Extruded Profile, 35Mm Thick Factory Made Solid Panel Pvc Door Shutter Of Single Piece Extruded Profile Non Decorative Finished (Matt Finished), Powder Coated M.S Butt Hinges 100Mmx58mmx1.9Mm, M.S Steel Round Bar Above 12Mm Dia, Flats Up To 10Mm In Thickness, With Redy Mxed Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer Of Approved Brand And Manufacture On Steel Galvanised Iron/ Steel Works, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (Cpvc) Pipe 25Mm Puter Dia, Making Chases Up To 7.5X7.5 Cm In Walls Including Making Good And Finishing With Matching Surface After Housing G.Ii Pipe Etc., Polyethylene Water Storage Tank With Cover And Suitable Locking Arrangement, Iron Hookes And Eyes 100Mm, Vitreous China Flat Back Wash Basin 630X450mm, 15Mm C.P Brass Tap, C.P Brass Waste 32Mm, C.I Bracket For Wash Basin And Sinks, 200Mm Aluminium Aldrob, Pvc Pipe 50Mm Outer Dia 6Kgf/Cm2, Pvc Pipe 110Mm Outer Dia 6Kgf/Cm2, Pvc Pipe 20Mm Outer Dia 10Kgf/Cm2, Making Chases Up To 12.5X12.5Cm In Walls Including Making Good And Finishing With Matching Surface After Housing Pipe Etc., Black Plastic Seat (Solid) With Lid C.P Brass Hinges And Rubber Buffers, Vitreous China Pedastal Type Water Closet, Flushing Cistern P.V.C 10 Lts Capacity (Low Level) (White)(With Fittings, Accessories And Flush Pipe), Anodised Aluminium Sliding Bolt 300X16mm, Chromium Plated Brass Screws 25Mm, Pink Primer( For Wood), Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer, Beam Clamp 300 380Mm (4500 1070Mm), Acrylic Exterior Paint, Exterior Primer, Dehradun White Lime, Semi Rigid Pvc Pipe For Sink And Wash Basin 32Mm Dia With Length Not Less Than 700Mm I/C Pvc Waste Fittings, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Without Drain Board 470X420mm Bowl Depth 178Mm, Synthetic Enamel Paint In Black Or Chocolate Shade, Galvanised Steel Corrugated Sheet, Galvanised Steel Bolts And Nuts 6Mm Dia And 25Mm Long Round Head With Slots, Galvanised Steel J Or L Hooks 8Mm Dia, G.I Limpet Washer, Bitumen Washer, Roofing Paint For Iron Sheets In Red Colour, P.V.C Pipe 110Mm Outer Dia 4Kgf/Cm2, Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer, Quarry Waste, Ceramic Glazed Tiles 1St Quality Minimum Thickness 5Mm, All Colours Shades And Designs Except Burgundy, Bottle Green Black., Vitrified Floor Tile 50X50cm, G.I Pipe 50Mm Dia, G.I Pipe 40Mm Dia, Welding By Electric Plant, Mason (For Plain Stone Work) 2Nd Class, Bhisti, Mason (Brick Layer) 2Nd Class, Carpenter 2Nd Class, Blacksmith 2Nd Class, Mason (Average), Carpenter (Average), Assistant Filter Or 2Nd Class Fitter, White Washer, Bandhani, Fitter( Grade 1), Mason (Brick Layer) 1St Class, Painter, Blacksmith 1St Class, Carpenter 1St Class, Mistry
Due Date : 13/08/2019
4 Tenders: 19676681 Carpenter Material Supply Solapur University .
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Due Date : 10/08/2019
5 Tenders: 19645093 Supply Of Set Of Carpentry Tools Consisting Of 23 Items In A Set As Per List Attached As Annexure. Make Taparia/ Stanley/ Dewalt Or Equivalent.
Due Date : 07/08/2019
6 Tenders: 19643687 Annual Work For Repair And Maintenance Of Wood And Aluminum Related Carpentry In Power House And Other Related Buildings.
Due Date : 22/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19631294 Supply Of Carpentry Tools.
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Due Date : 13/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19618995 Supply Of Carpenter Goods.
Due Date : 19/08/2019
9 Tenders: 19597199 Badai (Carpentry) Material Supply For Central Jail Gwalior .
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Due Date : 31/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19591536 Supply Of Carpentry Items_Cifnet_Kochi.
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Due Date : 30/07/2019
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